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Monday, January 26, 2015

All Mine Vol 1 THE MIXTAPE

All Mine have dropped their Volume 1 and it comes with this huge mixtape! The 33 minute mix features tracks from the likes of R3ll, Lido and many more big names! The songs range from Beautiful to BANGING and they will certainly have you moving!


Super-Duper – Banana Bread [All Mine Vol 1]

Flosstradamus – Mosh Pit (The Red Baron Remix)

Lido – I Love You Pt. II (Lazerdisk Remix)

Foster the People – Best Friend (Wave Racer Remix)

Hitmane – Better Friends [All Mine Vol 1]

Zedd – Stay the Night (Yung Wall Street Remix)

Disclosure – Latch (R3ll Remix)

Stink Floyd – Briethe (Tricks Remix)

Justin Timberlake – My Love (Playground Mob Remix)

Stink Floyd – Stink About You [All Mine Vol 1]

ILoveMakonnen – Tuesday (Tricks Remix)

Rafik – Reminder [All Mine Vol 1]

Lido – Money (R3ll Remix)

Tricks – Lov3 feat. CHLO [All Mine Vol 1]

Lido – I Love You (The Red Baron Remix)

Karmaboy – Shindo [All Mine Vol 1]

The Red Baron – It’s True [All Mine Vol 1]

Yung Wall Street - Suckas [All Mine Vol 1]

Friday, August 1, 2014

Sam Lucia - White Wine & Black Thoughts (Mixtape)

Sam Lucia has officially arrived with his debut mixtape 'White Wine & Black Thoughts'. Below are some of our favorite cuts and some words from Sam about each.

 "This is the intro which sets the mood for the entire tape. Ominous moaning and spacey percussion are used to create the feeling of sweet savagery and ease the listener into the dark depictions which are soon to come."

"This is the natal stage of the mixtape. This song is aimed at the women who've gotten a taste of what Sam has to offer and never heard back from him."

This track might be favorite. Sam and $U$LORD break down the catch 22 of men wanting to be with women for their beauty and women wanting to be with men for their title.

"This is the overview of the album rolled into a single monologue spoken over a dreamy instrumental."

Today we celebrate Sam Lucia. Be sure to follow him on SoundCloud!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Joe Fnkoo - Speed

Joe Fnkoo came through today with a straight up banger. It's entirely self-produced, called “Speed”, and it comes off off 'Filet Mignon 2', the follow up to the 'Filet Mignon' mixtape first introduced by Alesia. Joe is the only MC on the project and he definitely carries his weight. Listen up. Dude's fire.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Sam Lucia - Sex Theory Vol. I-III

We've been supporting Sam Lucia since day one (I love when we can actually say that). And since the beginning, he's all but proved to be one hell of an alternative hip-hop artist that we can always rely on for enjoyable, outside-the-box music.

Today marks the release of something very special: 'Sex Theory Vol. I-III', which will be included on his debut mixtape 'White Wine & Black Thoughts' due out the 1st of August. Listen to the first part "Depth" right now...

Sam says, "This is a wavy sexcapade disguised as a slowjam which depicts my first encounter with a girl I've just met and me giving reasons why I should be the next man in her life." Ah, Lu. I feel you.

Next up is "Bedposts". Where as "Depth" is the part where the two soon-to-be lovers meet, this part is the getting down. The sex. Heavy drums here make for a hot minute in bed.

Part three is called "Voyeurism" and it might be the sexiest of all, especially as it taps into fantasies literally every single heterosexual male on this planet has. Sam describes it like, "This one is about seeing a woman in passing publicly and imagining/hoping she'll sporadically flip and turn into the sexual deviant from my fantasies while also realizing that we wouldn't connect past the sheets as we both have other lives so we can only look at each other from afar."

This is going to be a great mixtape, no doubt about it. Be sure to follow Sam Lucia on SoundCloud for the next drop.

Monday, June 23, 2014

TILT Spotlight: Gorgeous Geordie

Gorgeous Geordie just dropped a pretty dope mixtape called 'CoffinLife'. Here's a few things off that. 

The production on "Dark Rooms" is too on point...

Anyway -- I'm pretty sure homie comes from outer space but he's currently Vancouver based. The music he's making is self-described as "raw exhibitionistic gothic slang ultra". It's that post-Internet style hip-hop that people really seem to be digging. Another one-up for Canadian rap. That place has talent.

Grab the 'CoffinLife' tape here!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

TILT Spotlight: Yamill

Absolutely stoked to do this spotlight on Yamill. A little bit about him, he's a producer and songwriter from Miami that just put out a really dope mixtape called 'Deep 808s'. Let's get right into it. Listen to his remix of Alina Baraz's "Make You Feel" off the tape right now.

As you can hear, Yamill makes that chill electronic trap stuff that we all love dearly here. The rest of the mixtape plays similar to this. It's really, really good. Listen to this one "Diggin You" too. This shit makes me smile.

And before we go, I couldn't leave you guys without making sure you heard this remix of "Fire Rides" by MØ. Absolutely wonderful. Go ahead.

Be sure to find the entire mixtape at his SoundCloud, and be sure follow him on Facebook and Twitter for updates!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mixtape Monday: STHWST V4.0.1 and V4.0.2

Happy Mixtape Monday!! Here's a hot new two-part mixtape from STHWST to ease you into the beginning of the work week (peep the free download links here and here).

STHWST is an independent collective / label run by Chindamo and its members; Dr. Derg, Mike T., Ostor, Knite Watch, Good Intent, and Lftclck. My favorite track from the mixes is the Ty Dolla $ign ft. BoB "Paranoid" (Waifu in the Club Ba-kuura Remix).

1. hokes - Doesn't Have to Be (Anything)
3. Bames - BYB (Pablo)
4. 3LLL - Echo Cannon
5. CUFT - 業
6. WALLACE - OutAspAce
7. Donell Jones - Where I Wanna Be (Objectives Hey, that's a Cute Dog! Edit)
8. DJ Xemnas X Boy Jamez - Daomu Blade
9. Wave Race 64 - Milky Lake (Knite Watch Breaks Remix)
10. Danny Doberman - Gnome Talmbout

1. Ty Dolla $ign ft. BoB - Paranoid (Waifu in the Club Ba-kuura Remix)
2. Krimslo - Cyber $plash
3. TYKU - I Think About U
4. JNTHN STEIN - Broke
5. Tim Dolla - Swing Dat Sh_t (PDN 2K14 Edit)
6. Good Intent X Chindamo - Yeah!
7. Branstone - Secret Level
8. DJ Joe Block - Rachel
9. Lil Mystic - Hiryō

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Featured Artist Cashmere Cat aka Trippy Turtle aka.... // Cashmere Cat in L.A. @ ECHOPLEX

The MAN, the MYSTERY the LEGEND. Cashmere Cat has taken the U.S. by storm and us stateside fam only want more! Lucky for us it looks like we are in for a long run of amazing tracks and side projects from our furry friend. It all started when DJ Final of Norway started slaying the decks in 2008 at the DMC competitions. From there he started doing remixes for Treasure Fingers and even did a remix for Douze released on DiscoTexas as recent as 2011. See below.


DJ Final had a distinct sound and really was flexin so many different styles. We are glad he has settled down with Cashmere Cat and nailed his own sound that really no one can duplicate. A production style with live piano, unique harsh and sometimes smooth synths, vocal chops, huge bass hits, great percussion, all teamed up with this eerie Norway Winter vibe it all comes together so damn beautifully. 

With his Trippy Turtle and other alias's he is able to branch out more of his styles and gets a bit more on the Jersey Club side of things. I think him and Hoodboi are straight up the Jersey Club Kings. Slaying every song they do. Talk about a Midas Touch! Brining a mad hype and much booty shakin on the dancefloor that needs to go down after this EDM fall out. Bringing back the  FoFoFadi with catchy chops, RnB vocals and soft synths to make any music lover to fall in love. Makin bootys poppin world wide. It's all about taking that old school vibe and updating for the kids who missed the experience the first time around. Creating and updating RnB with Slow Jersey/Jersey Club in a proper fashion.

Here are a few of our favs.



We'll see you all there!
Mixtape BONUS!!

I have a feeling Cashmere has many alias's he will be unleashing on us soon. We can only imagine where he's going to take us on this journey. All I know is we are in for some amazing sounds and some music that will all keep us bouncin.

Mike Woodward

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Balter - Evil Eye

We've got some straight, very-serious fucking heat from Balter coming through here right now. I don't know if you're ready.

You know what I like about Balter though? He keeps it simple. He keeps it real. You can always expect the same...

"Just filthy electro!" he says.

Check out his latest original "Evil Eye" and his brand new mixtape "Nothin' But Durt". Both super rockin'. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Kastle has been on fire with all his past and present releases! His record label Symbols has been the cornerstone for amazing bass music and has been on fire as well, flexing the beauty of Future Bass Music.  Word is that Kastle absolutely slayed it at HARD HALLOWEEN Festival! We are totally excited to show off his new 2013 Fall Club mix that he just released via Soundcloud. Been waiting for this one for some time. Every Kastle mix never fails to impress. Turn it up loud, as Kastle takes you on a journey into the best dance music in the universe. 

Returning from a highly successful European tour, Kastle is hitting the road for the rest of 2013 in America on several tour dates, including festival sets at HARD Day of the Dead, Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival and SnowGlobe Festival. This mix is just a small taste of some of the tracks he is playing in the club in his DJ sets.

01. Journeyman - Sideways
02. Bondax - Giving It All (Friend Within Remix)
03. Rektchordz - Higher ft. Sean Declase (Panda Remix)
04. Dirtyphonics - Hanging On Me ft. Leila Moss (Kastle Remix)
05. Allusion - Think About Me
06. Neon Chief - IUR
07. Youan - When You're Around
08. Kyle Watson - To Love ft. Samuel Dan
09. Kastle - Red Light (Youan Remix)
10. Origin - Talkin Bout ft. Mella Dee
11. Shakedown - At Night (Blonde Remix)
12. Aden - Whip
13. Scrufizzer - Kick It (Marhsall F Remix)
14. Shadow Child - Friday ft. Takura (Maison Sky Remix)
15. Tessela - Horizon
16. Surkin - Lakeside (French Fries Remix)
17. Phazz - Sights
18. Red Milk - See Me ft. Michele Wylen

Hands down he is one of our favorites in music right now. Always innovating the new and future sound. We have a feeling he will be around the dance scene for awhile changing the soundscape and taking dance music to that next level. That's right, we said it, NEXT LEVEL SHIT! Be sure to catch him on tour. Dates below.


Pick up his album here:

Mike Woodward

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Breach - Jack (Codes Remix) and OFFICIAL VIDEO // PETS Recordings Vs U Know Me Records Mix!!!

New York resident CODES is back with a new remix in a new direction. Codes is more known for his harder Moomba-killa style mashed with his DJ techniques and bass but this time he rocks that freshness known as the Brooklyn Bounce aka Jack House aka Garage House. What ever you want to call it, but for sure you will be calling this track ILL! Codes totally flexes and let's us all know from Nu-Disco to Moomba to Brooklyn Bounce homeboy can knock out any track in a fresh fashion. This is definitely DJ friendly and will melt any dancefloor! I hope Codes stays in this direction cause we are feelin it!!!

Stuck in traffic daily? Had a rough day at work? Looking to unwind. Looking to play a few tunes to light some candles to? Well no worries, TILT is here for you. We have a very special mix for you. 
Pets Recordings VS U Know Me has come out with a great mixtape that brings you mellow smooth vibes and bass. Something you can enjoy and kick back to. Nothing to repetitive, it's something that will lift the spirit and to get you ready for your night out or if your looking to have a glass of wine beachside. Light up the Summer BBQ, kick up your feet and press play. Make sure you turn up the bass too! The end makes you want to get up and DANCE!

Give a little love to SLG and Buszkers for putting together this amazing mix!!

Mike Woodward

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mixtape of the Week - Valentines by Literature

It's Valentines day and we would love for you to check out this amazing mixtape, mixed by Literature. A great House Producer and lover of all good music. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Deep City Groove x Mixtape Humpday #37

One of our favorite producers of 2013 so far is Mr. Bobby Murray AKA Deep City Groove of Belfast, UK. We are super lucky to get a amazing mixtape from him as he is our 37th mixtape and our first Deep House Producer who has ever blessed us!

Deep City Groove has been on our radar since the first moment we heard his Single Police Brutality on Assembly Records. This is one producer who is bringing back Jack House // Deep House but on a much crisper and cleaner level. You see, back in the 90's when Jack House, Hip House and Deep House ruled the world, it was all recorded on tape! Now that everything is mastered digital it allows us to enjoy the full experience of those Hi-Hats and Deep Bass!

I feel that Deep City Groove is a true master of his genre and will continue to slay dancefloors world wide. Hopefully we can see him in L.A. SOON!

I was able to catch up with Bobby Murray A.K.A. Deep City Groove to bring you a short interview.
Tell us a bit about yourself and some of your influances.

Deep City Groove:
Well have been DJing for 12 years, producing for 6 Years. I started the Deep City Groove alias last September 2011 and things started to go well straight away with the 1st track getting signed to Alive Recordings. since then I've been lucky enough to fall in with some great label owners and its progressed to now. 2013 is looking like its going to be the best yet, i just signed 3 tracks to Toolroom a great label!

Influences wise I would have to list Shine in Belfast as my top, it is one of the biggest club night in Northern Ireland and for years has brought over the most underground names. It is the night that first introduced me to proper house and techno. I also have to list Ibiza as a big influence on me, I've been going and playing on the island for the last 5 years now, i did a season out the in 2008 and every time i go its great to go and see friends who live there, see what new nights there are and what new trends are coming in and what's on its way out. It's a really good barometer for whats going on in dance music.

Finally i have say the DJ's and producers of Belfast, guys like Extended Play, Psycatron and Phil Kieran. These are people I watched week in week out and have moved onto the world, new guys like Space Dimension Controller, Bubba who are also on a Global Rampage Plus the many many artist who are coming up every year.
Any Tour plans?

Deep City Groove:
I'm playing in Mexico again in 2013 in Tulum. I played there in 2010 and I can't wait to get out again. I'd love to get playing out in the U.S. too, The Japanese Popstars (brilliant Electro/Techno Northern Irish act, amazing live) did a tour out there last year and they said they had a great time. This year I have more gigs in main land UK and I'll be out in Ibiza again so will be pretty busy.

TILTmag fully endorses this great producer and we will keep you all updated about future events and music that he will be releasing!

Mike Woodward

Monday, October 22, 2012

Boogie Howser X TILTmag Mixtape Monday #35

Boogie Howser TILTmag Mix #35
To be played LOUD!

Aardvarck- Water
Asusu- Effigy
Boogie Howser- Urban 50-50
Untold- Dante
Raffertie- 7th Dimension
Boogie Howser- Carina Explore
TRG- Feel For You
Dro Carey- Motorvibe
Boogie Howser- Reminisce Pandia
T-Polar- Hot Butter Interlude
Boogie Howser- Airborn
VVV- Vertigo & Flames
Synkro- Memories of Love

This Mixtape Monday Features a very special 21 year old artist from Stony Plain // Ottawa Canada Boogie Howser. This young producer started making music the day he got his laptop in 2009 and never looked back. Bringing a new style and genre, what I call Cult-Trap // Bass R&B Music Boogie Howser flexes what happens to music when you have multiple influences like between Garage, House, and Hiphop tempos.

Key elements present in his tunes are samples of old R&B tracks, more often than not swung percussion, and smoothed-out progressions taking cues from jazz and bass music. Also, Boogie Howser has collaborated with a pop singer from Edmonton, Jinting Zhao and we've done a couple straight Pop & R&B songs that turned out nicely. More to come soon!

TILTMAG asked Boogie:
"Who are some of your influences and current favorite producers?"

Boogie Howser:
"My main influences are 90's R&B artists, the LA beat scene, Bass music, UK garage. A producer i'm digging lately is Nocow, a Bass music producer from Russia, who recently released an EP on my friend in Montreal's label, Inifinite Machine. Another guy, Lil' Jabba, is making the most original footwork/juke I've ever heard. The new Jameszoo ep is unreal as well, he's taking his tunes to a new level of weird and making a style of trap music virtually untouched by anyone.

This tune is a MUST! 


We can't wait what the future holds for Boogie Howser and his new sounds! This very interesting style of almost undefinable music has a long way to go. Some call it Trap, some call it Bass Music, we call it FOREVER ILL! Be sure you have a solid Sub-woofer and a system to play these tracks on and be ready for some HEAVY BASS!

Mike Woodward

Monday, October 8, 2012

Ben Mono x TILTmag Mixtape Monday #34

TILTmag is back with its 34th installment of our MIXTAPE MONDAY SERIES! This time we have good friend and epic producer Ben Mono from Berlin, Germany! With his new release THE FEEL EP coming out on Plant Music we had to have him drop some amazing new tunes in a mix for us! He gave us some exclusive cuts and a great selection of music! This young gentleman is not only a great producer but he also knows how to put together one impressive mix! We hope to see him stateside soon! Enough boasting here's the badass new mix he's done for TILTmag!

The Berlin Roundtable - 
Ben Mono - Moullinex - Xinobi & Friends! 

Ben Mono´s TILT MIX 2012
Good Guy Mikesh &  Filburt "No Other" (Dirt Crew Remix)
La Royale and Yesco - Manic Time
Andre Crom - Body Dreamin
Autodeep - For Too Long (South West Seven Remix)
Den Ishu - High U Gonna Feel
Ben Mono - How It Is (CSY & Stripes Remix)
NiCe7 - Space Needle
Michael Lange - The Only Way Is Up Feat. Ron Carroll (Oliver $ Remix)
Ben Mono - How It Is
Chaos In The CBD - Dusty Sundays
Jonas Rathsman - W4W
Ben Mono - The Feel (Bit Funk Remix)*
Climbers - Equal Responsibility
Capracara - Ronin

Ben has been causing a big buzz in the House Music community with THE FEEL EP! I have it on repeat and you should too! Ben brings out that old school house vibe and adds a crispy new feel to it. How else would you want it. If your going to do it to it, you gotta do it right and Ben Mono has nailed it! We are totally feeling the full Bit Funk Remix that is on the Mixtape!!!* Bit Funk NEVER lets us down! The Synthwork is PRIME! Can this EP drop already!

 Berlin Roundtable Bonus! NEW NEW XINOBI!

Mike Woodward

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Alex Gopher ft. Saint Michel - Hello Inc. (Digitalism Remix)

Dreamy buildups with a huge Digitalism breakdown with epic synths and in a fashion that only Digitalism can provide? YESS PLEASE! We got our hands on a short clip of the new remix by Digitalism and I have to say it's sounds prime. A bit like to older style that we love! We can't wait to hear the full version! Until then just kick back and feel this new mix from the boys, or just catch them on tour!

Sept 21st - Digitalism @ Webster Hall - NYC
Sept 22nd - Digitalism @ Chroma - Toronto Canada

01. I:Cube – InAlpha
02. Black Light Smoke - Lovework / Dj T Remix
03. Peter Horrevorts - Ana Bola
04. Stimming - Funkworm / Digitalism Remix
05. The Funeral Suits - Hands Down / Hystereo Remix
06. Santi Gold - The Keepers / Duke Dumont Remix
07. Teed - House Hold Goods / Justin Martin Remix
08. Digitalism - Zdarlight / Chopstick & JohnJon Remix
09. Underworld - Born Slippy / CamelPhat Edit
10. Eirc Prydz & Steve Angello - Woz not Woz
11. Jaques Lu Cont - In The Night
12. Digitalism - So Totally Good
13. Priam - Baskerville
14. Miss Kittin - Girlz
15. InFlagranti - Hollow Discourse
16. Saint Etienne -Last Days Of Disco / Erol Alkan Rework
17. Daft Punk - Fresh

Mike Woodward

Monday, March 19, 2012

Snoop Dogg TEKNO EURO MIXX /// D'Anconia

Photo credit: Mad Decent

DJ SNOOPADELIC AKA BIG Snoop Dogg has always been ahead of the game and I have to say we at TILTmag are pretty excited to see him perform with DRE at Coachella this year. BUT! We are even more excited that Snoop has dropped a Tekno Euro Mixx that features our kind of music. He really is a Disco/House/Funk music lover and flexes hard with tracks from Crazy P, Tensnake, Prins Thomas, Kasper Bjorke, The KDMS, Genius Of Time, 6th Borough Project, and more! I have an elevated respect for this true ganagsta. He knows how to impress dance music lovers and we hope that he would incorporate these amazing sounds with his flows soon! We smell a Snoop Dogg Crazy P collabo with a Tensnake Remix commin!! Shit would be EPIC! Keep these Tekno Euro Mixx's coming Snoop! We look forward to VOL 2!

Up next we have D'ANCONIA an up and coming producer from Los Angeles. He has a very crispy clean sound to his production. He mashes glitchy vocals and samples with his own spin on the Hard Big Room, Zedd // Dada Life, sound but takes it to another level. There is never a dull moment with D'ANCONIA's music, every tune will keep every person on the dancefloor pumping both hands in the air, giving it their all to keep up with the bassline. Take our word for it, this guy is going to blow up and FAST! TRUST! Here are just a few tracks to convert you from that old weak style of the past to this new style that will keep you on the move! Turn it UP! Follow D'ANCONIA on Facebook here

Daytime Disco Bonus!

Mike Woodward

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Alpine - Hands (Goldroom Remix) //// PERSEUS - Russian Girlfriends / Running Back To You

As we all wait for the Spring and Summer to come in to play, we all day dream of great times in the sun. Luckily we have a soundtrack to our day dreams of the near future and Goldroom has done it again! Coming stronger with his Electropical vibes Goldroom has really locked down the style. NO ONE does it quite like he does! His music always mentally takes me away to a far away island with palm trees, white sand, blue waters, beautiful ladies, bonfires and coconuts. Don't miss the boat for this trip. Turn it up!

We've supported PERSEUS in the past with his remixes but lately his orginal tunes have been blowing me away! This producer knows how to make some incredibly clean and epic tunes! Huge drops, that rock the soul and harmonies that would be perfect for any Disco Pool Party. Big ups to Binary for reminding me how great Perseus is again!

Give PERSEUS some love on Facebook HERE and support!

Daytime Disco BONUS!


And one more from PERSEUS!

Mike Woodward

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pour Mehdi, remix en paix

DJ Mehdi - Lucky Boy (Outlines Remix)

Luxar Tribute to Mehdi by Luxar Records

This morning came with tragic news, DJ Mehdi has passed on, according to various sources Mehdi Faveris-Essadi was at home Tuesday, more than likely re-cooperating from a long touring season, when the roof of his home collapsed, He was reportedly celebrating his 34th Birthday with friends on his roof, this just a few days after updating his blog and releasing a new mix tape, It's almost unreal. Anyone who makes me laugh, makes me smile, and makes me dance is considered a friend, today we all lost a FIERCE friend, may you rest and remix in peace monsieur Mehdi. I will leave you with a few words from other artists who have conveyed their remorse at this sad loss.

The Bloody Beetroots' Bob Cornelius Rifo "R.I.P. Dj MEHDI. The void he has left behind is unbearable. Love you, Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo."

Just Blaze "I'm literally shaking right now. We just played together last week. Heart goes out to his family and loved ones. RIP mehdi."

Steve Aoki "devastated, Rest in peace to my brother forever here and in the after life DJ Mehdi. I love u and miss u."

Fake Blood "Mehdi, my friend. You will be so missed.
Doing this DJng thing, you get to meet and know a lot of people, but there are always a small few you would count as friends - the good guys - those you are always so pleased to see on a shared bill or event. Mehdi was one of those. A true gentleman, and such a great guy.
I am devastated right now."

Erol Alkan "It's just starting to sink in, It was always a pleasure to be in Medhi's company. We've lost a great DJ and friend. I'll miss you. RIP"

D.I.S.C.O. TEXAS "this is a sad day. Mehdi is one of the nicest people we had the pleasure to meet and share a booth with. Rest in peace - you will be missed"

Fresh off a double tour that had kept him on the road since June, DJ Mehdi had put together a summer Mix Tape for Tsugi Magazine, it was mixed live back in august at Paris Social Club. He had shared it on his blog, not 3 days ago, ready to get back to making us new memories, so let's take this and make the memories he'd be proud to be a part in orchestrating, memories that will undoubtedly make him live forever in our hearts and radios.

Tunisian Summer Mix Tape ---click me!

Also be sure to check out his live set from the Mad Decent Block Party in L.A. from only two weeks ago.

DJ Mehdi Live @ Mad Decent Block Party 7-30-2011 by maddecent


Thursday, June 30, 2011

GRIMETIME - Summer BBQ Mix & Marinade

The Summer is in full effect, the BBQ's are smoking, the ladies are tanning, and pool parties all over California are jumpin OFF. Not all parties can afford a good DJ, most party people don't even know whats good with the new beats. So I decided to take it on. GRIMETIME (my personal project that is fully backed by TILTmag) has taken up the challenge to give you what you need for any party! Throw this mix on and enjoy! I've made sure with this mix to cover all bases. Hip-Hop // Dubstep and some straight up Dance Music to bob your head to.


1 Hour 1 Min Long

Play LOUD while marinating your meat and during grilling. Add Salt, Pepper and VOLUME to taste. Bring the summer alive with these hot new beats.

Pairs well with:
White Wine, Beer, and/or JUNGLE JUICE


1. Notorious B.I.G. - Gimme The Loot (superginger Remix)

02. Knight Riderz - Moon Booty
3. Crizzly – Bust It Wide Open
4. Lil Wayne – Fireman So Cold (A-Trak Remix)
5. J-Majik – Solarize (RUN-DMT & Bird Peterson Remix)
6. John B – Red Sky Feat. Shaz Sparks (John B Dubstep Remix)
7. Afrojack & Eva Simmons – Take Over Control (Adam F Remix)
8. Au Revior Simone – Trace A Line ( Whitelabel Remix )
9. Koan – Mr. Brown
10. Foreign Beggars & Lazer Sword - What's Good
11. Jesta – Streets of Rage
12. Zeds Dead & Killabit (Unreleased)
13. RUN-DMT – Hold Up
14. Gemini - Feel Stronger
15. Messinian - AINT FUCKIN ROUND
16. Lil Wayne – Motivation (Diplo Remix)

17. Rye Rye vs Starkey vs BD1982 - VHS Go (6blocc Edit)

Checkout my last mix:
GrimeTime -Reborn -Spring 2011 Mixtape

I'll be teaming up with a few production buddies of mine to bring you some hype new music this Summer as well. Let me introduce them to you. Get to know em, cause we'll be dropping some serious HEAT!

Bobby Bustle

Usher - Dj got us falling in love again (Bobbby Bustle Rmx) by Bobby Bustle

Dirty Vegas-Little White Doves (Levphonic Remix) by Levphonic

Bare & Datsik - King Kong Ain't Got Shit On Me (Grime Time Edit) by GrimeTimeBass

Together we promise to bring you the future sound that will be balanced and rockin your speakers proper. Stay tuned!

Mike Woodward