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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

AkiraAkira - Shank

AkiraAkira finally makes his public debut with the undeniably heavy track "Shank" for FREE DOWNLOAD! AkiraAkira is an 18 year old producer residing in Los Angeles, CA and has a very interesting spin on club music. Taking a very up front approach to his public presence to start things off shows he means business and  has us watching carefully. Fusing aspects of Vogue, Jersey Club, and bass heavy wobbles creates a refreshing vibe that keeps you begging for more! 

This is AkiraAkira's first public track; be sure to follow him on Soundcloud to keep up with his music! We expect huge things from him and this definitely will not be the last time you hear his name!

Isaac Treece

Friday, October 3, 2014

DMX Performance @ Fox Theater Pomona in Los Angeles

Have you heard?
November 29th, Hip Hop legend DMX will be performing in the greater Los Angeles area at the Fox Theater Pomona.  All throughout October, DMX will be headlining a tour among the likes of Rakim, Kool Moe Dee, EPMD, Ja Rule and many more top-shelf artists. Tour city locations include  Buffalo, Baltimore, Atlanta, Brooklyn and Richmond. Get ready, DMX is coming your way!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Stussy x Soulection Compilation

Presenting the compilation inspired by collaboration of "the sound of tomorrow" LA record label & platform Soulection and timeless brand, Stussy. Get your hands on some of the finest selection of progressive music with a versatile approach. The compilation executively produced by Joe Kay features a number of artists of a considerable range. 

From a wide spectrum of reggae to soul to hip-hop dreamscapes, intended to be a suitable sound for your palette. To celebrate their partnership with the iconic brand includes a 'Soulection Tribe' shirt designed by Stussy as well as their physical in-store event and after party at the Sound Of Tomorrow Los Angeles monthly at the Echoplex. 
Listen below.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

BLEITCH - This Is Our Youth

Immediately fell in love with BLEITCH upon hearing their dreamy "This Is Our Youth" debut single. They're a boy and girl duo coming out of Los Angeles making sweet electronic pop tunes, and yeah, I'm in love with them... Did I say that already?

Anyway -- "This Is Our Youth" is a must-hear. Also, any fans of the True Blood series on HBO will be stoked to know that this song will be heard in the upcoming season. Go ahead and listen now.

The lyrics are also being offered...

Fuck the world, it's just us now
We'll breath it in, we'll live on somehow
Take a hit, it's time to dip out
Patience ain't a virtue i count

Who cares what we gotta do, you know this is our youth

Fuck the world it's just us now 
No mom, no dad, we're up in the clouds
Take a drink it's time to think how
You're the only virtue i count

Who cares what we gotta do, you know this is our youth

(Who cares what we gotta do, you know this is our youth)
(This is our moment of truth, you know this is our youth)

Fuck the world, it's just us now
We'll breath it in, we'll live on somehow
Take a hit, it's time to dip out
Patience ain't a virtue i count
Fuck the world it's just us now 
No mom, no dad, we're up in the clouds
Take a drink it's time to think how
You're the only virtue I count

Who cares what we gotta do, you know this is our youth

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tory Lanez - R.I.D.E. (Falcons Remix)

This is "1 more 4 tha whip ... or the sheets," according to Los Angeles producer Falcons. 

Falcons adds some sex and some Jersey to Tory Lanez's "R.I.D.E", a rework of Ginuwine's classic bedroom anthem, "Pony". Currently on tour with Hoodboi, Falcons is known for pushing the boundaries of conventional r&b, rap, and electronic music, and this new remix showcases his ability to think outside the confines of genres very well.

So crank up the AC before playing this track because it's a hot one...

Free download: Tory Lanez - R.I.D.E. (Falcons Remix)

Falcons: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Monday, June 23, 2014

Victorious Supreme - Fire Lion

Just got introduced to the music of Victorious Supreme who's out here in LA but comes from Brooklyn. You can hear his city in his flow, I swear. This dude's legit, just coming out. Check out a couple of his latest, "Fire Lion" for sure, and "Galactic Soul" if you dig that. I think we'll be hearing more from Victorious soon if he keeps dropping heat like this.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DLRN's 'Neon Noir' Album + LA Release Party

DLRN is proud to present the release of their new album, 'Neon Noir', on Waaga Records. On this EP, the Sacramento-based duo explores the concept of the post-nightlife. The album is available on limited-edition cassette tape, with bonus content, as well as for download from iTunes and all major online retailers.

On Saturday, June 6th, DLRN will be hosting a day party at the Vestax to the Core Showroom in Los Angeles to celebrate the release of the album. The free, all ages event will feature performances by the duo as well as DJs spinning throughout the day.

DLRN is emcee Sean LaMarr and producer Jon Reyes.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I have had the odd privilege to have followed Goldroom’s career from a very early stage. From DJ sets performed for ignorantly belligerent bar crowds to an evolved four-piece band smashed onto local dive stages, Goldroom’s climb to the indie dance throne has been one paved with ups and downs. Coming full circle, this past Saturday was most assuredly a home town highlight as the Goldroom crew performed for a sold out crowd of diehard Los Angelinos at the El Rey Theatre.

Channeling a shoreside vibe unique to Goldroom, a crowd of sun worshipping scenesters filed into the old El Rey theatre this past Saturday. Palpable excitement cut with a local familiarity was felt as smiling faces negotiated their way through a carefree crowd. As beers and drinks (aptly named ‘Sweetness Alive’ for the night) were passed overhead, fans vied for an unimpeded view of their hometown hero.

Serious fan gratitude carried on throughout the entire performance. It was hard to be mad at your crowd neighbour for singing the lyrics to ’Sweetness Alive‘ completely off-tune when the general vibe allowed for such hedonistic appreciation.

Chela, another vocal secret in her own right, joined Goldroom for this special tour partnership to do energetic justice to multiple originals and covers. Near the show’s beginning she crooned the opening lyrics to the recently remixed ‘Don’t Wanna Dance‘ by Danish songstress  while Josh Legg, Goldroom himself, took to the keyboards to lay on his iconic chord progressions and raise energy levels.

Critical mass was reached after Legg introduced long time collaborator Mereki to join Chela on stage for an impassioned version of crowd favourite, ‘Only You Can Show Me‘. The two vocalists rallied with one another to create a chemistry rarely felt in modern performances. Legg was all smiles as he covertly snapped a crowd photo of his devotees.

After introducing a new track, the night rounded out with heartfelt renditions of ‘Fifteen‘, ‘Embrace‘ and a fittingly chosen concluding track ‘Angeles‘ to pay tribute to Goldroom’s Los Angeles birthright and the fans who have nurtured his career from the beginning. Hands and phones in the air, bright eyes and – dare I use the pun – ‘embraces’ all around, it felt like a surreal scene ripped from the conclusion of a critically-acclaimed movie. There was no fist pumping, there was no grinding, it was just a collective groove set to feel-good melodies.

**I have the privilege to write for both Harder Blogger Faster and Tiltmag and felt that this review needed to be shared with a larger California and U.S. audience. Massive respect to both blogs, I hope you enjoy the review!

- SK

Club Soda - At It For Hours

"At It For Hours" is the third release from Club Soda and this is certainly the heaviest offering thus far from the LA-based duo. "At It For Hours" has a little Cashmere Cat, a little Flume, and a little jazz. It is a self-described by the guys as a "sex jam" of the first order. The pairing of festival-sized synths with elegant piano solos somehow works perfectly. As any sexy song should, it culminates in a massive build leading to the moment of truth (yahtzee!). Club Soda may be newcomers to the scene, but with tracks like this and the roll they've been on, I definitely can say they will be around for a while. Turn up your speakers and get down!

Friday, May 9, 2014

TILT Premiere: DJ Stawski - Girlfriend's Selfie

DJ Stawski is a fresh face to us here at TILT. Born in Chicago, raised in Germany, and currently residing right here in Los Angeles, the man's been making some very cool dance tunes over the course of a year. What we've got here today is this super fun electro house bootleg in which he fuses together two stunning vocals by Icona Pop and The Chainsmokers with the energetic beat of "Dechorro" by Deorro. This upbeat track will definitely please dance floors, but it's also a fun fit for a car ride. Turn it up loud and enjoy!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

TILT Premiere: Club Soda - Sometimes

Club Soda is the inevitable result of DJ Maple Syrup and Robot Eating Dragon making music together. When you throw a veteran club DJ and a classically trained pianist who is obsessed with analog synthesizers in the studio together, you're bound to get some dope frothy music. The two reside right here in Los Angeles. 

Today they let us sexy humans here at TILT get the first listen to their debut "Sometimes". It's perfect for us too, it's like disco house but cooler and clubbier. Sounds right, doesn't it? Also has some killer vocals. Yup. Go ahead and turn those speakers up and enjoy "Sometimes" by our friends at Club Soda.

Monday, April 14, 2014

TILT Spotlight: Elizabeth Rose

Having been dubbed "Next Big Thing" at the SMAC Radio Awards and seeing her self-titled EP reach #1 on iTunes' Electronic Chart in her native Australia, Elizabeth Rose is setting out to spread her music to the rest of the world and today she announced a North American and European tour. Kicking off April 28th right here in Los Angeles at School Night, Elizabeth's 11-date tour includes shows in New York, Toronto, London & Berlin.

Elizabeth Rose is known to have an impressive list of collaborations, including tracks with UK producer Sinden and breakthrough duo Flight Facilities. She produces electronic pop songs that are at once bright and moody, layering catchy melodies against shimmering synths and pulsing beats. 

After sharing the official video for her hit single "Sensibility" back in February, Elizabeth Rose reveals the TOKiMONSTA remix today. TOKi's remix gives the song a lo-fi bass flavor that still showcases Elizabeth's gorgeous vocals. Check that and the video below if you missed it.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

DON'T MISS: Beyonce - Drunk In Love (Danger Ultra Remix)

Alright, alright. I know you're probably thinking, "God... Not another 'Drunk In Love' remix". Well, hold your ass up just one minute. You've definitely heard all the major takes from The Weeknd, Diplo and Kanye...but there's a few more-underground ones that you simply should not miss. Take this one from Danger Ultra who resides right here in Los Angeles. The remix is totally different that anything you've heard yet, I can guarantee it. Danger incorporates a fantastic grand piano and slowed-down feel to the monster hit. He definitely did his thing with this one. Turn it up below and let us know what you think!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DR. FRESCH - You're My Obsession (ft. Nate Dogg & Animotion)


Dr. Fresch, Los Angeles based DJ/Producer creates a fun mashup of  Obsession and Nate Dogg and Animotion.  If you dig Justice, you will dig this fun mashup.  It is super creative and bassy as hell.   A really groovin tune and Dr. Fresch definitely did not overdo the track because it simply is delicious.  Bringin back old school vibes and mashing them with the sound of today. It's always a good day when Nate Dogg is blastin on your speakers. Press play and make sure you get your free download. 

Rest in Peace Nate Dogg
You gave us a gift that we will never forget!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Blondie - Rapture (LUXXURY EDIT)

What can we say? Luxxury does it again with his massive new edit of Rapture by Blondie.  Luxxury has proven himself to be one of L.A.’s top-notch disco producers.  He remixes tastefully, nice and subtle changes.  Luxxury is somewhat of a chef when it comes to editing music.  This remix is so awesome, only released 12 hours ago and has already has been played numerous times.  He knows exactly what songs to tackle and he tackles them well.  Luxxury is sure a producer that you need to keep up with.  Follow him on soundcloud to get his latest tracks as he releases them on free download.  Enjoy this amazing track!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DON'T MISS: Diego Delgado - Vintage Articles of Loathing

Diego Delgado is a Sacramento rapper who sort of came out of nowhere with this 'Vintage Articles of Loathing' 2-track remix EP... As followers of TILT may know, I'm a huge fan of anything that's alternative in the sense that "this has never been done". Well, I'd consider it pretty alternative for an upcoming rapper to take the route Diego Delgado has, enlisting two fairly well-known producers to remix a couple of his tracks and just putting that out on its own. Fuck yeah. Why not?

On 'Vintage Articles of Loathing', we get two remixes from the likes of Los Angeles's own TOKiMONSTA... well as CocoRosie all the way from France... 

So fucking rad to hear an indie hip-hop release like this that's so directly in touch with these kinds of worldly producers, not to mention they're all ladies. Well fucking done, Diego...

Enjoy the release below!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

TILT Spotlight: Bobby Nourmand

Bobby Nourmand is only a newcomer in the sense of his productions. Dude has been DJing for the likes of Jay Z and Beyoncé and Robert DeNiro and Kanye West in New York for a hot minute now. Not even trying to hype him up. Mr. Nourmand really is that DJ that gets gigs like the Tribeca Film Festival Awards Party.

So yeah, we know he can throw down an awesome set, which makes it even cooler to introduce his tracks. Of all ways to go, Bobby Nourmand has chosen the route of deep house with his creations. And it's damn good. He's got three tracks up on his SoundCloud, two of which are free to take home with you. Peruse all three below, and be sure to follow our man on Twitter for updates.

Friday, December 20, 2013

James Dean Claitor - Open Book

Back in November we shared James Dean Claitor's "Invisible Man" which blew our minds with its funky instrumentation. Well, whether or not you remember that and enjoyed it, you're going to fall in love with his new one, "Open Book".

He says, "I wrote 'Open Book' one night long ago when the refrain 'I'm letting you know' kept running over and over in my mind. The whole song came out in an hour, both music and lyrics. I was in college at the time, so my buddy Phil D'Agostino transcribed the song on piano the next day, and we recorded it with Gene Garfin (backup singer for Andrew Gold) on vocals and Crista (from The Commodores) on keys. David Todt hand delivered the cassette tape to Jobete/Motown in Los Angeles. They liked it and suggested a polish. Well, I just took my time. Finally, a few months ago, I sent Paul Fauerso a copy of the original recording, and he said: 'I like it! So, how about a neo soul pop version -- like Mayer Hawthorne?' And there you have it: after literally 30 years, we have a great version of the song, 'Open Book'."

Enjoy the not-so-new new one from James Dean Claitor below.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Kill Paris - I Love You Lana Del Rey (Amika Akaya Remix)

Hands-down one of the most underrated producers in the game right now is Los Angeles' very own Amika Akaya who's literally had his head in his sound, just pumping out hit tune after tune. Really though, when I heard his most recent remix of Kill Paris' "I Love You Lana Del Rey", my first thought was not only "damn this shit slaps" but also "wow, this is really clean, crispy and pro". The man certainly has our attention and we're happy to be following him. Check out that Kill Paris mix I mentioned below and scope an original tune called "Killing Season" further down.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

[Show Alert] TILT Presents MNDR, Geisha Twins, Tropicool & Touchtone | Nov. 29 @ Los Globos

TILT is back and we're taking over the acclaimed Los Globos in Los Angeles. Summer is never really over in Southern California and to melt the autumn vibes away TILT is bringing a massive line-up with a live set from MNDR and support from Geisha Twins, Tropicool and TouchTone.

You may recognize MNDR for their most recent collaboration with RAC and Kele from Bloc Party - but this duo has been making waves in the electro-pop world and has opened for such acts as Yacht, Massive Attack and Shiny Toy Guns.

Supporting MNDR is San Diego's own funk house duo - Geisha Twins. The two gained notoriety after having their track featured on Treasure Fingers' own show and appearing alongside Thee Mike B on Scion AV's radio show. Also on the bill are Los Angeles favorites - Tropicool and TouchTone.



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