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Jan Amit – Paint Your Despair [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

TiltAdmin on September 13, 2017 - 11:31 pm in Super Featured, TiltMag Exclusives

We just received an incredible new album from the Hyperboloid camp in Moscow! Their upcoming release from 21 year old Jan Amit is just damn incredible. His new album “Finding Home” is deep, melodic and intricate to the core. Delivering heavyweight basslines and chops that one would expect from likes of Aphex Twin.

With his new album Jan Amit has found a very soundtrack fashion way to build the his instrumental tracks. With beautiful melodies elevating the mood Jan then comes around after the drop with empowering contrast and emotion. Chopping bleeps and bloops, with the original melodies and absolutely pushing the speakers with complicated yet engaging basslines structures. One of our favorites of the album “Paint Your Despair” represents the album as a whole so very well. It reflects and sets the tone to the bass filled journey that Jan Amit has carefully composed. You will find yourself drifting side by side with him between Earth and the digital soundscapes of the astral plane. Music like this makes you think hard about your soul and the complexities of the digital world.


“My goal is to awaken and evoke the deepest emotions inside of someone. I’m not making anything of this world. I’m just kind of a “transmitter” of things that are utterly difficult to be described in our day to day life all broken up by the many language barriers around the world. That’s why I use the wide variety of possibilities provided by the modern era of technology, it’s all about finding the perfect ‘words/music’ for these vibes.”
-Jan Amit


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