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Monday, April 14, 2014

Brokechella Ft. Chippy Nonstop

Recently, we posted about Brokechella lineup and what to expect,  but we have just got word that Chippy Nonstop has been added to the Brokechella lineup. Chippy Nonstop is not the conventional rapper, but has created a natural brand that is worthy of praise. In my opinion a fresh take on female rapping with a very unique style, and a live performance you must see. Her performances are energetic and have been known to bring out the rump shaking side out of girls and boys alike. We recently spoke to Chippy, and had a few questions for her.

Word on the street is you're working on an album? How has the process been for you and what can we expect from this release?

Chippy: Hi! How are you? Yes, I am working on an album. It's taking longer than I anticipated. LOL. It's weird, because I make music really fast and release it fast so holding on to music gives me so much anxiety, but it's fun, just working on music and not playing that many shows I guess. I'm just excited to finish it, put it out and tour. It's going to be really refined compared to my old stuff. A lot of pop sounding tracks, but also a lot of interesting, different tracks. It's going to be a full rounded fun album with some surprising elements of songs with actual depth and content. I think all my old songs don't really have any substantial content or a message other then like ; ' I don't give a fuck let's just have fun' which is a good message, but when working on an album I wanted to be more personal, vulnerable and maybe even make slight impact if I can.

We noticed you have been partying with Kreayshawn lately, can we expect one of your music videos directed by Kreayshawn?

Chippy: I mean, I haven't really been partying with Kreayshawn lately, we went to Skrillex Birthday party, but that was the extent of the partying. But she is a really close friend of mine and I love her. I think I'm going to get her on a song on the album, I like working with her a lot and with friends in general. I really want her to do one of my videos for the album for sure. 

You have said that you cook Tandoori Chicken. Are you a secretly talented chef?

Chippy: Lmao! mom is literally the best cook ever. She forced me to learn how to cook a bunch of stuff before I moved out. I wouldn't really say I am a talented chef, but I mean I can cook a pretty good meal. 

Swizz beats had begun to follow you on twitter, what artist has got you the most excited because they started to follow you on twitter?

Chippy: Skrillex. LOL

Finally Verified was a huge success and Bang Bang was a standout track on the EP, what inspired that track?

Chippy: I don't know if 'Finally Verified' was a huge success, but thanks. Bang Bang is my favorite track on the album. I don't I had been going into the studio with Felix for a while and he just played that beat for me, because he knew I liked 'ethnic' sounding beats, so he played that. I always say that when I like someone I would literally do anything for them, theres not much depth to that song. I like reggeaton and I guess I'm a self proclaimed 'ride of die chick' in the song. Lol 

You recently remixed a Reggeaton song titled Rakata by Wisin and Yandel, what made you decide to go in that direction and are their future projects to be on songs with dem bow beats?

Chippy:Um...Basically I just got a new microphone in my room and I wanted to record something and I just like that song. It wasn't really something I over thought. I'm just obsessed with that song and I made it. So far there aren't any reggaeton-ish sounding stuff. 
I might try to sneak one in there though..Lmao . 

You will be performing at Brokechella, what can a new fan expect from your performance?

Chippy: I would like to think that my live show is the best part of me, as an artist. If you didn't 'understand' me before after seeing my live show and how much I care about it, how much it excites me and how much I put into it, I feel like if you don't understand why I am doing this after watching me live, you probably just have no My live show is something I put everything into and I hope that's transparent to people even if they don't really like the music, they appreciate my energy. 

You will be on the same bill with the M|O|D crew at Brokechella, how has it been performing and partying with the M|O|D crew?

Chippy: Well I'm dating one of them, so we are all mostly really close...... lol...hope he doesn't kill me for saying this......*oops*  They are all amazing and extremely talented people though and I've grown really close with them. I really hope this year they thrive as much as they deserve to, they are literally one of the best people and talented producers I've been around...and trust me I've been around A LOT. 
Anything you want to tell your fans?

Chippy: Love you! <3 and stay happy and positive, even though I always have a hard time staying at a positive energy, I will always try to bring myself up for my fans and always keep making music and thriving for them and myself. <3
Luv xoxo Chip

Friday, April 11, 2014

Brokechella 2014 [EVENT]

These days musical festivals have become huge and grown to many different events. Coachella is one of the biggest events and has expanded to two weekends. Seems these days that only the wealthy can afford Coachella, and at a price that almost hits $400, there has to be a better alternative. Thankfully, if your in the Los Angeles area and have $20 you can experience a festival at a fraction of the price of Coachella. Brokechella is your solution to good music, memories, and food. The lineup is stacked with great talent from the Hip Hop Stage, DJ Stage, and bands stage. Let's not even forget the many comedians who are also on board for the fun. I honestly can't find something as culturally relevant and organic as Brokechella in Los Angeles. Amazing artists will be rocking all the stages. From picking which food truck to eat at and which stages and artists to see, it can be a little overwhelming in an awesome way. So make sure to get your Broke Pass [HERE]

Here's some tunes you can expect to hear at Brokechella:


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Drop Vol. 2

Gonna give you list of tracks that i have found and think they are really good. Check them out and find new artists. Different sections will be dedicated to the various genres.

House: Lets start this off with House music and all its amazing sub genres. We got Deep, Bass, Garage, Disco, and everything in between.

Trap: We got some very Trappy music for you. Variations of the genre are all represented here.

Bass: We Got you if your into Dubstep, Drum n Bass, or just Bass music. Even some Glitch Hop for you. Enjoy!     
Hip Hop: Here we have some underground Hip Hop for you to enjoy. Make sure to cop that Flatbush Zombies track though!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Fugitives - The Escape EP

Born in Los Angeles, Fugitives are becoming a dance club name. Tracks that range from Moombahton, Dubstep, and House music and the versatility of the productions keeps going. Fugitives have received much support from various touring DJ's and have even begun to tour in events across the country. Fugitives will give you a taste of their style with every tune and never leave out the epic builds and drops. 

Their first official release on Dance & Romance titled "The Escape" mixes House with a festival friendly sound.   

Fugitives have had many releases and here are some of their other tunes from their soundcloud.

Monday, March 24, 2014

BRAND NEW: Doobious x DJ Sweap - Get Up

I don't even know what to say about this track to be completely honest. I mean, the title says everything. It's time to GET UP.

"Get Up" is another collab by the homie Doobious and his homie (the homie by association) DJ Sweap. Together they've made a dark, hard-hitting moombahton thumper that'll make your system go bu-rom-bum-bum-bum...the kind of beat that go ra-ta-ta-ta. The sort of club song that separates the men-speakers from the boy-speakers. "Get Up" is a certified bass-heavy, twerk-friendly, rump-shaking moombah-twerk-bomb that'll rip any dance floor to shreds. Turn it up below and let us know what you think.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Villa Kang - Naked Trees

On "Naked Trees", Toronto-based post-EDM artist Villa Kang offers an eerie, emotive, electronic slow-burner as he channels feelings of uncertainty and regret with a tangible aggressiveness. The lyrics deliver personal themes about betrayal and the inevitable split that occurs when people grow up and away from one another. To compliment his brooding subject matter, Villa Kang invites his listener to a drug-addled, pre-dawn soundscape that intros sparsely with choir, guitar and vocals but soon drops with dark, pitched vocal yelps, a thick driving bass, rich synths, and a down-tempo, dance beat.

So curious to see what you guys think of this one! We're definitely loving these unique sounds and can't wait to hear more from the man. Go ahead.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Double Cross Ft. Falcons [Event Review]

The Los Angeles Music Scene: Double Cross Event review
The Electronic music scene is very interesting. On any given night there will be an event with artists playing at the major clubs in Downtown Los Angeles, a small bar or club event with some obscure artist, or a DIY style club with bass heavy producers and DJ's. I recently attended an event thrown by local collective Brownies & Lemonade, and i was impressed at what i saw. I'm an Angeleno (Born and live in Los Angeles) and i decided to check out the local event, and performing that was Falcons; An artist with an emphasis on Chill house, downtempo, Bass, and R&B sounds. I throw lots of styles out there cause this guy can't be boxed in due to his unique style and sound. The venue was a very grungy bar that felt like i was in a Russian bar circa 1991. The front bar had a very gothic and gay friendly presence and of course you would hear the classic house tracks and even some darker tunes. The front bar was a great vibe and if you could see the fashion of these people, you would be impressed. No look book can compare to the fashion of DTLA.
  As the second bar and dance area opened up, the music was just on point. Yes, this was an electronic music centered party, but you wouldn't hear Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, or Calvin Harris here. The music started off very good with Garage and Deep house. Then progressed to more urban sounds. The DJ opening for Falcons (Covntry Clvb) was playing Jersey Club, Trap, Chill house, and everything in between. The style and people in this room were of various ethnicities and background. Twerking on certain parts, unusual dance expressions, trap hands and an overall moment of good times shared by all. What really intrigued me was the Jersey Club music being such a hit at this spot. The real connectedness that everyone shared was deep and as temperatures were rising in the dance floor, the party became even more live.

 As Falcons began to perform, he opened up with some rap tracks and nicely mixed in his tracks, and i remember even hearing a sweater beats track. The bass was strong, and the vibe was right. Everything was on point with Falcons set. He dropped some great tunes and even got a good part of the female population to either grind on someone or tweak all over. I noticed two girls went up to him while playing, and not to request a song but take pics and offer him a drink. The crowd was appreciative of the art, and at the same time everyone having fun. This party is a perfect reflection of the thriving music scene in Los Angeles, and also helps to cement the idea that Los Angeles is king when it comes to music. Special S/O to Brownies & Lemonade for throwing the event.

Falcons: Facebook | Twitter

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Five tracks a Twerk Princess will love

Here are five tracks that are ratchet approved and are quite good songs to have in your playlist:
  1. Girls love to shake it like a salt shaker, and this reimagination of the track will sure to make a girl feel all nostalgic while shaking her ass.

  2. Every Rave Angel loves to jump and go wild to heavy beats and with this track. Jumping and trap hands are approved for this track.
  3. Twerk Angels usually feel the need to go to church after the sexual acts performed on the dancefloor. Perfect song for the sucias going buck wild.
4. If your a Sucia then you love build ups and that moment you can shake your ass and get wild when the drop hits. This is a perfect rallying call for all the sucias!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Treasure Fingers & The Knocks - My Body (Intermodal Remix)

Intermodal is a new duo comprised of two brothers from the birthplace of house music, Chicago, IL. They make basslines, booty tech and other feel-good house music. Fresh on the scene with their first tune, here's a deep house remix of "My Body" by Treasure Fingers and The Knocks which features a slammin' bassline and a shuffled garage twist at the end. Available now for free download, this is one that house music lovers will not want to miss. Get it below! And find a little bonus further down. ;)

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Balter's Free 'Overdose' EP

Kane Hart is the name of the man behind producer/DJ alias Balter who's also 1/2 of Bombaclat DJs. 'Overdose', which you can find below, is his brand new, debut EP that's entirely free to download. It's a 3-track EP and is very electro/acid/bass-driven. Kane says he "incorporated unique sounds with powerful drops [and] I hope you get as much satisfaction listening to them as I do." I'm thoroughly satisfied. Check out the EP below and grab the free download by clicking here.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Binary Dreams - Currents

Last time we heard from Binary Dreams we were premiering their trippy "Techno Trampoline". The self-proclaimed Southern-influenced Miami duo are back today with a clutch free download called "Currents" that you can take home with you below. Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 Exclusive!
Breakbot - You Should Know ft. Ruckazoid (Ruckazoid Remix)

The well-known Breakbot vocalist Ruckazoid remixes his own collaboration with electronic music's favorite Jesus look-a-like for a sexy take on its Disco cousin.

If you are not familiar with the Ruckazoid name, chances are you'll recognize his voice from Breakbot's hit, “Fantasy”. On top of releasing his own solo tracks, Ruckazoid has lent his RnB vocal prowess to multiple Breakbot tracks and is also an accomplished producer and DJ.

Check out his remix of “You Should Know” available exclusively from TILT, which features his own vocals. Floating synth lines and FX offset with jarring drums notes make this remix a uniquely cohesive, borderline Trap tinged track. Absent are the piano chord progressions iconic to the Breakbot style, which does not detract from the original, but rather, asserts Ruckazoid's authority over the track.

Breakbot feat Ruckazoid - You Should Know (Ruckazoid Remix)

With multiple remixes floating around, this is definitely a remix that dares to be different and should not be overlooked by the avid music fan. You're hearing it first from TILT!

Breakbot - You Should Know on MUZU.TV.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Friday Flavors Pt. 1

Electronic music has been changing so drastically and one of the big shifts in sound is a movement towards many Hip Hop elements being incorporated in tracks. The big movements we see are Trap, Club, Bounce (Twerk), Zouk Bass, and Moombahton. With mainstream Electronic music so similar and boring, a thriving underground seen has prospered. However, as these genres are underground, we see Trap penetrating into the mainstream market and leading the charge in urban electronic music. These are some of our favorite picks in the last two weeks. Enjoy!



 Bounce/Zouk Bass

Hip Hop  



Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Disclosure Covers Duke Dumont's "Need U 100%"

The latest hype surrounding everyone's new favorite UK garage duo Disclosure is probably only matched by their disco seniors - Daft Punk. That being said, the two brothers have arguably done just as much to the current dance music scene as Daft Punk's "Random Access Memories" has. Disclosure's re-vamped versions of old school house rhythms has brought the genre into a pop oriented sphere, thus exposing new audiences to this scene we tend to call, "EDM." Whether you like the direction dance music is headed or are scared for its popular reception, this latest cover by the brothers will have your pretentious ass grooving all day.

Making his own claim to the dance scene, Duke Dumont has been dropping deep tracks and made a thorough impression with his track "Need U 100%". An instant classic and DJ favorite, this track was immediately remixed by countless dance music stars. We had to investigate the rumors that Disclosure and Sam Smith had covered this house favorite and were siked to learn that all rumors are true.

Today on Sara Cox's BBC Radio 1 show Disclosure and Sam Smith performed their own rendition of this track and our good friends at Gotta Dance Dirty were kind enough to record the result. Enjoy.
As an added bonus, check out the Bicep remix of "You & Me"
Disclosure's US Fall Tour 2013, for all those who may have missed their last American appearances.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Control at Avalon Hollywood!

Our Friends at Dance & Romance will be taking over the Gotta Dance Dirty Lounge and bringing the Bass for this Big Room House night! For more event info click [HERE]

Come check out the Lounge and get down to the Bass!

Check out these massive tunes from the artists spinning in the Gotta Dance Dirty Lounge!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Dance & Romance X Los Angeles

Dance & Romance will be hosting a show that will feature some rising talent in Los Angeles. It will be taking place Thursday. February 28th, 2013, at 3040 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca inside Los Globos. For more info about the party, click [HERE] As usual we will show you some of their recent works and what they are about.

Neo Fresco is just on point with his music. A great producer who is making moves for great music. Catch his collective Shifty Rhythms and partner in crime GOJ!RA throwing some of the best monthly parties on the west side.

Planet Rock is an upcoming act that has begun to leave an impact in the LA music scene. A focus on bass and good tunes. They love anything that get a girls booty shaking and so do we!

We are big supporters of 2Deep and the great things they have done with Muevelo. Ultracat is 1/2 of the duo and will be holding it down for his team at the Dance & Romance show.

Optimus Grime is holding it down for Dance & Romance. Recently opening up for Jon Wayne and Zeroh, he is making moves with his unique sets. Make sure to catch his set at get grooving with the vibes.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Dim Mak Tuesdays: Trapaholics X Planet Rock

Dim Mak is staying on that cutting edge and bringing their take on a Trap night. They will be showcasing Trapaholics who will be bringing the 808's to the masses, Planet Rock holding it down for LA with that Bass we all have grown to love. We have support from DJ Slink, Paserock, and Bones. Dan Sena will be celebrating his EP Release at this event as well. Expect to see some madness, twerking, and dudes that can't dance cooking. Our friends Planet Rock will be bringing mad heat to get all the sucias (Ratchets) twerking. So check them out and the event this Tuesday, February 5th, 2013. Dim Mak studios in Hollywood, California. Buy tickets [HERE]

Here Some tunage to check out:

Planet Rock was kind enough to let us preview their unreleased track, Sarah Palin.  Fire!


Monday, December 31, 2012

Best of 2012 Pt. 1

The year of 2012 was a good year for Dance music. The most significant scenes were the emergence of EDM Trap, Deep House, Jersey Club, and Chillwave Bass music. Lot of Bass in every genre. This list composes some of my favorite tracks by the underground producers, who will be a known entity on a major level in 2013. You can expect much more from these artists and even the mainstream adopting many of these sounds. So enjoy this list and download these classics of 2012.

Friday, December 7, 2012

USB Drive: Ignant Edition

It's time to get ratchet. This edition be that weekly round up. Ignant edition! We got the best of ghetto booty music, and that twerk team ish for you tonight!

We getting turnt with this track sampling vocals from Beyonce. Time to turnt up!

The homie Mike G. Be bout dat life. Giving us this twerktacious song for the local twerk team to pop, lock, and drop it too.

Crookers is at it again, and they make this pop that pussy bootleg to get wild too. This track is a crowd started. Bass will make her dance!

All this twerk shit, we need a little riddim up in here. Shake them hips too. No one gets it poppin with them latinas like Javier Estrada. Enjoy!

This one is for the Latina Ratchets that fucks with 3ball. If you about hoppin and pussy poppin, then you can fucks with this shit right hurr.

If your girl ratchet and fucks with Skrillex, then look no further. We got you set with this Philly Club remix by DJ SEGA.

Dat Dude sliink aint to be fuck with. He keeps it hard with the tracks. Sliink you can fucks my bitch and give her back.


Friday, November 9, 2012

Fresh Fridays

This time were bringing some mellow Bass Sounds for you. Enjoy the music and continue to come back for more great tunes.

This track is a Drag House style track. Deep House style synths, with minimal percussions that just make it sound right, vocals chopped and screwed, and then a fast kick to complete it all.

Neo Fresco always releases A level tracks. This track lives up to the expectations of recent rise to prominence. A trap percussion track that uses synths typical in techno or dubstep. A heavy Bass remix worth checking out.

Bass House with a drag feel. It's a great track to groove too and expect many more pieces from Kastle soon from his upcoming Album.

A familiar sample, a slowed Trap Tune. Heartbreak always brings his soulful background and its prevalent in his latest track.

Italian Duo Ackeejuice Rockers do it again and share their version of a trapped out Now u realize. Perfect percussions, intelligent sampling, and a great remix. Add to your collection!

Lately i have been a big fan of Carling Ruse. She creates amazing tunes and remixes, and this is just as great. She knows how to add a girl touch to trap and its smooth and a fresh breath of air. Keep an eye on this one.

Personal friends of the Blog, Planet Rock a local Los Angeles trio never dissapoints. This Prodigy Remix goes off hard as FVCK! The mixing of the track, to the hi hats, all placed and mastered perfectly. Quality Remix and energetic track to set a crowd off going nuts!