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Fight Night – Call Me Back

TiltAdmin on August 19, 2015 - 7:40 am in Featured

Fight Night is an up and coming duo that are hitting the interwebs HARD! Andy Gruhin & Josh Grant have honed in on their own sound, bending sub-genre on top of sub-genre, blending together punk rock styled vocals with an experimental electronic, festival trap/dubstep backbone. They are definitely turning some heads by mixing these styles and how sweet it sounds! At least someone is doing EDM some justice these days.

Coming soon is the Underground EP made of five songs that will be Fight Night’s debut release.  You better be ready! Cause these guys are not fucking around!

“Fight Night is a culmination of every sound, song and band that we’ve ever loved. Fuck genres, rules – and all of that. As far as i can see it, Fight Night is a giant ‘Fuck You’ to anyone who told us how to make music. Fight Night is a massive middle finger to everyone that’s ever doubted us. At the end of the day, Josh and I are just a couple of punks from the DMV.”

– Andy, Fight Night


Mike Woodward

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