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Royals – Cycles Remix EP

TiltAdmin on July 28, 2015 - 8:26 pm in Uncategorized


Royals is back with an EP comprised of incredible remixes from his buds Hotel Garuda, Jai Wolf, Lazerdisk, Dream Beach, & Catt Moop. Every tune on this EP is filled with huge dreamy synths matched with some intricate beat production. Our personal fav on this EP has to be the Lazerdisk x Dream Beach Remix. Seriously loving  the buildup and feels on that tune! We are realle feeling these vibes. These remixes are just as good if not better then the originals. Be sure to support Royals and everyone who has remixed his tunes. All these guys deserve it. If you don’t believe us just hit play and turn it up!

Mike Woodward

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