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Discover The Rabbit Hole

TiltAdmin on August 24, 2016 - 6:24 pm in Nightlife, Super Featured

Produced, shot, & edited by: Rosemary Fajardo

While digging deep into our Soundcloud we discovered an amazing gem called The Rabbit Hole. This Las Vegas based beat collective definitely caught our attention. Something outside of the pop realm, and diving straight into what the underground is all about. Chopping beats and samples like Gordon Ramsey dices vegetables, this collective has been able to revolutionize and revitalize the Las Vegas Electronic Music & Beat Scene.

If you are an aspiring beat producer from a small town or a large city, after watching the incredibly inspiring mini documentary you will be energized to take on your local shitty EDM club to push things forward. We can’t stress enough how important it is for movements and scenes like this to evolve. It keeps the music fresh and keep out the cheese. Big up Rabbit Hole! Keep pushing forward!!!

TRH 8.25

If you find yourself in Las Vegas do your self a favor support underground music and go to The Rabbit Hole. These guys are the future.

If radio shows are more your thing, u like to tune in turn it up and let the DJ take you on a voyage, def check out their radio show as well!

Also be sure to add up their roster!!!
@lowkeylukey – Booking
@mayneframe – Producer / Weekly Beats Curator
@mutesays – Direction / Advisor
@somanyfeelsmusic – Radio Host / Network
@beatsbyjeb – Photography / Design
@rosemary-fajardo – Film / Media
@phillyzane – Producer / DJ
@weirddough – Producer
@supreme_o – Producer
@bhonstro – Producer
@oneonthebeat – Producer
@monromusic – Producer / DJ
@davidcuf – Producer

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