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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sir Sly - You Haunt Me (ShadowLuxx Remix)

Following in the footsteps of great feel good remix masters like Goldroom & Viceroy, we have discovered a new artist who can run with the best of them. ShadowLuxx has taken on Sir Sly and has totally flipped it to call in the Spring. A melancholy yet uplifting remix that brings a tropical house vibe to this already great classic. I personally categorize this as Electropical

18-year-old, Los Angeles-born, Philadelphia-based writer/producer/multi-instrumentalist ShadowLuxx took classical piano lessons from the age of four. In his early teens, he began to develop an love and affinity for electronic music, sweeping piano flourishes and capturing—and digitally sculpting—atmospheric sound. In 2014, ShadowLuxx co-wrote and co-produced Afrojack's "Catch Tomorrow" featuring Sting, which was released by Def Jam on Afrojack's Forget the World album. He also released an official remix of RAC's record "Cheap Sunglasses (ft. Matthew Koma)" and now is back with this dreamy official remix of Sir Sly's hit single, "You Haunt Me."

Turn it up, kick off your shoes and imagine the sandy beaches we are due for in 2015. We are all ready to de-thaw and catch some rays while listening to some chill jams. 

Mike Woodward

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Control at Avalon Hollywood!

Our Friends at Dance & Romance will be taking over the Gotta Dance Dirty Lounge and bringing the Bass for this Big Room House night! For more event info click [HERE]

Come check out the Lounge and get down to the Bass!

Check out these massive tunes from the artists spinning in the Gotta Dance Dirty Lounge!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Muevelo ft. Swizzymack x Review

Muevelo has become a recent Los Angeles staple. Showcasing the best in new urban sounds and fostering a music scene, which features Moombahton, Trap, Philly Club, and other styles. Such a good party in LA, that it has garnered much attention from many people. Always featuring some upcoming or established name such as Munchi, Nadastrom, Swizzymack, Dj Blass, and many more. You can never go wrong when attending a Muevelo party.

Drunk Girl feeling the vibes and going ham and cheese for Swizzymack.

I recently attended the latest Muevelo ft. Swizzymack and wow! It was an amazing experience with lots of people dancing and feeling the music. Different sounds and an eclectic group of people made the night a blast. Swizzymack had a nearly perfect set, with one hiccup when the laptop fell and died. He was a good sport about it and quickly started to get things poppin again. Playing a heavy bass set. It was definitely a worthwhile set to catch and dance too.

If there was anything that i learned from this party. It's that Philly, Jersey, and Bmore Club are making a  push that will contend with the recent popularity of Trap. Los Angeles loved Philly Club, and once you get approval here, your going to be successful anywhere else.

Check out their next party [HERE]

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

La Nuit - Disclosure Show Review

As Dance music continues to be exploited into mainstream media and watered down to larger markets. There are few that try to keep the true sound alive and cultivate a culture based on good vibes and a love for good House music. La Nuit, A native Los Angeles Production organization with the intent to bring good music to the people at a price that wont hurt your wallet.

My personal view is that La Nuit is a collective of like-minded individuals bringing light to music that otherwise wouldn’t have a spot in Los Angeles. They continue to produce amazing events, and keep humble. They recently produced a show with Goldenvoice at the El Rey Theatre. They had Tres Dubois, Samo Sound boy, and Disclosure played the event on Halloween day. Everyone was in costume and just grooving to the vibes.

The resident La Nuit DJ’s did their job and got the mood set and people moving. Samo Sound Boy played his set and intensified the mood and the night. At this point the event was packed and had sold out fast. Once Disclosure hopped on, it was beautiful chaos. Girls were dancing, guys jumping, and everyone was enjoying themselves. It was an amazing night. One that made me realize that I should never miss out on any La Nuit shows again.

If you are unfamiliar with Disclosure and their music. Then Click [Here] for more info.
Here's some Samo Sound boy music:


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Discover & Download: ill. Gates

ill. Gates is the legendary glitch master. Creating massive tunes of all genres and consistently releasing other collaborations and remixes. This is a guy that can't be stopped. He is even an ordained minister and is pushing for our wonderful music to recognized as a religion as it should be. We decided to catch up with him and due a little interview for you guys.

Dance & Romance: What's your name and where are you from?

Ill Gates: Illiam B. Gates III, esq. and I'm from Toronto Canada. I live in San Francisco now though.

Dance & Romance: Favorite Color, Food, and Cartoon? 

Ill Gates: Black (although I know it's not a color!), Sashimi, Xavier: Renegade Angel

Dance & Romance: Describe your sound in 3 words?

Ill Gates: Glitchy Future Bass

Dance & Romance: Unlike many other prominent DJ's. You actually share your knowledge with aspiring producers through conferences and workshops. Has teaching been something you always wanted to do, or this production knowledge something you always wanted to share?

Ill Gates: It's something that I just sort of fell into because it came easily to me. Most people get in their own way and I happen to be really good at un-fucking them. I'd feel like a jerk if I let that talent go to waste! 

Dance & Romance: What’s your inspiration to make music?

Ill Gates: The dynamics of nature and the mystery of consciousness. It's endlessly fascinating and we will never get to the bottom of it. I do it all out of gratitude that I get to participate in this crazy beautiful thing we call life.

Dance & Romance: You have just released Ill Methodology. Not only is it such an awesome release, but you have over 20 tracks. How were you able to find the time and how was the process of producing all those tracks?

Ill Gates: I write music constantly. It's like eating, sleeping, or growing a beard. It just happens wherever I am, whether I like it or not. Many of those tracks were collaborations I did on the road. Any time I had down time when I was touring I'd call up a local musician that I liked, go over to their place and JAM! I'm pretty good at finishing what I start, and finishing it within a day or two. Most of those tracks were one long session at a friend's place.

Dance & Romance: What music Projects are you working on now?

Ill Gates: The main thing is the Church Of Bass. It's an EP, a Tour, and a Religion! 

The EP is different from The ill.Methodology in that it was nearly all composed in my own studio, and I took my time with things a bit more. It's a lot more melodic than my past work, all instrumental, and I feel it is a bit more emotional than my other stuff. The response live has been awesome! I can't wait until it drops on Nov 19!

The Tour is my first attempt at doing a full production routed driving tour. We are bringing pK bassbins, our own team, our own openers and this absolutely MENTAL 3d mapped video stage setup with tempo synched video content that took ages and ages to prep. Hopefully we don't lose too much money and will be able to afford to do it again!

The Church Of Bass is also a real church. I'm a legally recognized minister and I'm trying to get music recognized as the legitimate religion it is. It gives us meaning, healing, community, meditation and a way to share our experiences with those we love. Why are musicians and music lovers so persecuted? It doesn't make sense. We need to recognize music as a religion and get music the legal protection it deserves!

Dance & Romance: You have collaborations with dance music heavy weights like Bassnectar. Who else do you want to work with in the future?

Ill Gates: I'd love to work with Santigold. She is absolutely brilliant. Dillon Francis and Flosstradamus have been really doing it for me lately as well.

Dance & RomanceOn this tour, is there a chance we can expect a collaboration with your tour mates?

Ill Gates: That's a big part of the reason I invited them on the tour. They are both brilliant musicians so I'm hoping we can jam!

Dance & Romance: Anything you want to tell your fans out there?
Ill Gates: Keep the faith, spread the love, Church Of Bass!

Dance & Romance: Final question,What do you carry in your DJ Bag?

Ill Gates: Other than stinky laundry and a toothbrush? I have a computer, an RME Babyface sound card (LOVE IT!) and my favourite controller is a Livid Ohm 64 RGB Slim.

Now it's time to check out some tunes:


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mixtape of the week: Church of Bass - Jay Fay

Jay Fay, the Young Moombahtonero has been making major music moves and has become a huge upstart in the dance music scene. Under his belt he has Remixes for Bro Safari and releases on Generation Bass. It's no wonder why this guy is now touring nationally and spreading the moombah. Jay Fay has just released this tasteful and well constructed mixtape for his Church Of Bass Tour with Ill Gates and Stephen Jacobs. A solid lineup and killer releases from all these guys that you definitely want to catch this tour live!

For more info on Church of Bass Tour. Click [HERE]

Dance & Romance will also be giving away tickets to The Church of Bass Tour stop at The Glass House, in Pomona, Ca on November 2nd. So make sure to add these pages as more info is released:

Ill Gates Facebook
Dance & Romance Facebook 


Thursday, October 18, 2012

XO Vol. 3 - Flosstradamus

Flosstradamus is at it again with the latest release in their XO series. This is series 3 and i hope they don't stop. Sampling the best Trance, Hardstyle, and Rave songs. Then remaking them with a Trap flavor.They goin hard in da paint. One thing i noticed is that all these tracks give credit to the samples original producer. Due to the recent controversy, this was problematic with a lack of crediting tracks to many and Flosstradamus recently received an outpouring of anger and even death threats from Hard Style fans. Yet, how can you be angry? these tracks are so beautiful with the percussions and use of sampling.

This one is heavy Bass. Be careful you don't blow your speakers.

Suckerz is definitely my favorite out of the EP. Very Melodic dark synths in the background and awesome sampling. This track is just a real track to get the crowd wild.

Details has a lot to offer. The percussions are amazing and there is even a breakdown point where it sounds like a classic hip hip trap style track. Then it builds back up to amazingness.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Official Music Video // Dada Life - Happy Violence

Dance music gods Dada Life strikes again! This time they flex even harder then before bringing 8-bit melodies teamed up with huge bass and a fist pumping vibe. These Banana and Champagne lovers are rapidly growing in popularity and you can't hate. With quality tunes like this you can't deny the fucking greatness. I can only wish to be present for their next L.A. date. HEY! If you are DJ'n a night this weekend, and you want you crowd to fucking lose control, and run straight for the dancefloor you will play this tune. If you know whats good for you, you will play this tune back to back with Calvin Harris feat. Kelis BOUNCE! Take some sound advice and go at it... you'll thank us later.....

Dada Life - Happy Violence by Dada Life

Buy this track on Beatport HERE!

Calvin Harris & Kelis - Bounce (R3hab Remix) by R3HAB

Mike Woodward

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lady Gaga x Grum

When it comes down to it I have nothing against Lady Gaga. I actually really respect and love the woman. She's helped out the dance music community by spreading the sound worldwide and has convinced Americans its really ok to like dance music. Rumor is that she has even come to one of our TILT events to see a band we had perform called We Are The World at the Echoplex. She obviously has great knowledge of some great music that is out there. Not only that she's classicly trained on the piano and can sing like a blue bird. So all you haters. Suck it.

When I saw Grum on the new remix for her I wasn't surprised at all! He's only one of the best dance music producers right now and it's time someone brought him to POP status! Check out the new remix he did for "Born This Way" a dancefloor heater I dare you not to dance to!

Lady Gaga - Born This Way (Grum Dub Mix) by GRUM

Mike Woodward

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Glasnost - Corridor Single & Remixes by Nightwaves // Midnight Conspiracy // Kids At The Bar

Texas is known for more then just churning out Country Stars! Look out cause this Dreamwave Group named GLASNOST is exploding on the scene with some amazing new tunes! (check out our previous posts on them HERE and HERE) Glasnost is back with a sick new tune that is catchy as hell and has tons of cowbell!! Corridor is straight up FUNKY with a serious dose of dreamwave. The vocals have sediments from past bands like The Faint or even Depeche Mode, but matched up with amazing production and heavy synthlines expect to see this group to blow up!

Corridor (original mix) by glasnost

With remixes from some of our favorite groups like Nightwaves, Midnight Conspiracy and Kids At The Bar you can expect this single to get some Dancefloor love and DJ play from your local nightclub scene.

Corridor (NightWaves Remix) by glasnost

Corridor (Midnight Conspiracy End of an Era Remix) by glasnost

Be sure to give Glasnost some love on their Facebook HERE!

Mike Woodward