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Moscow Juke for the world: A.Fruit

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Anna is a production like no other. Born in the capital of the former Soviet Union, she has developed the rhythm born in Chicago known as Juke / Footwork to another level. After her EP debut Far Out, has positioned itself as one of the best music producers and DJs Bass, not only in Europe but worldwide. Her next release will seal in Bass Jarocho, music Ten Toes Turbo next to other major producing Juke internationally.

Here the interview he kindly granted, together with a track gift:


Who is A.Fruit and where she come from? When is the beginning of the project?

I’m a 25­ year old music producer and sound designer/engineer from Moscow. I started composing music 7 years ago when I was studying in Moscow State University to get a degree in social science. Some elections turned out not so much interesting for me and while being on these boring lectures I composed first tracks on MacBook with Ableton Live, it was the only equipment what I had. I often recorded my voice with little native microphone and made tracks with my dirty vocals. I used to make lots of experiments with sound and didn’t follow any particular style. Mostly these were slower speed tracks around 140 bpm.

Where do you produce? / What do you use?

Very soon I felt need in professional sound devices and started to build my own home studio to produce music of a better quality. Everybody who believed in my music future were helping me with that morally and financially. I also decided to get a sound engineer education and graduated some great 1­ year courses to become competent in mixing, mastering and all aspects of audio engineering. This helped me to find work as audio engineer on TV and almost all money I earned there for several years of work I spent on sound equipment for my home studio. And now it’s a presentable working place sufficient for the manufacture of high ­quality audio products.

Which are your influences?

From the beginning till nowadays I was inspired so much by Flying Lotus, Daedelus, Robot KochShlohmo, Four Tet, Burial’s deep vibes, Rockwell, Machinedrum, some nu school D&B producers and other offbeat music artists with interesting sound.

The Far Out is awesome! Can you tell us more about that release?

Around 2 years ago I started to play music at parties. But not many people danced with slow beats and as a Dj on public I used to play drum&bass, that I enjoyed too. But suddenly one day on a way from a party I discovered Juke music in a friend’s car. He turned on DJ Rashad’s tracks and I immediately understood that those are my vibes and music that I wish to develop with my own way. I reviewed lots of juke and footwork tracks and decided to experiment with this genre and other different styles. That’s how “Far out” EP was born. There you may find a mixture of Footwork, Hip ­Hop, Jungle, IDM and Future Bass styles. I dressed them with field recordings and sound of legendary Korg DW­8000 synthesizer from 1980s. It’s a hybrid digital ­analog instrument which was used by Depeche Mode and other pioneers of electronic music. It took me one month to put everything together in an EP and release it on great Polish label Sequel One Records in March this year. It was my first official release after 7 years of producing and learning everything about sound.

What are you doing now? Have another projects?

I try to develop in different ways, mostly with music and sound. My another music project ADSR BDSM in a collaboration with my friend ­ fan of old school synthesizers ­ is our experimental music brainchild, based on huge gear setup and lots of noises which we had recorded. Except making music, to have a livelihood I make sound design for computer games, mixing and mastering for other producers, sometimes make a commercial music production. I also enjoy developing Footwork and Juke music in Moscow and organize ‘808 Juke Street’ parties, next one will be really soon ­ on the 26th of September. I invited Azerbaijan juke producer Azeriff and professional footwork dancers. We will have some beautiful handmade city decorations, dance battles and of course lots of bass music (not only juke and footwork) till 6 am.

Are you member of any label?

Artist you like and we must know Besides the above mentioned label Sequel One Records I’m a member of Los Angeles bass music producers team Black Marble Collective. My tracks were also released on lovely compilations from Juke Bounce Werk (US, LA), Koklife (Japan), ABYSS (Argentina), Ten Toes Turbo (Mexico) and now I am working on tracks for three new EP’s forthcoming on Slime Recordings (UK), Italdred (UK) and Fleshmoon Records (US, Chicago). I really like to work with those people who make such a great work and play such a big role in bass music movement and definitely I fell that we are the real music family, we are all brothers and sisters with similar souls.



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