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Saturday, February 21, 2015

TILTmag Guestmix #38 - MARVELiTO

TILTmag Guest Mix #38 - MAVELiTO

1. White Iverson - Post Malone
2. Counting Up - Johny May Cash
3. WDYW - Dj Carnage Ft. Lil Uzi Vert
4. Foreign - Young Thug
5. One Time - Migos
6. Pop That (Dj Swisha Sweet x Alfred Engish Remix) - Migos
7. Choppin Dat Work Like Karate (MARVELiTO Edit) - Future x Drippin x Kush Jones
8. Choppin (Gutta Remix) - Rae Sremmurd Ft. Riff Raff
9. Flicka Dat Wrist (Based Prince x HyDeF Remix) - Chedda Da Connect
10. No Days Off (Depressed Teenager Remix) - Fetty Wap
11. Bloko Bloko (Gucci Boo Remix) - Aquadrop Ft. Rayna
12. Peanut Butter (HyDeF Remix) - Scarlet Fever
13. The Body (Based Prince Remix) - Wale Ft. Jeremih
14. Milk Marie (Gutta x Trillzjay) - Rich gang
15. Only (SBF x QuanTheProducer) - Chris Brown
16. Want Some More (Trillzjay Remix) - Nicki Minaj
17. Take It - Astronomar x Sugar Shane
18. Something About You (Jace Mek Remix) - R-ASH
19. RedKup - Akeda
20. Im Zooted (Nate Kodi Edit) - Soulja Boy
21. Vegeta - Chiefs
22. Chief - Party Thieves x ATLiens
23. I Don't Like It - BnW

MARVELiTO from NYC recorded a mix for us that will have your head bobbin' the whole way through! 34 minutes full of rap anthems, club bangers, and everything in between keeps a fresh blend of innovative music fused with iconic tracks that anybody can vibe with. You can tell Marv has been in the game for a while and knows what the people want: creative high energy brought to the iconic sound of present day music. This guy has got the turntables on lock; transitions are smooth, perfect scratching skills, and he really utilizes tracks to bring out their full potential in a DJ set. This mix is 100% flawless

Marv has a lot going on in his world; he is an active member of the #RMG team, runs a weekly radio show called Required Mondays, was the First place winner of the 2013 Red Bull ThreeStyleU competition and plays an abundance of shows to grant the status of a MVP in his city! Follow MARVELiTO and bump this mix, we guarantee you will be feeling the vibes for all 34 minutes!

Isaac Treece.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hayden James - Permission To Love (Oshan Edit)

From across the Pacific we have been amazed by this new and up coming producer from Australia. Oshan's latest release,“Permission To Love” originally by one of our favorite producers Hayden James has been transformed into this smooth Future Beat tune! Bringing back elements of old school Moog Synths and a bouncy, funky beat bound to grab your attention. It really all comes together with elegant atmospheric elements and great sound design. We are excited to hear more from Oshan! We'll be sure to keep you posted! Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Meaux Green - IDFWU

Turn up your Friday with Meaux Green's latest remix of Big Sean’s “IDFWY”! In case this song wasn’t already stuck in your head, Meaux Green’s hard hitting, bass heavy rendition will have you hitting that repeat button over and over. The Orlando native has been quite busy this year, with a winning streak of multiple highly successful collabs and remixes we’re anticipating what he’ll do next. Grab your Free Download below!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Shifty Rhythms: Vol. II

Shifty Rhythms have released their follow up compilation with even more tracks and new addition to the roster. There is a lot going on and at times feels overwhelming, but there are a few gems in the mix.

We even see appearances by Mad Decent's ETC!ETC! with a track titled "Payola" and its a fresh tune. A good showcase that ETC!ETC! still has that raw talent that got him so much praise.

 Hex Cougar delivers his signature style and Quinn Kyle as well recreates that signature Bass heavy vocals we have come to get down with.

A major standout is the Kiff remix and his relations with the Shifty Crew is something to note. Keep an eye out on Kiff, but also make note of his collaborations and possible exchange of influences with this team.

One of the my favorite tracks is the Phantogram -Fall in Love (Planet Rock Remixes) This is hipster girl banger that is a well organized remix that doesnt diminish from the original, but adds a dancier vibe. Great Compilation



Friday, October 3, 2014

Sir Sly - You Haunt Me (SoySauce Edition)

DJ SoySauce just dropped this crazy crossover jam today. A little something to add to that sushi date this weekend? I'm trying to figure out why we love this tune so much! Maybe it's the vocal that does it for me, or maybe it's the way he uses elements from almost every genre. House Organs, Big Trap Bass and knarly percussion. When all these elements mix with Sir Sly's vocals it really brings it all together to make an epic radio ready tune. Definatly something that I could see MTV Clubland playing in the near future. 

Keep an eye out for DJ SoySauce. This artist is definitely going places. We'll give you one more of our favorites from him just to solidify your love. More SoySauce please!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kasbo - Kaleidoscope

Today, 18-year-old Kasbo gets fancy with brand-new track "Kaleidoscope" via Monster Cat. With a beat as colorful as his execution, the Swedish producer creates a unique blend of sounds making "Kaleidoscope" truly live up to its name. His usage of heavy-weight percussion bass, vocal inserts, piano sampling and telephonic synths, is beautiful yet well-constructed. At a young age, Kasbo has reached such great heights with his experimental tendencies and his open-minded production scheme. Listen below.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Flavors: Top 10 picks.

AGLORY brings the bass hard and heavy with this remix of 'This is why im hot' by Die Antwoord. Tons of aggressive musical elements in this remix.

Stooki Sound releases his latest tune 'Shut Up?' and brings a fun and fresh element to this trap classic. loving the complex basslines and percussion in this track.

DJ Sliink promised new music and he delivers with this collaboration that includes TWRK and Green Lantern. The track jumps from Trap rhythms to the Sliink signature Jersey club and makes this a great transition tune for DJ's needing to switch from Jersey Club or Trap.

Goodnight Cody delivers with this remix that has chillwave elements and has an amazing change up that makes this song so solid with great use of the original vocals.

Rook Milo has released a few new tracks that feature his signature style. A fresh remix of Future's 'I Won' is just what we needed and use of synths are elegantly placed to make this tune very hood regal.

Chillin Remix by Jaw Jam delivers everything we enjoy by Jaw Jam. Complex sampling, unique percussions and Interesting synth usage make this a mellow track you want.

Duke Dumont just released this amazing dub version of 'Won't Look Back' and it's such a classic tune that we all need in our music libraries. 90's style vocals and amazing beat percussions all through the track.

Astral Angst from Dance & Romance clearly is in for the kill and means it with this heavy bass remix.

Garage House music is the ancestor to dubstep and we see the bridge with 'Devil Rhythm' by Doctor Jeep. Groovy bassline and addictive vocal hooks keep this song stuck in your head.

September has started early for us with this Earth, Wind, & Fire remix by Fugitives. A bouncing bassline, classic house percussions, and beautiful melodic synths make this a must download.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Planet Rock - Aerospace

Planet Rock
Planet Rock just came back from winning Discovery Project EDC, and already has another release on Shifty Rhythms. The EP is titled "Aerospace" and features two amazing wavy trap tunes. Wavy synths and trap percussions keep this track funky, and make it a futuristic bass EP.

Planet Rock:
Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Athletixx - All-Stars Mixtape Vol. 1 feat. Falcons // Hoodboi // Promnite // Kittens

01) Rico Love - They Don't Know (Hoodboi, Falcons & Kittens Remix)
02) Tory Lanez - Crew (Hoodboi & Falcons Remix)
03) Athletixx All-Stars - Activate Anthem
04) Kittens - Back It Up
05) Falcons - DDB
06) ??? - Drink (Edit)
07) Falcons - Jomanda (DJ Tool)
08) Chris Brown - Loyal (Hoodboi Remix)
09) Patrick Brian - Goldcard
10) Falcons - MyPussy (Skream's Chords Edition)
11) MachineDrum - Back Seat Hoe (Hoodboi Remix)
12) Promnite x Patrick Brian - Varsity Dub
13) Sugar Shane - Kill The Bitch (Promnite Remix)
14) Tink ft. Jermemih - Don't Tell Nobody (Falcons remix)
15) Drake - All Me (Hoodboi Edit)
16) Hoodboi - Ready Freddy
17) Falcons x Promnite - Riddim 1
18) Promnite - Hot Like Way
19) Promnite - Waddup Riddim
20) Promnite - Make That Go
21) Falcons - Gossip Riddim
Artwork by Mark Bulford


Westcoast STAND UP! Peep the debut Athletixx mixtape it just dropped, featuring all new unreleased material from Falcons, Hoodboi, Promnite, and KITTENS. All we have to say is this mix is straight FIRE! We were expecting the goods, but damn, this might just be our favorite mixtape of the year! This one is on repeat and you gotta hit the gym with these beats!

Big ups to Athletixx coming correct and really representing the West proper. This is the future of Westcoat Music, stay tuned, Athletixx is just getting warmed up before the big game.

If peeps like Brenmar, A-Trak, and Kastle are supporting you know this group is going to be doing some big things. Their sound is just so damn infectious!

If you're into intricate beats, big bass, crispy highs, Jersey Club, jiggy feels, and 90s Hip Hop this mixtape is right up your alley. Get the FREE DOWNLOAD HERE and be sure to give Athletixx some love on their Social Media links below.

Mike Woodward

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Samuel Proffitt ft. Khai - Sladky

Wow. What a debut this is! Everyone, meet Samuel Proffitt. Samuel Proffitt, I hope you're ready to meet everyone.

With a mysterious title like "Sladky", it is clear that Mr. Proffitt has every intention of making us think beyond the binary. With this being the lead single off his upcoming EP, our man captures the true essence of Winter in this emotion-evoking song. "Sladky" tells us a story about those moments of which we long for something completely out of our reach. Whether it be something we had at one point in life, or something we wanted but could never obtain.

This synth-heavy piece fuses together a powerful piano melody, a moving bassline, and a stunning vocal from the talented Khai. Samuel and Khai collectively create a sense of nostalgia and give us all a reason to ponder those moments of despair. Experience this beautiful number below.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rooftops Horizon's Compilation Vol. 1

Rooftops Horizon is a Paris based independent electronic music label. Drawing its inspiration between space and time, this label is focusing on finding potent production styles and helping promote upcoming talent that deserves more recognition. For Vol. 1 of their new compilation series, this promising indie label dropped five unreleased originals by JL, Salute, Rusty Hook, Renz and Romby -- an abstract combination of sounds that blend together beautifully to create a really well put together compilation. This project is the perfect introduction for fans of a creative concoction of Future Bass, Jersey Club, R&Bass and more. Get familiar with Rooftops Horizon because this year will be a huge one for the upcoming French label.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Porter Robinson - The Seconds Ft. Jano (NGHTMRE & Davey Gray Remix)

Porter Robinson would be a lot more【=◈‿◈=】and less【=◈︿◈=】if he listened to NGHTMRE and Davey Gray's remix of his song "The Seconds".

NGHTMRE: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter
Davey Gray: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

TILT Premiere: Onyx - Slam (Middle Finger Remix)

Last month we shared the mysterious production duo Middle Finger's debut remix of Drake's "Trophies" that took us totally by surprise with its pure energetic sound quality. While they keep quiet about their identities though, it seems like we can definitely expect these guys to provide us all with solid turn up tunes. We've got the first listen on their latest which throws it back to '93 for a sick remix of Onyx's classic "Slam". Go right ahead.

Yep. We're stoked on these guys. Make sure you follow Middle Finger on SoundCloud.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

TILT Spotlight: Swizzymack

I'm late as fuck to this party... Oh well... Alright. Here's the scoop with Swizzymack.

Discovered by Mad Decent's Diplo and Paul Devro, 19 year old Swizzymack is the driving force behind the rambunctious sound known as Philly Club music. His tracks and remixes have been heard everywhere from Philadephia's Hot 107.9 to mixes and festival sets by the top DJs on the planet. Swizzy's 'Bass' EP - out now on Mad Decent / Jeffree's - is the present and the future colliding as Philly Club and Trap music merge in a perfect storm.

Scope these remixes...

Swizzymack dropped his debut Ultra Records release called "Bump" today with FACT Magazine. "Bump" is a trap-club hybrid that captures the sound growing in Philadelphia, pushing the limit beyond 140 bpm so, yeah, it's fast. Ladies, prepare your booties for some rapid clappin' and guys, there will be no standing on the walls when this song comes on. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Planet Rock - Peach Trees

Planet Rock has come back from their adventures at EDC and have decided that it's time for some new tunes. Their latest track features big room festival synths and trap percussions. The track features a vocal sample from Nicki Minaj and is well down with the track. Peach Tree is a festival banger made for the turn up.

Planet Rock:

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

La Roux - In for the Kill (Astral Angst Remix)

Astral Angst had promised us a steady stream of music and has delivered. I am most impressed with this latest tune. Astral Angst follows up his second tune "There's only you" with a bass driven remix of La Roux's "In For the Kill" and brings out a whole new deep and dark side to the original by complimenting the tune with fresh bass lines, percussions, and limited vocal manipulation. Astral Angst is quickly blazing a space in the Bass House community alongside artists like AC Slater and Curses.

Here is his previous tune as well:

Astral Angst:

Monday, June 16, 2014

TILT Spotlight: Liza Owen

21-year-old singer/songwriter Liza Owen just dropper her debut track "Mind Blown". Taking cultural and musical influences from multi-cultural roots, the half British/Cambodian songstress incorporates Asian samples, huge pop vocals and bass-heavy choruses to show us what she’s really made of.

With her ferocious style and exoticism, immediate comparisons to the more innovative and groundbreaking performers such as MIA and Gwen Stefani come to light. Hate to compare you that way, Liza, if you're reading this -- I know that's the last thing you want when you're striving for originality. But we hope you know it's a compliment. :)

Liza’s take on pop music is more than refreshing, as her sound breaks the modern pop mould and if this one says anything about Liza’s forthcoming EP (set to be released in September), I think we're in for a real treat!

I'm fuckin' with you Liza Owen. I don't know if I've ever really had my mind blown. But this is pretty close.

TILT Spotlight: Betatraxx (Premiere + Interview)

Not only was Betatraxx kind enough to answer a few questions for us for this spotlight, but he's also giving us the first listen to his new super bass-y downtempo electro remix of Bean's "Cops And Robbers". Go ahead. It's the bomb. A quick interview with the dude follows...

Yo BETATRAXX! What's good man? What's new in your world other than these thumping dance tunes?

Hey whats up!  Well, feels like all I’ve been doing to producing every day, but I actually have been working hard to develop in some other areas.  I’ve been learning guitar, getting real into piano, learning computer programming, but most importantly I just started my own label.  I’ve been wanting to do it for some time now.  It’s really as a means to distribute whatever I want, whenever I want and stop having to wait for approve from some A&R rep at a random dance music label.  Of course for big tracks and features I’ll be going through other labels, but my own label allows me to be creative in any way I want.

That's what's up dude... What do you got on the horizon musically?

All kinds of stuff.  I’ve finished my album and am speaking with labels now for distribution.  It’s a full concept album, but its not a throwback album or referencing some other genre like every album I hear every day.  Id like to think its different.  This might sound crazy but I stopped listening to music a little while back and am trying to not be influenced by any current trends.  Of course everyone is influenced by the world around them, and I do listen to a decent amount of classical music, but I am trying to influence myself from my own music and have it build in its own direction.  

But before that come out I’ll be releasing some singles that are more just for fun and less serious than the album.  Oh! also in August I’ll be releasing a wild track featuring Julliete Lewis.  You can see a video of me playing it here...

Where do you find your inspiration? Like what gets these tracks brewing? How do you keep the sound fresh?

Well the root of all my songs starts classically.  I write a short classical version of each song.  Whether the final product even resembles that at the end varies, but it always starts on my piano.  A lot of the time I’ll write a full song but just loop my favorite part of it and that will be the song.  It kind of gives it a remix / sample effect even though its all original.

You've been working with a lot of really cool people out here... What's been some of your most memorable experiences in the industry?

Soloing back and forth with Slash in the studio has to be up there with one of the most amazing experiences.  We were just jamming throwing ideas around the then someone leans in and goes “you realize what you’re doing right now right?”  and I kind of started to sweat a bit and mess up haha.  Second to that I made a track with Marc Foster from Foster the People.  Sadly it will never come out, but watching him in the studio, singing all his harmonies and layers without stopping the song.  That’s some real talent.  

Holy shit, yeah, that's real... Best party ever?

This is going to be a cop out but I don’t think I’ve even come close to seeing my favorite party yet.  The video of me playing in Mysteringland in 2012 was pretty amazing though.  South American fans are wild.

What's your vision for BETATRAXX now? Like where do you want to be versus where you are now? What do you think it'll take to get there?

I feel like I haven’t even started my career yet.  I’m building a full live show so I can actually perform all my songs live, I’m working on music videos, I’ve have over like 50 unreleased songs.  The problem has been getting the right people behind it to pull it all together.  I have this vision in my head and I don’t want to just dump everything out there and see what happens.  I want to present it right how I see it, and it’ll all make sense.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dirtwire - Taiga (Dimond Saints Remix)

Really wasn't sure how Dimond Saints would top their remix of Zhu's "Faded" but they seem to have done it again with their latest of Dirtwire's "Taiga". Can't thank these dudes enough for putting me onto so much dope original music through their remixes. Thank you, Saints.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Drake - Trophies (Middle Finger Remix)

Ayyyyyyy! A dope "Trophies" remix!

Can't tell you how many I've come across that just don't make the cut. But this one from Middle Finger, a producer duo that's keeping their identity on the low for now, has all the makings of a hit remix. This is their first release, with more on the way as I'm told. Listen.

Middle Finger on Facebook and Twitter!