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If you would like to have TILTmag consider your music for us to review please use the form to the right to send us a message. We are very interested in exclusives, premieres and guest mixes. If you can provide us with any one of the three please let us know.

When using the form please link us to your soundcloud or to where your music is hosted. Also provide us with a link to your artwork, for us to download. Any extra info about the song and artist is very appreciated. 

Once you submit your music we'll definitely be getting to your music as soon as possible. If your song fits our style and we dig it we'll definitely be contacting you. 

To increase your chances of us posting your music please add us on the following TILTmag Social Media sites above and don't be afraid to say HI! We like building relationships with the artists we support! 

If you prefer email, send all inquires to:
TILTLAcares at gmail dot com



Message Successfully Sent! Please give us up to 2-3 days to respond. We listen to every song in every email. If we do not respond it's probably because we didnt' like the song submitted, but that does not mean to give up. Please keep sending us good music! Now go start following us on Twitter and say HI!

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