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Monday, April 14, 2014

TILT Spotlight: Elizabeth Rose

Having been dubbed "Next Big Thing" at the SMAC Radio Awards and seeing her self-titled EP reach #1 on iTunes' Electronic Chart in her native Australia, Elizabeth Rose is setting out to spread her music to the rest of the world and today she announced a North American and European tour. Kicking off April 28th right here in Los Angeles at School Night, Elizabeth's 11-date tour includes shows in New York, Toronto, London & Berlin.

Elizabeth Rose is known to have an impressive list of collaborations, including tracks with UK producer Sinden and breakthrough duo Flight Facilities. She produces electronic pop songs that are at once bright and moody, layering catchy melodies against shimmering synths and pulsing beats. 

After sharing the official video for her hit single "Sensibility" back in February, Elizabeth Rose reveals the TOKiMONSTA remix today. TOKi's remix gives the song a lo-fi bass flavor that still showcases Elizabeth's gorgeous vocals. Check that and the video below if you missed it.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

DON'T MISS: Beyonce - Drunk In Love (Danger Ultra Remix)

Alright, alright. I know you're probably thinking, "God... Not another 'Drunk In Love' remix". Well, hold your ass up just one minute. You've definitely heard all the major takes from The Weeknd, Diplo and Kanye...but there's a few more-underground ones that you simply should not miss. Take this one from Danger Ultra who resides right here in Los Angeles. The remix is totally different that anything you've heard yet, I can guarantee it. Danger incorporates a fantastic grand piano and slowed-down feel to the monster hit. He definitely did his thing with this one. Turn it up below and let us know what you think!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DR. FRESCH - You're My Obsession (ft. Nate Dogg & Animotion)


Dr. Fresch, Los Angeles based DJ/Producer creates a fun mashup of  Obsession and Nate Dogg and Animotion.  If you dig Justice, you will dig this fun mashup.  It is super creative and bassy as hell.   A really groovin tune and Dr. Fresch definitely did not overdo the track because it simply is delicious.  Bringin back old school vibes and mashing them with the sound of today. It's always a good day when Nate Dogg is blastin on your speakers. Press play and make sure you get your free download. 

Rest in Peace Nate Dogg
You gave us a gift that we will never forget!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Blondie - Rapture (LUXXURY EDIT)

What can we say? Luxxury does it again with his massive new edit of Rapture by Blondie.  Luxxury has proven himself to be one of L.A.’s top-notch disco producers.  He remixes tastefully, nice and subtle changes.  Luxxury is somewhat of a chef when it comes to editing music.  This remix is so awesome, only released 12 hours ago and has already has been played numerous times.  He knows exactly what songs to tackle and he tackles them well.  Luxxury is sure a producer that you need to keep up with.  Follow him on soundcloud to get his latest tracks as he releases them on free download.  Enjoy this amazing track!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DON'T MISS: Diego Delgado - Vintage Articles of Loathing

Diego Delgado is a Sacramento rapper who sort of came out of nowhere with this 'Vintage Articles of Loathing' 2-track remix EP... As followers of TILT may know, I'm a huge fan of anything that's alternative in the sense that "this has never been done". Well, I'd consider it pretty alternative for an upcoming rapper to take the route Diego Delgado has, enlisting two fairly well-known producers to remix a couple of his tracks and just putting that out on its own. Fuck yeah. Why not?

On 'Vintage Articles of Loathing', we get two remixes from the likes of Los Angeles's own TOKiMONSTA... well as CocoRosie all the way from France... 

So fucking rad to hear an indie hip-hop release like this that's so directly in touch with these kinds of worldly producers, not to mention they're all ladies. Well fucking done, Diego...

Enjoy the release below!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

TILT Spotlight: Bobby Nourmand

Bobby Nourmand is only a newcomer in the sense of his productions. Dude has been DJing for the likes of Jay Z and Beyoncé and Robert DeNiro and Kanye West in New York for a hot minute now. Not even trying to hype him up. Mr. Nourmand really is that DJ that gets gigs like the Tribeca Film Festival Awards Party.

So yeah, we know he can throw down an awesome set, which makes it even cooler to introduce his tracks. Of all ways to go, Bobby Nourmand has chosen the route of deep house with his creations. And it's damn good. He's got three tracks up on his SoundCloud, two of which are free to take home with you. Peruse all three below, and be sure to follow our man on Twitter for updates.

Friday, December 20, 2013

James Dean Claitor - Open Book

Back in November we shared James Dean Claitor's "Invisible Man" which blew our minds with its funky instrumentation. Well, whether or not you remember that and enjoyed it, you're going to fall in love with his new one, "Open Book".

He says, "I wrote 'Open Book' one night long ago when the refrain 'I'm letting you know' kept running over and over in my mind. The whole song came out in an hour, both music and lyrics. I was in college at the time, so my buddy Phil D'Agostino transcribed the song on piano the next day, and we recorded it with Gene Garfin (backup singer for Andrew Gold) on vocals and Crista (from The Commodores) on keys. David Todt hand delivered the cassette tape to Jobete/Motown in Los Angeles. They liked it and suggested a polish. Well, I just took my time. Finally, a few months ago, I sent Paul Fauerso a copy of the original recording, and he said: 'I like it! So, how about a neo soul pop version -- like Mayer Hawthorne?' And there you have it: after literally 30 years, we have a great version of the song, 'Open Book'."

Enjoy the not-so-new new one from James Dean Claitor below.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Kill Paris - I Love You Lana Del Rey (Amika Akaya Remix)

Hands-down one of the most underrated producers in the game right now is Los Angeles' very own Amika Akaya who's literally had his head in his sound, just pumping out hit tune after tune. Really though, when I heard his most recent remix of Kill Paris' "I Love You Lana Del Rey", my first thought was not only "damn this shit slaps" but also "wow, this is really clean, crispy and pro". The man certainly has our attention and we're happy to be following him. Check out that Kill Paris mix I mentioned below and scope an original tune called "Killing Season" further down.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

[Show Alert] TILT Presents MNDR, Geisha Twins, Tropicool & Touchtone | Nov. 29 @ Los Globos

TILT is back and we're taking over the acclaimed Los Globos in Los Angeles. Summer is never really over in Southern California and to melt the autumn vibes away TILT is bringing a massive line-up with a live set from MNDR and support from Geisha Twins, Tropicool and TouchTone.

You may recognize MNDR for their most recent collaboration with RAC and Kele from Bloc Party - but this duo has been making waves in the electro-pop world and has opened for such acts as Yacht, Massive Attack and Shiny Toy Guns.

Supporting MNDR is San Diego's own funk house duo - Geisha Twins. The two gained notoriety after having their track featured on Treasure Fingers' own show and appearing alongside Thee Mike B on Scion AV's radio show. Also on the bill are Los Angeles favorites - Tropicool and TouchTone.



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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dance Tracks & Mixes for Halloween Season 2013

I hope you guys have your Halloween plans and costumes all sorted out. I'll be the dude at the free Kaytranada show in San Francisco this Friday rocking some zombie makeup if you're trying to say what's up.

Anyway, wanted to drop off some good dance tracks and mixes for the 2013 Halloween season. Below you'll find some cool gems with cuts and sets from 2ToneDisco, Sharkoffs, the Limitless Musik crew, RL Grime, TABS, Brazzabelle, Diplo, and more. Enjoy, and be safe out there.

Click here for tickets to Kaytranada tomorrow in Los Angeles.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

[Stream] Night Drive - Position I EP // Los Angeles Show with Tesla Boy

Night Drive - born out the collective disbandment of MoTel Aviv and Glasnost - is a two part band on a mission to change electro-pop as we know it. Position I is the group's first EP and includes five original tracks packed with shimmering retro synths and vocals laden with love and fantasy. Stream the full EP below.

The tracks - 'Nocturnal' especially - have a sound reminiscent of The Faint with the same contradictory upbeat tempos that belie the lyrics' darker tendencies. They are ready-made for either a night drive or evening of twisted dance floor debauchery. 'After Dark' opens with a thick bass guitar intro that fit perfectly alongside crooning lyrics of desire and submission. All in all, a stunning EP that should not be overlooked by anyone who considers themselves a true electro-pop audiophile.

Head to the Night Drive Bandcamp to grab a copy of the EP at a pay-what-you-can price and be sure to catch the group performing alongside Tesla Boy this Saturday at Los Globos in Los Angeles.

9/7/13 - Tesla Boy & Night Drive @ Los Globos

The TILTmag Team

Monday, May 6, 2013

Waves ft. Gent and Jawns [Event]

Waves is a party series that takes place in Long Beach area. Created by ARNTRE, the same people who brought you Trapical and Smurko from Shakedown. This is a very rare show with drink specials and more. Oh and we haven't even talked about the lineup. Smurko will bring you that bass, 2Deep will get you dancing with a girl, and then the headliners Gent and Jawns will turn it up.

 Gent and Jawns recent success with radio play and mad support from Diplo and many others has made them a powerhouse producer and DJ combo. They will be live at Waves this month rinsing out new tunes. If you arent familiar with them, then we got you!

 Remember to buy your presale ticket before the event sells out! For more info on the event click [HERE]


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Muevelo ft. Swizzymack x Review

Muevelo has become a recent Los Angeles staple. Showcasing the best in new urban sounds and fostering a music scene, which features Moombahton, Trap, Philly Club, and other styles. Such a good party in LA, that it has garnered much attention from many people. Always featuring some upcoming or established name such as Munchi, Nadastrom, Swizzymack, Dj Blass, and many more. You can never go wrong when attending a Muevelo party.

Drunk Girl feeling the vibes and going ham and cheese for Swizzymack.

I recently attended the latest Muevelo ft. Swizzymack and wow! It was an amazing experience with lots of people dancing and feeling the music. Different sounds and an eclectic group of people made the night a blast. Swizzymack had a nearly perfect set, with one hiccup when the laptop fell and died. He was a good sport about it and quickly started to get things poppin again. Playing a heavy bass set. It was definitely a worthwhile set to catch and dance too.

If there was anything that i learned from this party. It's that Philly, Jersey, and Bmore Club are making a  push that will contend with the recent popularity of Trap. Los Angeles loved Philly Club, and once you get approval here, your going to be successful anywhere else.

Check out their next party [HERE]

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Overcooked Records: The Drop In

Ackeejuice Rockers have come America and are bringing that Dancehall, Mombahton, and Trap music. Overcooked and Ackeejuice Rockers have begun their North America tour. One of their first stops is Los Angeles, at the Bunker. They will be playing at 2500 W. 8th St. Los Angeles, Ca. This Wednesday, February 20th, 2013. Did we mention the party is FREE? Yes, it is. So [Click] here for more event info.

Ackeejuice Rockers had built a fan base in the Moombah scene and continue to evolve their sound, but continuing their unique sound that gets us loose and dancing. Here are some of their latest tracks. Be careful, they are fire!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Featured Artist - Djemba Djemba

After searching the universe for that next level sound, we have been pleasantly surprised and blessed by discovering this amazing artist from our own backyard! Djemba Djemba brings our planet huge bass and an has proved himself as the MAN who will guide our next gen of music lovers to what the greatness of bass music really can be. A fusion of DnB, UK Garage, NYC House, Trap and Dub mashed with finely tuned, chopped up vocals that have been twisted and transitioned in to his tunes with grace. Following the footsteps of LOL Boys, Star Slinger, Bwanna, Four Tet, and Para-One I definitely see this producer making some HUGE moves. Every tune he does is pure GOLD! Insta-Classics! TRUST!

The first tune of his that grabbed us is his release on Mad Decent! Check this one out!

Press Release:
Djemba Djemba is music born from a state of permanent contradiction, held together by one underlying and adaptive principle: rhythm. Experimenting with polyrhythms, 90's FM synths, and the all-important 808 Kick, Djemba Djemba crafts a sound that is both intelligent as it is brain numbing.
It's easy to detect the influence of UK Bass music currently dominating clubs, yet at the same time feel altogether new, and in stride with the response taking place in New York, Chicago, Boston, and his home in Los Angeles.
With releases on Mad Decent, his own imprint Rabbit Records, and Beat Team Supreme, Djemba's music has been supported by the likes of Diplo, The Gaslamp Killer, Rusko, Baauer, Obey City, Major Lazer, Paul Devro, and BBC Radio 1. With exciting collaborations in the works with some of the biggest names in EDM, and his finger on the pulse of the latest dance music via his co-club night The Melt, Djemba Djemba certainly has a few surprises on the horizon.

His remix of "Oh Sheila" straight up floored me! With the down tuned vocals teamed up with Djemba Djemba's beats, it makes this tune that next level shit you have all been waiting for! With tunes like this you can't deny that this is THE NEXT LEVEL!

Now if your still not convinced check out this Fiona Apple REMIX! I'm not even a Fiona Apple fan and Djemba Djemba somehow got me reeled in with his remix! This is one artist that rep's L.A. to the fullest and def one to keep an eye on! We fully support him and give him our seal of approval! Now add Djemba Djamba on Facebook and be sure to support! See you at the show!

Now if you feel like you need even more, don't worry, we at TILTmag have you covered. Check out the latest mixtape from Djemba Djemba and download it for your morning commute. You will def get a solid dose!

Mike Woodward

Friday, September 7, 2012

Neo Fresco Debut EP

Neo Fresco formerly known as The Kid has just released his self titled EP debut. The EP is massive and has Neo Fresco's take on Trap and Techno. Really combining both elements to create some next level tunes. So lets check out the tunage!

One of my favorite tunes off the new EP. We hear sounds that remind you of videogames and then it drops to a Trap style beat with playful synth sounds and properly placed call and response vocals. Overall the song is a solid production that gives you the vibe of your favorite Nintendo Track getting trapped out.

This Next track is a Techno Vibe type of tune. Amazing synths that pop in and out to make this song amazing, and an awesome bass synth just so delicately placed. Perfect for the club or as your crusing in your car and want to feel like a badass. This track has you feeling like your Ryan Gosling in "DRIVE" and speeding away from cops.

Here's the Neo Fresco take on the Boys Noize and Erol Alkan- Death Suite. Yes, trapped out and made ten times harder. This remix brings a fresh unique take on the original. Enlisting the support of Korova, they smashed this track. I personally enjoy the synths the most and the fresh Beat all add to it being a great Remix.

If your in the Los Angeles area and want to catch Neo Freso live! then Sept. 20th is your lucky day! More info click Here

Remember to pick up the Neo Fresco EP: HERE!
Neo Fresco Facebook
Neo Fresco Twitter


Friday, June 29, 2012

Poolside - Slow Down // Why You Wanna = PST

How slow can Daytime Disco go? 82 BPM to be exact! Relax, it's time to slow it down friends! As the great HEATWAVE of 2012 takes over the USA, it's time to take it easy and groove to some of jams from our SF/LA friends POOLSIDE! This duo knows how to turn out some classics all while keeping the Daytime Disco dream alive. We are all going to ride this slow wave all the way through. We totally support the Daytime Disco movement to the fullest! Keep an eye on Poolside, their full album PST (Pacific Standard Time) is due out soon! July 9th 2012 to be exact! Now time for the JAMS!


Mike Woodward

Friday, September 30, 2011

Anoraak Travels to the US!

It's been a good while since I've posted anything on the TILTmag site, and what better way to come back than with some fantastic news about one of our favorite artists! Anoraak, famous for their dream pop tracks like "Nightdrive With You" and "Crazy Eyes", will be headed to the select cities in the US. The best part is that this time, instead of a dj set, they'll be playing a live set!!! If you're lucky enough to live in or be on vacation in one of these cities, YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS OUT!!!

Listen to their new mixtape "Night Colors"... It's the perfect mix to get you amped for their upcoming shows!!

Night Colors - Anoraak Mixtape (click link to listen)

Oct 06 - San Francisco // MEZZANINE (w/ Datarock)
Oct 07 - Los Angeles // Avalon - Hollywood (w/ Fred Falke+ Lifelike )
Oct 13 - Miami // Bardot
Oct 15 - New York // Brooklyn Bowl (w/ Fred Falke + Lifelike)
(click links above for tickets)

And a little something extra to get the excitement bubbling even more!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


When I first saw this line up I about shat my pantalonas! Franki Chan and IHEARTCOMIX HAS DONE IT AGAIN! This has to be my favorite line up from CYP in years, and this time it's all going down at the historical El Rey Theater in Los Angeles! What more could you ask for! I've personally been waiting years for Gigamesh to play L.A. and the fact they are playing with one of my favorite Auzzie bands of all time Miami Horror makes this Thursday priceless! Not to mention that our good friends Class Actress will be performing with them as well! Epic, EPIC.... EPIC! Do not miss out on this AMAZING show! Shows like this just don't come around that often. Trust! We are all in for a treat!

Tickets are moving fast so pick them up HERE!

Now for some pre-party jamz!


Under The Milky Way by Miami Horror (Official)

Holidays - (Miami Horror and Cassian Remix) by Miami Horror (Official)

Empire Ants - Gorillaz (Miami Horror Remix) - Mastered by Miami Horror (Official)


Estate - Write To Make (Gigamesh Remix) by GIGAMESH

Gigamesh - When You're Dancing (RAC Remix) by GIGAMESH

Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks (Gigamesh Remix) by GIGAMESH

We'll see you all there!

Mike Woodward

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Echo Park – Fibreoptic (12th Planet & Flinch Remix)

Here at TILTmag we have always supported the extended L.A. fam 12th Planet & Flinch. Every track this duo touches is an instant hit to us. Track for track, remix for remix, no one in the Dubstep scene can even touch these two! The latest track they teamed up on is a track from the Indie group Echo Park. The band is pretty good but with these to dubstep kings working the track, it takes on a whole new feel, all while keeping the original vocals and melodies intact. This is all about how Dubstep can take on more then just a dark vibe, but one that has its ear to the street. It doesn't matter if your a skate kid, a hipster, a B-Boy, or a stripper. If your from the street you can all relate. Big tune! Run IT.....

Echo Park – Fibreoptic (12th Planet & Flinch Remix)

BTW! Can we get a 12th Planet // Flinch // Zeds Dead collabo SOON PLEASE!

Zeds Dead - Coffee Break

Mike Woodward