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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


If your not familiar with Jersey Club music by now you must have been hiding under a rock. The sound has stole our hearts here at TILTmag. We love how diverse and fun the sound is. Plus it's a great escape from the average boring EDM these days. The Brick Bandits keep it original while mixing their own street sounds with House & Baltimore. Creating their own sound JERSEY CLUB!   We are really excited to announce that our friends at THUMP have recently released a documentary series unavailing the origins to this infectious sound and style. We love how it's all evolving.

Featured Music:

"Sexy Walk 2K12" - DJ Lilman 

(Not available on Soundcloud)

"The Business Break Beat" - DJ Tameil 
 (Not available on Soundcloud)

"Booty Work Instrumental" - Kayy Drizz 

(Not available on Soundcloud)

Bonus handpicked songs selected by Mike Woodward

Mike Woodward

Saturday, December 13, 2014

DOUBLE CROSS at The Lash Moving Castle Takeover W/ Manila Killa, AOBeats, Hunt For The Breeze, Robokid

Exactly a year ago, Brownies and Lemonade started an experiment at The LASH called Double Cross. They brought together the most cutting edge producers and DJs to create a nonstop dance party in an intimate environment. Fast forward to several LA debuts, the addition of a 2nd room of music, and consistent over capacity nights, we think the experiment is working.

Tonight,  Moving Castle will takeover the Double Cross, marking the trendsetting online collective's west coast debut.

Featuring performances by:
Manila Killa (Moving Castle/Washington DC)
AO Beats (Moving Castle/Boston)
Hunt For The Breeze (Moving Castle/Washington DC)
Robokid (Moving Castle/Boston)
Yung Wall St (Moving Castle/Austin) JUST ADDED!

In addition to the main event, they also have some of our favorite buds supplying hits in the front room. Goj!ra and Fernetwill be dishing out some rump-shaking tunes. And B&L dance purveyor, COVNTRY CLVB, will also be dropping a hot birthday set!

Visuals courtesy of VoidFoxKitty

Entry is FREE with RSVP till11pm! Space is limited. 21+.

Event starts at 9pm. Due to tremendous RSVP response, please arrive before10:30pm to guarantee entry. ARRIVE EARLY. LINES WILL BE DOWN THE BLOCK, LATE.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Trippy Turtle - FoFo + Bonus Lido Mix

One of our favorite producers of 2014 is back! Trippy Turtle is here to stay! Flexing how hard that Turtle shell of his really is he goes hard in this Jersey Club home run! Sampling "I'm in love with the Coco" and putting his own twist on it sprinkling in Drake Samples, all teamed up with a hard hitting bass. This is bound to be an instant classic in the tortoise world, and hopefully in your world. Can't wait to hear this jam at the club for sure! We'll keep you posted when it's available for download! 

I still have this Lido mix on REPEAT! 
If you have not played this out. YOU SHOULD!
You will thank me later! Pretty Trippy...

Mike Woodward

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Flight Facilities - Two Bodies feat. Emma Louise (Lido Remix)

Lido <3. The Norwegian future bass God has gifted us all with his latest mix of Flight Facilities single “Two Bodies.” Incorporating Emma Louise’s original vocals, Lido’s down tempo rendition has sexual vibes oozing out of every beat. Notoriously known for his high energy Jersey Club sound, this track was a major departure for the uber-talented producer. Soothing piano chords under angelic vocals accompanied by subtle Jersey elements creates a feel good track guaranteed to have you hitting the repeat button. Out on Future Classics today, stream the track below, enjoy!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Shifty Rhythms: Vol. II

Shifty Rhythms have released their follow up compilation with even more tracks and new addition to the roster. There is a lot going on and at times feels overwhelming, but there are a few gems in the mix.

We even see appearances by Mad Decent's ETC!ETC! with a track titled "Payola" and its a fresh tune. A good showcase that ETC!ETC! still has that raw talent that got him so much praise.

 Hex Cougar delivers his signature style and Quinn Kyle as well recreates that signature Bass heavy vocals we have come to get down with.

A major standout is the Kiff remix and his relations with the Shifty Crew is something to note. Keep an eye out on Kiff, but also make note of his collaborations and possible exchange of influences with this team.

One of the my favorite tracks is the Phantogram -Fall in Love (Planet Rock Remixes) This is hipster girl banger that is a well organized remix that doesnt diminish from the original, but adds a dancier vibe. Great Compilation



Thursday, September 18, 2014


The poster child of happy aquatic music and Jersey Club member DOLPHIN TEARS shares track "Drank" from his forthcoming EP. 

Sampling T-Pain's "Buy You a Drank" and Kendrick Lamar's "Swimming Pool", Dolphin Tears gets things poppin' with his genre-breaking club banger. No one can see you cry underwater, nothing but tears of joy with this dope little number. 
Listen below.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dougie F & DJ Fire ft. Jasmine – Back Up On It

Superstar Mad Decent team Dougie F & DJ Fire join forces to bring you the best that Jersey Club has to offer. Both New Jersey natives bask in the glory of their newfound spotlight as kings of the Jersey Club scene with new hit "Back Up On It" featuring Jasmine. 

The pair has gone viral via social media and successfully produced a synchronized sound of hip-hop and dance music, refined rhythm with a booty-to-floor bass. "Back Up On It" is reminiscent on past club bangers we take comfort in, yet isn't afraid to venture into risky territory. Listen below.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Zhu - Faded (Vices & Jailo Remix)

Jersey Club duo Vices collaborate with Netherlands homie Jailo dropping fresh remix of Zhu’s “Faded”. The boys remain faithful to the original tune and keep Zhu’s vocals as a primary asset. 

The jaw-dropping revised version plays up electronic key-tar synths and a booty-popping Jersey Club style breakdown. Listen below.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Athletixx - All-Stars Mixtape Vol. 1 feat. Falcons // Hoodboi // Promnite // Kittens

01) Rico Love - They Don't Know (Hoodboi, Falcons & Kittens Remix)
02) Tory Lanez - Crew (Hoodboi & Falcons Remix)
03) Athletixx All-Stars - Activate Anthem
04) Kittens - Back It Up
05) Falcons - DDB
06) ??? - Drink (Edit)
07) Falcons - Jomanda (DJ Tool)
08) Chris Brown - Loyal (Hoodboi Remix)
09) Patrick Brian - Goldcard
10) Falcons - MyPussy (Skream's Chords Edition)
11) MachineDrum - Back Seat Hoe (Hoodboi Remix)
12) Promnite x Patrick Brian - Varsity Dub
13) Sugar Shane - Kill The Bitch (Promnite Remix)
14) Tink ft. Jermemih - Don't Tell Nobody (Falcons remix)
15) Drake - All Me (Hoodboi Edit)
16) Hoodboi - Ready Freddy
17) Falcons x Promnite - Riddim 1
18) Promnite - Hot Like Way
19) Promnite - Waddup Riddim
20) Promnite - Make That Go
21) Falcons - Gossip Riddim
Artwork by Mark Bulford


Westcoast STAND UP! Peep the debut Athletixx mixtape it just dropped, featuring all new unreleased material from Falcons, Hoodboi, Promnite, and KITTENS. All we have to say is this mix is straight FIRE! We were expecting the goods, but damn, this might just be our favorite mixtape of the year! This one is on repeat and you gotta hit the gym with these beats!

Big ups to Athletixx coming correct and really representing the West proper. This is the future of Westcoat Music, stay tuned, Athletixx is just getting warmed up before the big game.

If peeps like Brenmar, A-Trak, and Kastle are supporting you know this group is going to be doing some big things. Their sound is just so damn infectious!

If you're into intricate beats, big bass, crispy highs, Jersey Club, jiggy feels, and 90s Hip Hop this mixtape is right up your alley. Get the FREE DOWNLOAD HERE and be sure to give Athletixx some love on their Social Media links below.

Mike Woodward

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Just last month producer STVY RVRE made his big debut with Complex’s Do Androids Dance where he was quoted saying, "Since I am from Cali – the beach – and feel I’ve done a different take on 'Jersey Club', I’ve decided to call this all 'Pacific Club’… I’m a veteran DJ of 15 years and a Synth Programer/Producer for 12+ years, and I even used to be a battle DJ back in the day. ’99-'02.”

Now, STVY RVRE has released a new song on the independent label and collective, STHWST. With "B4 I LET U GO", STVY RVRE has been able to express his love for the 90s by putting a Jersey/Future Bounce spin on an old SoCal throwback, an R&B classic and favorite that he refuses to disclose. Guess you gotta stay rare... Be prepared to go experience a smoothed out journey. This song is definitely intended to get the dance floors wet. ;)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rooftops Horizon's Compilation Vol. 1

Rooftops Horizon is a Paris based independent electronic music label. Drawing its inspiration between space and time, this label is focusing on finding potent production styles and helping promote upcoming talent that deserves more recognition. For Vol. 1 of their new compilation series, this promising indie label dropped five unreleased originals by JL, Salute, Rusty Hook, Renz and Romby -- an abstract combination of sounds that blend together beautifully to create a really well put together compilation. This project is the perfect introduction for fans of a creative concoction of Future Bass, Jersey Club, R&Bass and more. Get familiar with Rooftops Horizon because this year will be a huge one for the upcoming French label.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tory Lanez - R.I.D.E. (Falcons Remix)

This is "1 more 4 tha whip ... or the sheets," according to Los Angeles producer Falcons. 

Falcons adds some sex and some Jersey to Tory Lanez's "R.I.D.E", a rework of Ginuwine's classic bedroom anthem, "Pony". Currently on tour with Hoodboi, Falcons is known for pushing the boundaries of conventional r&b, rap, and electronic music, and this new remix showcases his ability to think outside the confines of genres very well.

So crank up the AC before playing this track because it's a hot one...

Free download: Tory Lanez - R.I.D.E. (Falcons Remix)

Falcons: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

QUE - Too Much ft. Lizzle & Trey Songz (Big O's Cartel Remix)

Cartel Music and Jersey's young star DJ Big O is back with a massive Jersey Club remix of QUE's Lizzie and Trey Songz-assisted "Too Much." Big O turns this one into a straight booty shaker. Previously featured on Brenmar's 'High End Times Vol. 1 (The Remixes)', Big O's debut EP drops later this year on DJ Sliink's Cartel Music Group. For now, turn your speakers up and get this one jumping.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


More Jersey Club, you ask? YES. What the fuck? Is that even a question? We are really fucking with this shit.

Meet THE KLASIX from Newark, New Jersey. Some new favorites of ours here. These guys are holding it down and are true OGs in this movement. Anyway -- I know no one really likes talk so it's time to turn your speakers up.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Moxie Raia - Buffalo Bill (Louis The Child Remix)

Oh shit. Louis The Child takes a dip into the Jersey Club pool and I think they nailed it. Check out their remix of Moxie Raia's "Buffalo Bill" and, if you haven't heard the original, listen to that too.

Friday, June 13, 2014


As a result of Jersey Club going global, producers from outside of New Jersey, such as Trippy Turtle (aka Lido from Oslo, Norway), have put their own unique spin on the Garden State sound, leaving us with a wide repertoire of sounds within this distinct genre.

I've never heard "Pacific Club" before, but after hearing these two new tracks from STVY RVRE, something just clicked.
"This is my take, a California take on Jersey Club. Some might call it Pacific Club".  
So Jersey Club + California vibes = Pacific Club... I'm down with that.

California native STVY RVRE is an OG LA DJ of 15 years who used to be a battle DJ back in 1999. So the old school vibe in his sound and these two tracks is authentic AF. This first track DVNCE WITH ME is a fun R&B track with some old school vibes and some nice Jersey Club bounce to it.

STVY RVRE's beachy tropical twist on Jersey Club is just in time for summer. It's fun and light, but I also love that it's ambient as well, which ties well to California's laidback attitude. STVY RVRE's second track, LUV FVCESS, captures the soothing and calming elements of Pacific Club and what life feels like by the ocean.

Download DVNCE WITH ME for free
Download LUV FVCESS for free

STVY RVRE: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Friday, May 23, 2014

FREE FRIDAY: Both DJ Unwind & Trippy Turtle's ENTIRE discoveries for free

Happy Friday and T.G.I.F [Thank God It's FREE]. Today DJ Unwind is offering his entire discography for FREE! 

For a limited time only (today till Sunday), you can download DJ Unwind's three albums via his Bandcamp page for free.
The Minneapolis Producer known for his uberly-chill tones of sampled and live production says:
There is no catch, and no signups involved. I want everyone to have some good Summer tunes for their playlists, because I love you, and it's my way of saying "thank you" for the support and acknowledgements

 DJ Unwind: Bandcamp | Facebook | Website

And in honor of National Turtle Day, Trippy Turtle is also offering download links for all of his music for free via his SoundCloud page... Jackpot!


Trippy Turtle: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Artist Spotlight: DJ Rell

Jersey Club is like the sexy, shy cousin of Trap music. Some of my personal favorite Jersey Club producers include DJ Rell, Trippy Turtle, Drippy Dolphin, DJ Tray, Cashmere Cat, DJ Sliink, DJ Hoodboi, and Ryan Hemsworth. Like many of his Jersey Club contemporaries, DJ Rell is influenced by club, bass, trap, hip hop, and R&B. The Newark native is also apart of Brick Bandits Entertainment, so you know he's legit.

DJ Rell excels in his ability to chop and loop vocal samples into a catchy rhythm that will make you bounce along. His remix of ScHoolBoy Q's "Man of the Year" is a great example of his wit and attention to detail. I don't want to spoil it, but the chopping and looping of this sample is pretty clever and reason enough to check this track out.

Hint: "Bounce on a .... !"

Rice Rain is a favorite off of Cashmere Cat's Wedding Bells EP. The original has a very relaxed vibe with a rain drop sample that is very fluid throughout the track (pun intended). I love how DJ Rell picks up the beat in his remix and adds more bounce to make this track a lot more fun.

If you're not already hooked on DJ Rell by now, here are three more tracks that should do you in for good:

Bonus- Trippy Turtle dropped his new mix of "Na Na" on SoundCloud this morning. It features vocal samples from the Trey Songz track and all I can say is wow... Trippy Turtle knows just how to chop and loop those vocals. So on point.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Yung Lean - Motorola (Knite Watch x Coral Castle Remix)

If your into Future Bass, N64, Arizona Ice Tea, Seapunk and/or Jersey Club / Bass Music, this Yung Lean remix is right up your ally. 

Who is Knite Watch and the Coral Castle, you ask? It is a friendship that came about before the time of Pyramids and Pharaohs. A time when Atlantis was flourishing and when the Sea Gods were pleased. Knite Watch, the guardian that he was, kept a strong eye on his home, The City of Atlantis. He felt that its demise would soon come due to the earth and seas quaking, for he had dreamt it many times. 

One day, as he was traveling home to Atlantis from the Palm Jungle abroad, he came upon nothing but a sunken city. He quickly realized that the city had disappeared into the sea, just as he had dreamed. As a Sadboy, he returned to the Palm Jungle making it his new home. Many years full of earthquakes went by as he dreamt of times past. A time when gold lined the streets and marble pillars and statues were raised high. 

He decided to go back to pay homage to his lost underwater home. As he came upon his forgotten sunken city, he discovered that by the will of the Gods, a castle stood above the water. The castle, covered in coral, vines and brush, was disguised as an island. He found that his old home of Atlantis was no longer lost. The inside of the castle was pristine with marble walls, statues and golden floors. As he adapted to his life in the new found Coral Castle, he discovered that this was not just any castle, this mysterious Coral Castle was alive...

This is the story of how Knite Watch and the Coral Castle begins...

The TILTmag Team

Featured Artist Cashmere Cat aka Trippy Turtle aka.... // Cashmere Cat in L.A. @ ECHOPLEX

The MAN, the MYSTERY the LEGEND. Cashmere Cat has taken the U.S. by storm and us stateside fam only want more! Lucky for us it looks like we are in for a long run of amazing tracks and side projects from our furry friend. It all started when DJ Final of Norway started slaying the decks in 2008 at the DMC competitions. From there he started doing remixes for Treasure Fingers and even did a remix for Douze released on DiscoTexas as recent as 2011. See below.


DJ Final had a distinct sound and really was flexin so many different styles. We are glad he has settled down with Cashmere Cat and nailed his own sound that really no one can duplicate. A production style with live piano, unique harsh and sometimes smooth synths, vocal chops, huge bass hits, great percussion, all teamed up with this eerie Norway Winter vibe it all comes together so damn beautifully. 

With his Trippy Turtle and other alias's he is able to branch out more of his styles and gets a bit more on the Jersey Club side of things. I think him and Hoodboi are straight up the Jersey Club Kings. Slaying every song they do. Talk about a Midas Touch! Brining a mad hype and much booty shakin on the dancefloor that needs to go down after this EDM fall out. Bringing back the  FoFoFadi with catchy chops, RnB vocals and soft synths to make any music lover to fall in love. Makin bootys poppin world wide. It's all about taking that old school vibe and updating for the kids who missed the experience the first time around. Creating and updating RnB with Slow Jersey/Jersey Club in a proper fashion.

Here are a few of our favs.



We'll see you all there!
Mixtape BONUS!!

I have a feeling Cashmere has many alias's he will be unleashing on us soon. We can only imagine where he's going to take us on this journey. All I know is we are in for some amazing sounds and some music that will all keep us bouncin.

Mike Woodward