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Bee’s Knees – Love Will Never Do Feat. Scavenger Hunt (Janet Jackson Cover)

TiltAdmin on October 8, 2015 - 1:07 am in Super Featured

Huge melodies and vibes surround you with this incredible cover of Janet Jackson‘s “Love Will Never Do.” Not only are the vocals from Scavenger Hunt‘s Jill Lamoureux sexy, sultry and smooth, the awesome beats, synths, and progressions that Bee’s Knee’s flexes totally complete this tune. You will definitely have this one on repeat after one listen and if you play it for your girl, you can guarantee she’s going to melt. <3 Reminds me of something that you would hear on Valerie Label (France).

Bee’s Knees and Scavenger first teamed up last June when Bee’s Knees remixed the title track “Wildfire” off of the band’s latest EP. The record did very well and sparked a bond between the two groups that lead to them working together again. Sticking to their indie dance roots the two groups decided to cover a bit of an obscure Janet Jackson album cut “Love Will Never Do (Without You)” off of her Rhythm Nation 1814 album released in 1989. Their beautiful new collaboration brings together a strong original production by Bee’s Knees and some beautiful vocals courtesy of Jill Lamoureux from Scavenger Hunt.

Can’t wait to hear more from these two! Don’t be a stranger!

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