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Thursday, February 26, 2015



I’ve always appreciated the production value of Justin Faust. He knows how to put together a tasteful vibe of any genre – from any of his remixes to his growing library of originals – this Disco release on Nurvous Records sets an even higher precedence for things to come!

Casino Royale (Original Mix) opens the dance floor with a game show like trumpet driven fanfare. A sexy throwback to velvet furniture and corduroy everything. The groove would fit perfectly on the Vegas Strip as Danny Ocean and his 11 thieves rip off their next hit.

Bird Of Paradise (Original Mix) pushes the classy lounge textures even further. This track keeps a steady fretless bassline that is sure to get the room moving when it comes through the subs. Although it lacks any steel drum, the track has an exotic vacation feel to it. Again, very tasteful and upscale – but accessible.

Cuba (Original Mix) is the final track on this EP. It reminds me of the new Todd Terje releases – funky and clean. The mix would fit seamlessly in a street festival or deep down in a disco. This tune has a bit more oomph to the low end of it, so I can see this picking up commercially a bit more.

All in all – a great notch in the belt of Justin Faust. I can always appreciate a soulful release like this, swimming along in a world of brostep and TRVP. Looking forward to seeing how everyone else loves this EP, too.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

JONAS RATHSMAN – WOLFSBANE (Method White Recordings)

Wolfsbane by Jonas Rathsman is the debut track on Disclosure’s Method White label (a brand new extension of their Method Records Label) and they’ve gone a dark deep route with the selection. Wolfsbane provides a shadowy cloak over a driven thump of a beat. It has a mysterious medieval energy to it – something you’d hear while exploring the catacombs of a wizard’s tower and I love it. The airy texture of the synth dances till you drop into a tubular bass sound. It’s refreshing to hear ‘deep’ house without a repeating wood block pattern.

I’m definitely hoping to hear this track on a dancefloor soon and I probably will given the support Disclosure has given it. It will be exciting to see how influencers with their own labels direct things, especially with brooding releases like Wolfsbane. It takes itself seriously without being overbearing or tacky about it. This track lends itself to a very tasteful and independent vein in the current world of house music.

- Justin Cornwall

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

RAMBO V - Catalina Bounce

Sit back and relax on this fine Tuesday with Rambo V’s latest original “Catalina Bounce”! Oozing with sexiness, the track invigorates the senses and takes you on a euphoric journey filled with bass. Perfect for a pool party sample, enjoy the free download curtesy of RAMBO V and upcoming label Next Wave.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Are you that somebody - Aaliyah (FRVNCH CNNXT Remix)

A fresh take on Aaliyah's classic tune "Are you that somebody" with elements of synths, intricate drum patterns, and a downtempo melodic vibe that surges throughout the song, providing a chilling affect on the vocals by Aaliyah and Timbaland.

Soundcloud | Facebook

Monday, November 17, 2014

Le Youth - R E A L

Le Youth
strikes again. In my opinion Le Youth can do no wrong, since I discovered his music he never ceases to amaze me. His latest original “ R E A L” is a funky, fresh tune with an old school flare. Infused with piano chords, futuristic beats, power house vocals from Brandy and smooth transitions, the Disco/House fusion will transport you straight to the 90’s. Stream the track below! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sirma - Trigger (Pat Lok Remix)

Pat Lok has been heating up the scene this past year with his innovative twist on standard house rhythms and genre defying musical arrangements. Releasing a bevy of originals and buzzworthy remixes, the Canadian-favorite put out a stunning remix earlier this week to add to an impressive catalog of tracks.

'Trigger' lights a flame under Sirma's original vocals to make the track a little less brooding and a lot more danceable. It is a lush house fit for the end of the season to help us cling to those last summer rays.

Take a listen below and be sure to keep Pat Lok on your radar.

Sirma's original
Pat Lok: 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Henry Krinkle reconstructs Kiezsa’s ‘Hideaway’

On the back end of his US tour, Henry Krinkle had a chance to release an almost eleven minute epic remix of Kiesza’s dance floor hit ‘Hideaway’. He is a champion of the lush house movement and never fails to WOW us when it comes to re-vamping tracks and making them entirely his own. Barely recognizable from it’s original form, this creeping remix is as unexpected as it is pleasing.

Taking the pop original’s 4 minute span and stretching it to an impossible 10 minutes and 51 seconds seems nothing short of daunting. It takes a good five minutes into the track to realize that you are actually listening to a recreation of Kiesza’s original and when the lyrics sneak their way in, the surprise hits with sensational relief.

Though long in length, it progresses effortlessly to make time seem inconsequential. It is a true testament to his skill as a producer. He does not simply slap a bassline over a track and deem it a masterpiece, but completely redefines a track's tone and meaning. Grab your free download below and be sure to check out his other tracks. 

Henry Krinkle's dancefloor favorite...
Henry Krinkle: 
Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Flavors: Top 10 picks.

AGLORY brings the bass hard and heavy with this remix of 'This is why im hot' by Die Antwoord. Tons of aggressive musical elements in this remix.

Stooki Sound releases his latest tune 'Shut Up?' and brings a fun and fresh element to this trap classic. loving the complex basslines and percussion in this track.

DJ Sliink promised new music and he delivers with this collaboration that includes TWRK and Green Lantern. The track jumps from Trap rhythms to the Sliink signature Jersey club and makes this a great transition tune for DJ's needing to switch from Jersey Club or Trap.

Goodnight Cody delivers with this remix that has chillwave elements and has an amazing change up that makes this song so solid with great use of the original vocals.

Rook Milo has released a few new tracks that feature his signature style. A fresh remix of Future's 'I Won' is just what we needed and use of synths are elegantly placed to make this tune very hood regal.

Chillin Remix by Jaw Jam delivers everything we enjoy by Jaw Jam. Complex sampling, unique percussions and Interesting synth usage make this a mellow track you want.

Duke Dumont just released this amazing dub version of 'Won't Look Back' and it's such a classic tune that we all need in our music libraries. 90's style vocals and amazing beat percussions all through the track.

Astral Angst from Dance & Romance clearly is in for the kill and means it with this heavy bass remix.

Garage House music is the ancestor to dubstep and we see the bridge with 'Devil Rhythm' by Doctor Jeep. Groovy bassline and addictive vocal hooks keep this song stuck in your head.

September has started early for us with this Earth, Wind, & Fire remix by Fugitives. A bouncing bassline, classic house percussions, and beautiful melodic synths make this a must download.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

TILT Premiere: Blackbird Blackbird - Tear (Colour Vision Remix)

Colour Vision (Corey Hurley) is hands-down one of the hardest working DJ/producer combo dudes we've ever met. With a slew of praised remixes under his belt this summer, I'd say the Palm Springs based artist is finally getting the recognition he's always deserved.

Yesterday, Corey dropped a 'premix' of Goldroom's upcoming Mammals-assisted "'Till Sunrise" which is gonna blow people's brains into outer space, no doubt about it. Listen.

Corey promised us if his Goldroom premix got over 3,000 plays that he'd share something new with us and it has... So here it is. We're very excited to offer the first listen to Colour Vision's previously unreleased remix of Blackbird Blackbird's "Tear". As we've come to love, Colour Vision once again offers a sun-drenched tropical house tune that's full of relaxing vibrations. Enjoy it below. :)

Monday, August 4, 2014

Schlachthofbronx - Lights Off (Squalie Remix)

The first thing I ever heard from this artist that goes by the name of Squalie was this incredible little trapped out house remix of Schlachthofbronx's "Lights Off". Seriously so much fun in just under five minutes. Listen.

That one marked the debut of this somewhat mysterious new producer. And just a few days ago, Squalie delivered his first original tune called "In The Dark" which offers listeners another cool and refreshing sound experience complete with catchy vocals and sort of dubstep synths made for dance floor grinding. Enjoy both! :)

Autograf - One (Cover)

Start your week off with some new music from Chicago based producers Autograf, who return today with the second installment of their 'Future Summer' remix series (#FutureSummer) which kicked off last month with Pharrell & Daft Punk's "Gust of Wind". 

This week they return with their own cover of "One". The group shares how the concept came about stating...

"4 summers ago we were catching Soulwax / 2ManyDJs' set at Lollapalooza. They were on the dance stage up against Lady Gaga on the main. Halfway through their set as they were taking us to another level, the whole crowd started chanting 'Fuck Lady Gaga!' for a good 20 minutes. You could tell it was the start of something big for dance culture. Since then, dance music has taken some really interesting twists and turns. So for Issue 2 of our ongoing 'Future Summer' series, we wanted to cover an epic festival hit from 4 years ago, and bring it into The Future by giving it a sexy Tropical House / Future House chill vibe appropriate for any pool party or late night festival vibe tent."

Saturday, August 2, 2014

TILT Premiere: BLAUS - Give Up

Coming through on this very summery Saturday afternoon are our beloved boys in BLAUS with their new single "Give Up", a truly spectacular and absolutely beautiful glimpse into what's in store for us with the San Francisco duo's upcoming EP 'The Tone'. Seriously, this is like a beam of light through the clouds or the tree tops. I'm in awe of what these guys have created here. First listen below.

Nathan and Zach merge live instrumentation with digital samples to produce music that blends atmospheric house, experimental tech jazz, and hip-hop. They are the sons of a pastor, but born with rebellious minds. Their goal is to blend all arts, to fuse the tangible with the digital and the new sub-genre 'Booty House' is their way of uniting these elements of the music scene. After winning last year's Discovery Project by Insomniac Events, the brothers began infusing rhythmical prose and live instrumentation to their electronic sound. Through a prolific cycle of writing, recording and touring, a human warmth echoed forth and 'The Tone' was produced. The 6 song EP is out on Bay Area label Tricycle Records this Tuesday, August 5th.

Follow BLAUS on SoundCloud.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong (Win & Woo Remix)

Win and Woo's new remix of Nico & Vinz "Am I Wrong" is justttt how I feel 〜( ̄△ ̄〜)   (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜

Win and Woo: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Lane 8 ft. Lucy Stone - Nothing You Can Say (SEE TAI Remix)

This is an absolutely gorgeous piece of music right here. It comes from a new name to us here at TILT, a Louisville, Kentucky based artist named SEE TAI. Dude has been around for a minute, but for whatever reason we're just hearing him now. In the case for sure, later is definitely better than never. His remix of Lane 8 and Lucy Stone's "Nothing You Can Say" is a perfect upbeat house tune with wonderful elements of indie pop and funk. Enjoy every second of it below.

Creange - Le Soleil

Here's a fantastic bit of bubbly and poppy house for you courtesy of France's Creange. You might recognize his name as he's put out a few top-notch remixes, most notably perhaps his take on DARKSIDE's "Paper Trails". Listen to that one first, below.

"Le Soleil" ("The Sun") is Creange's first ever original track and it's gorgeous. He says, "I've made it with one goal: taking people on a journey through summer, a journey brightened up by stellar synths and powerful beats. Really wanted it to embody both the happiness of promising sunny days and the charming nostalgia of an early fall. Hope it will lift you up and fill you with an irrepressible longing for summer!" You've done just that, Creange. Thank you. :)

TILT Premiere: Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong (Lucian Remix)

Lucian made his official musical debut just a few weeks ago with an absolutely incredible remake of Sampha's "Happens". Listen to that first if you haven't heard it yet.

After hearing this guy's first production, I really couldn't wait for more... Well, today, that wait is over. Lucian is back and we've got the first listen to his second ever remix. This time he's taken on Nico & Vinz' "Am I Wrong" and has created a beautiful, somewhat deep house summer triumph with some seriously fantastic grand piano. Let this one take you over below.

Follow Lucian on SoundCloud.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Mr. Probz - Waves (Ronnie & Wylde Bootleg)

Oh damn. These guys Ronnie & Wylde got some serious talent. The first thing I've heard from them is this remix of Mr. Probz' "Waves" which is literally perfection. A progressive indie house mix, I can't wait for you guys to hear the bass they've got going in here. It's so full. I definitely suggest taking a look through their SoundCloud collection, but definitely push play on the stream below. Yee. :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jess Glynne - Right Here (Slinger Remix)

I feel like Slinger came out of nowhere. Maybe he did. But damn, he came out strong. If you're not familiar with him, he broke out onto the scene just a few months ago and his remixes of Prince, Pharrell and The Kooks were all fantastic and deservingly extremely well-received. He's back as of two days ago with a brand new one of Jess Glynne's "Right Here" that once again doesn't disappoint. Rowdy House is how I'd describe his music. So rowdy. So damn rowdy... SLINGER. Get rowdy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Viceroy - The Life Feat. Penguin Prison

With his 'summertime all the time' motto in tow, Viceroy teams up with fellow brother-in-vibes Penguin Prison to put out this new single "The Life". No stranger to the pool party aesthetic, on the new single Viceroy champions his own unique brand of lush, Tropi-cool house disco, that pairs perfectly with his extensive Hawaiian shirt collection, giving us a glimpse of 'The Life' we should be all aspiring to this summer.

"'The Life' really encompasses my motto 'Summertime All The Time' - grab your friends, get outside, and don't let anything get in the way of you having a good time. Penguin Prison's vocals really bring the vision full circle, pushing the song to that exciting next level. It's not a complex idea by any means: just live it up!" - Viceroy

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Flatland Funk & Shwann - Schizophrenia

Ah, yes... It's been a while since we posted in a big massive electro progressive house stuff. And who better to reel us back in but our man Shwann? ;)

Shwann says, "My first collab with Flatland Funk features a trance-inspired, hands in the air breakdown, that quickly turns into an explosively gritty chaotic piece of audio energy that promises to be an assault on the senses. Enjoy the free download!" Yeah! Enjoy that for sure.