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BSN Posse – Not Far From The Future EP

TiltAdmin on July 28, 2016 - 11:07 pm in Super Featured

VIBES UPON VIBES! The new BSN Posse EP “Not Far From The Future” is an experimental album out on Hyperboloid Records that weaves in and out of the many styles of BASS MUSIC. Not many producers could flex such greatness. BSN Posse of Spain usually produce Footwork and Juke Music. This new EP that they have come forth with is a breath of fresh air, flexing the duos diversity and our personal favorite production. You can turn these tunes out in the club, poolside or driving in the Summer sun to the beach.

Expect a cocktail of different flavors: a bit of Grime, a bit of Witch House and a lot of their trademark Juke & Footwork. All these genres are intellectually and beautifully mixed into melodic dreamy compositions, sounds like a positive tropical journey to a brighter future. BSN Posse made the incredible artwork thinking about future as well, they are currently working on our previous release installation in an art gallery. Turn up this EP, unlock your ears and mind as the take you on a musically florissant voyage you won’t forget.

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