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Friday, December 12, 2014


Handsome Habibi are DJ/Producer Brothers Ali and Hamdy Habibi. Both successful solo artists in their perspective field, and apparently are long lost brothers that joined forces in 2014 to form Handsome Habibi. Rumor is they have worked with artists ranging from 2 Chainz to Classic Rock artists The Who, and are high demand DJs. There seems to be some mystery of whats really going on here but all we know is that The Handsome Habibi project is all about having fun again. It's an audiovisual mélange of their favorite things, Hip Hop x 90s references x Future Dance x Middle Eastern imagery. Their style of remixes ranges from bass driven Future Dance tunes to Trap anthems with Pop appeal and everything in between. A prolific odyssey through sounds and images.

"Trust Deez Hoes" their latest remix is a take on songstress Jhené Aiko's freestyle, transformed into a bangin, yet melodic Trap anthem. With badass vocal chops and illustrious arpeggios this song will have you trippin! We cannot wait to hear more from these guys! We'll be sure to keep you posted!

Friday, October 3, 2014

DMX Performance @ Fox Theater Pomona in Los Angeles

Have you heard?
November 29th, Hip Hop legend DMX will be performing in the greater Los Angeles area at the Fox Theater Pomona.  All throughout October, DMX will be headlining a tour among the likes of Rakim, Kool Moe Dee, EPMD, Ja Rule and many more top-shelf artists. Tour city locations include  Buffalo, Baltimore, Atlanta, Brooklyn and Richmond. Get ready, DMX is coming your way!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Athletixx - All-Stars Mixtape Vol. 1 feat. Falcons // Hoodboi // Promnite // Kittens

01) Rico Love - They Don't Know (Hoodboi, Falcons & Kittens Remix)
02) Tory Lanez - Crew (Hoodboi & Falcons Remix)
03) Athletixx All-Stars - Activate Anthem
04) Kittens - Back It Up
05) Falcons - DDB
06) ??? - Drink (Edit)
07) Falcons - Jomanda (DJ Tool)
08) Chris Brown - Loyal (Hoodboi Remix)
09) Patrick Brian - Goldcard
10) Falcons - MyPussy (Skream's Chords Edition)
11) MachineDrum - Back Seat Hoe (Hoodboi Remix)
12) Promnite x Patrick Brian - Varsity Dub
13) Sugar Shane - Kill The Bitch (Promnite Remix)
14) Tink ft. Jermemih - Don't Tell Nobody (Falcons remix)
15) Drake - All Me (Hoodboi Edit)
16) Hoodboi - Ready Freddy
17) Falcons x Promnite - Riddim 1
18) Promnite - Hot Like Way
19) Promnite - Waddup Riddim
20) Promnite - Make That Go
21) Falcons - Gossip Riddim
Artwork by Mark Bulford


Westcoast STAND UP! Peep the debut Athletixx mixtape it just dropped, featuring all new unreleased material from Falcons, Hoodboi, Promnite, and KITTENS. All we have to say is this mix is straight FIRE! We were expecting the goods, but damn, this might just be our favorite mixtape of the year! This one is on repeat and you gotta hit the gym with these beats!

Big ups to Athletixx coming correct and really representing the West proper. This is the future of Westcoat Music, stay tuned, Athletixx is just getting warmed up before the big game.

If peeps like Brenmar, A-Trak, and Kastle are supporting you know this group is going to be doing some big things. Their sound is just so damn infectious!

If you're into intricate beats, big bass, crispy highs, Jersey Club, jiggy feels, and 90s Hip Hop this mixtape is right up your alley. Get the FREE DOWNLOAD HERE and be sure to give Athletixx some love on their Social Media links below.

Mike Woodward

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Artist Spotlight: JON SIGS

Dim the lights and enter a glitchy dream world with these two
Jon Sigs tracks. Despite this producer's elusive presence on the internet, his experimental sound makes an impression. In fact, I actually think lack of info about Jon Sigs on the web adds an element of mystery that compliments his haunting sound very well.

His brief SoundCloud bio states: "I really do not follow trends in music. I just create what makes me happy," a mission statement I think we can all get down with. He calls his sound "sensual electronic soul," which is a perfect way to describe these two tracks "Open Your World" and "H!GH".

I honestly can't decide what track I like better, but both are unlike anything I've heard before. Comment below and share which track you're feeling. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Saint [Interview]

Saint has been making lots of noise in the last year with big tunes, twerk anthems, and just changing the game with original and innovative music that follows no formula. Saint carries a very mysterious aesthetic that forces you to wonder and focus solely on the music. We were able to catch up with Saint and ask a few questions. So lets see what the Bass Shaman Saint has to say.

What is your name, favorite food, and what city you from?
My name is Virgil. I’m based in Los Angeles, and my food of choice is water.
Describe your sound in three words?
Hip-hop. Club. Aggressive.
What three songs you have been into lately?
‘2 On’ by Tinashe, ‘Run These Streets’ by K. Michelle, and ‘Melba’s Call’ by Bok Bok and Kelela. That and everything DJ Mustard and Young Thug are putting out- I know you said only three though. And Nicki Minaj too, sorry.

What audience do you have in mind when you DJ and produce?
I never really had an audience in mind, I kind of just go for stuff I like and would want to hear when out.
You have collaborated with a good amount of artists, how has the process been? Do you feel you have developed your sound with these collaborations?
It’s always fun. I try to bring them into my sonic world and find some type of middle ground. Some people I work with i’ll bang it out (G-Buck, Jesse Slayer), and others i’ll really dive and make something deep and more art based (AGLORY). You pick up something from everyone, really.

You have received a lot of cosigns, and your tracks have been played at festivals by some of the biggest names. How does it feel to have your tracks being heard by thousands of people?
It doesn’t feel real some times. I’ve been in crowds when Major Lazer has played me, and seeing something you made in basically isolation do that to people is insane. Then there’s stuff like DJ Shadow, who is someone I listened to and admired growing up, doing scratch routines to my track with G-Buck that is, like, unbelievable. Hearing yourself on the radio too, out driving, is something i’ll never get used to. It’s really hard to wrap your head around the fact that your music is reaching that many people. Even looking at Soundcloud plays and trying to wrap your head around each number being a actual person sitting somewhere in the world, listening to you… it’s a blessing. And crazy as fuck.
You are working with Aglory on a new track, how has the process been? the track called Cordoba?
Yes, Cordoba. It originally started as a rap beat I was doing just for fun- which is what I do when I get irritated with club/dance music. I posted a video on Facebook of it just cause, and Anthony (1/2 of AGLORY) immediately messaged me asking what it was. I explained it was just me having fun, and he insisted we make it a full track. We went back and forth a few times, and the end result was an R&B sequel to our last EP.
Is it true you have a crush on Angelina Jolie and when did it start?
Not a crush at all- she’s my hero, my life inspiration. I don’t even know in all honesty, I feel like i’ve always admired and looked up to her even when I was a child. She’s poised, intelligent, worldly, but still maintains this amazing aura of cool and edgy. There absolutely no one like her. I want to be her, honestly. One day i’ll be that poppin’… hopefully.
How did the Gijibae collab come about with G Buck?
We had just did Mata Hari and really enjoyed the process. We actually sought out to make another club track- Gijibae was originally 145 BPM instead of 100. It had an entirely different lead instrument as well. We slowed it down to twerk-BPM. The song was finished but we happened on another track that had a synth like the one we were using. I wasn’t having it, so we scrapped it. I came up with the bells, we revamped the track, and that’s basically it. I think G-Buck has actually played the original out once or twice, and people were just like, wait what the hell?

You have released Twerk, moombahton, and trap style songs. What has been the most fun to produce?
Twerk, easily. Rap and hip-hop beats come the easiest to me- making dance music can get very tedious. With rap you can just go right into things- club music you have to build the tension.  There are rules. It’s so nerdy. When the whole twerk thing came about it was literally perfect. It caters to both sides of my musical interests. I’m obsessed with rap in general, but the fact that twerk is so heavily based in NOLA bounce music, Bay hyphy, and Atlanta snap music made it a given for me. I have the most fun making it, hands down.
What is War House?
War House is an offshoot of Baltimore/Jersey/Philly club music I created that follows the typical house/big room structure, only with club type vocals/kicks/leads. I don’t really make it anymore, though.

You have produced a bunch of tracks for Chapman, an upcoming rapper.
Chapman is a really good friend of mine, one of my best friends. I originally just did one track for his debut EP. He ended up flying to LA for a string of shows early January. We hung out a lot during that time and ended up working really well together. There’s definitely a lot more music coming with him.
Any future releases planned?
Many. My main focus is a full-length rap album, IMMACULATE. It’s my take on The Neptunes Clones and Timbaland’s Shock Value. Th entire thing was produced by me, and features a lot of friends and amazing vocal talent from all over the country. I have an EP coming out with Stezus Christ for our new collective NO. I have tracks with G-Buck, AGLORY, Fei-Fei, and tons of others that’ll be dropping soon. There’s also a few official remixes for both vocal artists and other dj/producers I have coming out. I got an EP of all club/twerk music too, which is untitled right now. Really excited for that one though. There’s two tracks, Naomi Campbell and Zoloft, that are really fun and probably some of my favorite things i’ve ever done. And then there’s beats for a bunch of really amazing rappers.
Have you ever thought of including face veils as part of your merchandise?
Never. The veil is more so commentary on the modern artist in the social media era- not a way of keeping a secret identity. I think a lot of the magic is gone because artists share themselves so freely on the internet. You always know where they’re at, what they’re thinking, wearing, eating. Music, at least for me, has always been an escape, so I like to keep some air of intrigue around me.
What do you carry in your DJ Bag?
 Just my laptop, a selection of cables, and an Akai APC.
What three Producers should we be listening to?
Jesse Slayter, G-Buck, and Cratesz.
Anything you want to tell your fans?
Thank you for supporting me and listening! I’m working so hard to bring everyone the best, most fun stuff I can come up with. And i’m working extra hard to get out and play for you all. I see every message and i’m trying to get out to these places, just know that. I hope IMMACULATE is something you all enjoy. Keep it classy, drink a ton of water, and love yourself.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Brokechella 2014 [EVENT]

These days musical festivals have become huge and grown to many different events. Coachella is one of the biggest events and has expanded to two weekends. Seems these days that only the wealthy can afford Coachella, and at a price that almost hits $400, there has to be a better alternative. Thankfully, if your in the Los Angeles area and have $20 you can experience a festival at a fraction of the price of Coachella. Brokechella is your solution to good music, memories, and food. The lineup is stacked with great talent from the Hip Hop Stage, DJ Stage, and bands stage. Let's not even forget the many comedians who are also on board for the fun. I honestly can't find something as culturally relevant and organic as Brokechella in Los Angeles. Amazing artists will be rocking all the stages. From picking which food truck to eat at and which stages and artists to see, it can be a little overwhelming in an awesome way. So make sure to get your Broke Pass [HERE]

Here's some tunes you can expect to hear at Brokechella:


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Jacuzzi featuring Mr. Carmack Seppuku Pt. 1 EP

Yesterday we received some of the hardest beats we have heard all year from our two favorite Hawaiian's Mr. Carmack and Jacuzzi! We are huge supporters of Jacuzzi (See our last Jacuzzi review here) and the fact he hooked up with his island bud Mr. Carmack on this EP shows exactly what that next level is. Heavy beats to bang your head to, and that defines what happens when you mix to great musical minds when it just flows. 

Mr. Carmack is no newbie. Everything this guy touches elevates the scene and he brings this old school vibe with a newer sound that is just fucking infectious. We just want more and more and he keeps delivering. Throwing all lame marketing to the side, the dude does what he wants when he wants and keeps turning out some of the best music out there. I say when your on fire, your on fire, keep it going. Why hold a producer back when he can deliver like only Mr. Carmack can. We hope to hear more Mr. Carmack and Jacuzzi collabos cause the two together we think brings out the best in each other for sure! Both collabo's they have done really flex hard and that they can go hard or soft and still come LEGIT. Get your free downloads while you can and support! Spread the word cause these two are blowing up.

Mike Woodward

Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Music from Disclosure // option4 // Bit Funk // FREE DOWNLOADS

Disclosure has been touring so hard I wonder how they had time to knock this one out! Well, the Brothers are at it again and this time they have blessed us with an awesome jam to flex at our Halloween parties. All you DJ's are stoked! Disclosure is on fire, and as long as they keep knocking out jams like this it looks like they will be sticking around for some time. We found a little extra bonus for you as well, a little mash up from our friends at Hood Internet! Enjoy the FREE DOWNLOAD! Your welcome!

option4 is at it again, and to tell you the truth we love this tune even more then the new Disclosure tune. I'm not sure if it's the stabs, that sample that takes me back or the fact that our bud has elevated the sound coming out of the States. Yea we can play ball with the best of em! That's what's up. Street Love is a feel good jam that will get everyone in the room on the dancefloor and dancing. It has something for everyone, first the ladies, the homies, and the bass lovers. Once again, FREE DOWNLOAD on this one. Don't sleep on this and pick it up! You'll thank us later...

NYC based Bit Funk has dropped an instant classic of one of our favorite Hip Hop tunes of all time and has done it with class! With just a touch of love with his Rhodes he has given this song new life for a new generation. Possibly the most Pop song we have recently heard from our bud. No matter what you have to give Bit Funk some love on this one. Be sure to show that love and hit him up on his Facebook HERE. Getting a new Bit Funk tune is always a treat!  Enjoy the FREE DOWNLOAD! =)

Mike Woodward

Sunday, May 19, 2013


So it's very rare when i get worked up about a track and how smooth it is. Last time i was this impressed was when i heard XXYYXX's About you. Such lush and creamy synths, the chord progressions play in the pain spoken in the Mary J. Blige lyrics. An amazing remix you should download and keep an eye out for our friends Haez and Spaceman Unlimited.



Saturday, February 23, 2013

Muevelo ft. Swizzymack x Review

Muevelo has become a recent Los Angeles staple. Showcasing the best in new urban sounds and fostering a music scene, which features Moombahton, Trap, Philly Club, and other styles. Such a good party in LA, that it has garnered much attention from many people. Always featuring some upcoming or established name such as Munchi, Nadastrom, Swizzymack, Dj Blass, and many more. You can never go wrong when attending a Muevelo party.

Drunk Girl feeling the vibes and going ham and cheese for Swizzymack.

I recently attended the latest Muevelo ft. Swizzymack and wow! It was an amazing experience with lots of people dancing and feeling the music. Different sounds and an eclectic group of people made the night a blast. Swizzymack had a nearly perfect set, with one hiccup when the laptop fell and died. He was a good sport about it and quickly started to get things poppin again. Playing a heavy bass set. It was definitely a worthwhile set to catch and dance too.

If there was anything that i learned from this party. It's that Philly, Jersey, and Bmore Club are making a  push that will contend with the recent popularity of Trap. Los Angeles loved Philly Club, and once you get approval here, your going to be successful anywhere else.

Check out their next party [HERE]

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mixtape of the Week - Morfeeus

Morfeeus is a newcomer in the Hip Hop scene, but a veteran in the music culture. Former Black Metal artist turned philosophic Hip Hop Producer. There are few mixes that can catch my ears attention, because of all the watered down mixes that exist, but this mixtape is different. You can experience different emotions and most importantly a little contemplation of yourself. Not many mixtapes can do this. This mixtape features a ton of originals, and samples you will know or not. Ranging from movies to female vocalist Grimes. The percussions are on point, the samples are great, and melody is eerie, but just enough to give you a head bobbing vibe. So listen, pay attention, and enjoy!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

USB Drive Vol. 4

This installment of USB Drive is very diverse. We have some Trap, Moombah, and amazing house music to vibe to. Keepin it fresh, and poppin. Enjoy!

Iggy Azalea is right now leading the female hip hop movement. So it was only about time that Flosstradamus and Juicy J linked up with her to produce a Trap banger. Sip on Promethezine and bump this.

This next track is a remixed and moombahfied Sean Kingston track. Smooth, and some hard synths. Not too filthy, just right. Great club track.

Everyone say's they love House music, but were not talking about that generic house on the radio. Were talking about that real deep house. Smooth and flashback to the 90's. Good beat, mellow feel, and all around a good vibe track.

Once again Calcat releases another track keepin the house vibe alive. Sampling Will smith, smooth percussions, and a hypnotizing melody. Music like this gives me faith for the dance music scene in America. Download this tune and stay jiggy wit' it.

Our Friend Babysteps aka trap sucio aka steal your girl, then leave her cause he was bored. Yeah that dude. He has been pushing the moombah music for a minute and he continues to bring that next level sounds. Heavy kick, a harder synth, and not to mention the samples. This track is fiya.


Thursday, August 23, 2012



Looking for the perfect jams to get you hyped for your exciting journeys? Well Mr. Cornett has them. All the way from Kentucky, he has brought the sound that literally makes your body feel complete epicness. So hold on, Amtrac’s epic sounds will take you on one of the greatest dreamy electronic journeys of a lifetime.






There are at least 99 reasons why funky music should stick around. Julian Gamble knows them all, probably even more. This is why he creates funky music with his neck jerking beats. I’m sure he has 99 other ways to make you move other than just jerking your neck. Hope to hear more from him as he develops many more ways to build his own unique funky sound.

Alabama Smooth by Ninetynine

Sweet Touch by Ninetynine


Everyone has an ideal wife in mind, but futurewife is a whole other kind of wife. He is no housewife in your kitchen, but he sure can cook up some mad sexy beats. Feed your appetite with his homemade Hip-Hop influenced beats. Then you will say you are full & satisfied.

Blawan - Getting Me Down (Futurewife's Extended Deaddisco Mix) by Futurewife

Futurewife - Touch and Gold by Futurewife

05 Futurewife - Springer Spaniel (Stereocool's 'Okay' Remix) by Futurewife

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kill The Noise x Datsik - Lightspeed // Justice - Canon (Tiga Remix)

Apparently Electro isn't dead yet. Kill The Noise and Datsik have teamed up to flex their Electro skills all while adding their Dubstep grime. The build up on this jam is HUGE and the bangin drop is totally worth it. What more should we expect. We are only talking about two of the biggest names in the production game at the moment. I know these two will be teaming up even more in the future and we can't wait!

So far it seems I like alot of these remixes Ed Banger is putting out for the new Justice album. I almost like the remixes more then the original album. Tiga is the latest to add to the great remixes. Also gotta love the Rick Rubin remix, both have solid vale and deserve some play. Run it!

Mike Woodward

Monday, February 27, 2012

Usher - Climax (Prod. By Diplo) + Vaski Remix!

As Diplo's beats progress, the Hip-Hop and R&B community get more and more hungry for it! Usher is the latest to work with Diplo and they have created an amazing hit! Diplo at the moment is on fire with multiple releases that are all blowing up at once. It's huge for the man who has really changed the music scene forever. As his underground music got more popular, the main stream realized that their beats were lacking that new sound that only Diplo could provide. Great part is, Diplo stayed on track, not letting the money game or the fame change his style much. Music needed a well rounded gentleman who came with a worldly-ness and an open mind to art and world music to provide. Thank god it was Diplo. Keep coming strong my friend.

Mike Woodward

Friday, April 15, 2011

SebastiAn - Embody (DJ Premier 95bpm Break Remix)

A few weeks ago I posted the highly anticipated new single from SebastiAn, with a remix by Kavinsky, long story short is there were only snippets of the track I'm about to share with you, I won't waste anymore of your time straining your eyeball's reading about a world class Producer you should already know about, if you don't, you deserve your rock!!!!

Behold DJ Premier's 95BPM break Remix of SebastiAn's Embody

SebastiAn - Embody (DJ Premier 95 Break Remix)


Sunday, January 23, 2011

ŤЭKSŤ // Levphonic ..... New Music :]

Sunday funday.. hip hop style. A little bit of feel good music for all of you to kick back and relax to on this beautiful Sunday afternoon :] ŤЭKSŤ is a musical genius when comes to producing sick ass hip hop tracks. Talk about San Francisco's FINEST! Each song has a smooth flow that is perfect for any mood. His unique style will capture your attention and have you yearning for more. I can bet you that you won't be able to just listen to one song. I'm pretty much addicted myself. Get ready to bookmark his SoundCloud...

Contact by ŤЭKSŤ

Mines by ŤЭKSŤ

First Choice by ŤЭKSŤ

I know I know. You're probably thinking that it can't get any better than the aforementioned... but it does! Levphonic, from California and signed to Velvet Music Group, has an amazing style that can't be ignored. Its chillout music to the max, in the best way possible. His songs create the perfect vibe and even though they're slow paced, each one has an undeniable positive flow that is unstoppable. You'll be feelin on point in no time. Mike Davis (Levphonic) is beyond talented... Show him some love and hit up his SoundCloud or Facebook. FOLLOW. FOLLOW. FOLLOW. You won't be disappointed.

At Night (Levphonic's Starshine Mix) by Levphonic

Heavenly Bodies by Levphonic

Red Dawn by Levphonic

Have a great day everyone!!!! Each one of these tracks will only add to your already positive vibes, guaranteed...

Alexandra :]

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Evol Intent EP // Afrojack & Diplo Team Up With Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown

American Producers Evol Intent have been owning the Drum n Bass scene for over 10 years and will be coming out with a HUGE new Dubstep release Jan 25th! They have always had a bit of a darker sound to them then most of the stuff we review but their production is always pro, on-point and ultra crispy! I think you'll all agree. I'm totally diggin how they mash in Westcoast Gangsta Hip Hop into their joints. Peep it! Release date: 01/24/2011

Evol Intent Paradize City / Reality Check EI015 by stholdings

I still love some of their older stuff and I thought I should share. They did a really well rounded Drum N Bass // IDM Album back in 2008. Buy it HERE! Check it out and be sure to support these guys! They will be touring and owning a town near you. Add them on Facebook here.

Evol Intent - Maybe We'll Dance Tomorrow

Evol intent - 5:30pm

Evol Intent - I'm Happy Your Grave Is Next To Mine

You know we always have to keep you all posted when it comes to new production and music from one of our personal favorites DIPLO! This time he has teamed up with Afrojack who has just knocked out that huge Black Eye Peas tune "Dirty Bit." (Posted Here) What could possibly be better then a Diplo // Afrojack tune, let's see here. How about adding Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes and Chris Brown on the TRACK! BOOM! Peep this new hot shit out! Its about to own radio waves WORLDWIDE!

"I don't see how you can even hate from our side of the club... You can't even get in..."

Look At Me Now (Produced By Afrojack & Diplo) by diplomaddecent

Busta Rhymes totally busts the hardest rap I've heard in the last 2 years! Fuck yea BUSTA! Own these KIDS! One of the best rappers of all fucken time! TO DOPE!

Mike Woodward

Monday, November 15, 2010

Download Girl Talk's New Album "All Day" Free

My ladyboner's favorite mashup dj Gregg Gillis aka Girl Talk released his fifth full length album, titled All Day this morning for free! Grab it here!

It's been two years since Feed the Animals came out, so I'm stoked to experience GG's new seizure-making beats once I get to download All Day, 'cause right now the site is currently going cray as expected so it may take you awhile to get your hands on it!

Reliable link below! We are hosting this amazing album!

Download Girl Talk - All Day
right-click and save file


1. Oh No (05:39)
2. Let It Out (06:29)
3. That's Right (05:23)
4. Jump on Stage (06:22)
5. This Is the Remix (06:02)
6. On and On (05:09)
7. Get It Get It (05:33)
8. Down for the Count (06:38)
9. Make Me Wanna (06:23)
10. Steady Shock (05:48)
11. Triple Double (06:28)
12. Every Day (05:11)

-Marie aka Agent Lover

Friday, September 24, 2010

Featured UK Artist - Skream

After making some huge waves with his remix of La Roux "In for the Kill," Skream has been hard at work. His second full album was released not too long ago on Aug. 9th via Tempa Records and once again Skream comes correct, this time with more than just wobbles. In his new album keenly named Outside the Box, Skream literally does just that. From collaborations with L.A.-based rapper MURS to a new jam with La Roux you know you can't pass up a good listen to this album. It works 8-Bit, Dubstep, and straight up experimental styles. It is obvious Skream is willing to push the boundaries of the Dubstep style to see what magic he can mix together. I find most of the tracks are very chill and not as hard as most Dubstep albums I've heard in the last 2-3 years. This has to be one of my favorite albums this year. Definitely one to bob your head to till the end of 2010. If you're in the Los Angeles area or even near CA you should try to make it out to Nocturnal Festival to see Skream perform this weekend. You don't want to miss out on this one.

Check out this badass video for 1st single off Outside the Box /////

Listenin' To the Records On My Wall

Artist: Skream
Track: Listenin' To The Records On My Wall
Label: Tempa
Commissioner: Bart Yates & Sarah Lockhart

Director: David Wilson
Producer: Georgina Filmore
Executive Producer: Bart Yates
Production Manager: Tom Berendsen
Production Company: Blinkink

One of my favorite tracks on this album is "Where You Should Be" featuring Sam Frank. It looks like we may be seeing a lot more of Skream teaming up with vocalist Sam Frank very soon...

Skream ft Sam Frank - Under The City Lights (TEASER) by SKREAMIZM

Where You Should Be Ft. Sam Frank

And that hot joint with MURS!

8 Bit Baby ft. Murs

Pick up this killer new album on itunes here. You'll thank us later. Be sure to give Skream some love on his Facebook Page and check out our last Skream post on TILTmag here.

Mike Woodward