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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nick Leng - Sailing

Ah my god... Nick Leng is a genius man... Seriously. I think he makes the most beautiful beach, float-in-the-waves, chill-in-the-sand music ever. How else can I describe it? Push play on his latest "Sailing" below and let your eyes relax. Tell me you're not transported to the ocean. Ah my god...

More Nick Leng on SoundCloud.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Having an ice cold Blue moon, Stella, or Shock top on a beautifully sunny day at the beach definitely sounds like something a Beer lover would do while relaxing and listening to some chill house tunes. Jonotan Oliveira is probably doing that right now since he himself goes by the artist name Beerlover. All the way in Brazil, he sips fine glasses of beer while brewing the best poolside or beach tunes. So if you’re not at the beach having a beer but you are in the mood for a refreshing moment, check out his new EP You Can Imagine. He is only 20 years old today in fact, so I am sure he sipping plenty of beers and spinning fantastic music. Happy Birthday Beerlover! We cheers to you!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New French Express Music
from Jonas Rathsman x Moon Boots

French Express is on the attack, and on the move! We are really excited for these guys to drop some new tunes on us, especially because we are so damn HOOKED on their sound! It feels like forever since we have heard a new tune but it's only been a few weeks. I guess we are looking to get a few more Summer tunes in from French Express before the Summer comes to an end. It looks like we have a few more gems to share with you today just enough to get you through the end of the month.

First off JONAS RATHSMAN has slowly become hands down one of my favorite producers this year. Everything this man produces reminds me that Deep House / Disco will never stop evolving. Jonas knows how to blend the crispy production of today, big bass, and old school 90's house styles, all while pushing the envelope forward. Bringing great Dance music to the clubs and beaches again! This hasn't officially been released yet but be sure to get your sneak peek HERE at TILT!


War paint, smudged beneath the piercing glare of Scandinavia's most adventurous man. Deeply embedded in his heart, a vigilant undertaking to pursue the classless perpetrators behind generic chart house. One might notice he is unshakable to adversity, as his crusade knows no bounds too far or great. Not the boiling sands of Africa, the perilous waters of the Pacific, or the overdressed people who didn't even come to dance... This manifesto documents the journey of Jonas Rathsman.

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I have to tell you Moon Boots was amazing at Pacfest this year and there was nothing like seeing him BEACHSIDE! This guys production level will be ringing in your ears all year and beyond! I have to say there is nothing like watching Moon Boots drop some solid tunes while sexy girls in swimsuits slow dance and us men try to make a move.

There is something very special about listening to this type of music beachside especially when there is a HUGE soundsystem backing it all up. Mad love to Pacfest for their great job, and nothing but respect to the man Moon Boots. Today he dropped his debut mixtape on us. Similar sound selections that we all heard at Pacfest, a little different but no matter what this mix will def be one of the forever classics!

Moon Boots Bonus!

Mike Woodward

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some HEAT for the Summer!

Hey Los Angeles,
We are bringing you some REAL HEAT! HEAT as in excellent talent from FRANCE, and she has given us some exclusive Tracks to share with you. You'll see why us at TILT fell in love with these masterpieces right away. Appropriately named HEAT, Camille Richard knows how to come with not only a Melodic Dreamwave Style that reminds you of hot Summer Beach days, but also knows how to come with a Harder Style that you can jam out to in your convertible with the top down going over 90mph. Both of these tracks are currently unreleased but will be released on HEATS First Album "Too Hott" Coming soon this Summer.

HEAT - Copilote

HEAT - Hexagone

Enjoy, and be sure to give HEAT some love on myspace.

-Mike Woodward
D A M A G E!