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Monday, March 31, 2014

Fugitives - The Escape EP

Born in Los Angeles, Fugitives are becoming a dance club name. Tracks that range from Moombahton, Dubstep, and House music and the versatility of the productions keeps going. Fugitives have received much support from various touring DJ's and have even begun to tour in events across the country. Fugitives will give you a taste of their style with every tune and never leave out the epic builds and drops. 

Their first official release on Dance & Romance titled "The Escape" mixes House with a festival friendly sound.   

Fugitives have had many releases and here are some of their other tunes from their soundcloud.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Young Thug - Danny Glover (2Deep x Hammo Sung Remix)

It goes without saying that Danny Glover track goes hard, but we can't always do trap hands. Sometimes we want to dance to these Trap bangers. So 2DEEP and Hammosung have collaborated to make a Moombahton remix of this this Trap anthem. You here synths that get you grinding and sounds that are reminiscent of Moombah sounds. That Dembow rhythm is the key to it all and keep the vibe turn up friendly. Follow Hammo Sung: Facebook | Twitter 
 2 DEEP: Facebook | Twitter 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Five tracks a Twerk Princess will love

Here are five tracks that are ratchet approved and are quite good songs to have in your playlist:
  1. Girls love to shake it like a salt shaker, and this reimagination of the track will sure to make a girl feel all nostalgic while shaking her ass.

  2. Every Rave Angel loves to jump and go wild to heavy beats and with this track. Jumping and trap hands are approved for this track.
  3. Twerk Angels usually feel the need to go to church after the sexual acts performed on the dancefloor. Perfect song for the sucias going buck wild.
4. If your a Sucia then you love build ups and that moment you can shake your ass and get wild when the drop hits. This is a perfect rallying call for all the sucias!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kiefer Land - Strictly Moombah

Dance & Romance have officially released their debut EP with multitalented artist Kiefer Land. Previously known under productions names such as Wilson St. Mafia and Astral Angst. Making music ranging from Chill house to Moombahton, we can expect to see an array of productions with various genres by Kiefer Land. Strictly Moombah showcases Kiefer Lands love for Moombahton and his interest in the movement. With Strictly Moombah's release, you can expect upbeat and jumpy vocals, aggressive synths, and dembow rhythm. Currently available on Juno Download, Itunes, and Amazon mp3.

Kiefer Land:
Facebook | Souncloud

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Friday Flavors Pt. 1

Electronic music has been changing so drastically and one of the big shifts in sound is a movement towards many Hip Hop elements being incorporated in tracks. The big movements we see are Trap, Club, Bounce (Twerk), Zouk Bass, and Moombahton. With mainstream Electronic music so similar and boring, a thriving underground seen has prospered. However, as these genres are underground, we see Trap penetrating into the mainstream market and leading the charge in urban electronic music. These are some of our favorite picks in the last two weeks. Enjoy!



 Bounce/Zouk Bass

Hip Hop  



Tuesday, April 2, 2013

USB Drive Vol: 6

We keep it going at Tilt and give you our roundup of music. Make sure to get these tracks and add them to your circulation.

Treasure Fingers always brings the good vibes and as warm weather is in the air, we can expect more house vibes from Treasure Fingers.

Bro Safari and Sazon Booya team up for this Moombah banger. So intense and filled with tons of energyy.
We are taken on a different direction with this Heartbreak remix of Tokimonsta. Very smooth, soulful, and mellow percussions.
Regulators bring the bass and go in on their remix of DJ Fresh's original Fight. Lots of synths and percussion is complex. A very good addition to your trap music selection
Dillon Francis remixes Passion Pit and adds his unique style in this track and makes a Moombahton with aggressive synths.
An edit that can get you cooking. Keeps original elements and adds extra sampling and makes a cool edit for any set.
This remix is just so clean and smooth. You can enjoy the simple percussion and smooth sampling that amplifies the song.
You can never go wrong with J Paul Getto. He is always on point and this Justin Timberlake remix is very bouncy and alive. The smooth melody make this track amazing. Enjoy!
A little slower and smooth Nu Disco track to get your groove and funk on. Lovely vocals keep that track moving along perfectly.
Blue Version keeps it fresh with his latest remix of JMSN. If you enjoy the cloudy smooth styles of music, then you will very much enjoy this very artistic remix.
  DJ Sliink and Flosstradamus team up for this massive track to get you going crazy. Trap heavy.


Friday, March 22, 2013

Fresh Friday!

This Edition of Fresh Friday, we feature some real bass heavy tracks. Eveything from Moombahton, Club, Trap, and more. 

Set it off with this banging remix of Diplos smash hit Set it off!
Some Moombahton for your ears and boy its tropical. A little on the heavy side.
A really sick Trapstyle beat. The synth is infectious and well designed with the percussions.
An interesting mashup that will et you dancing and feeling gold. You will definitely be sweatin after this.
OOkay has been receiving mad endorsements from the likes of Borgore and has released a steady stream of amazing trap tracks. This star wars sample is amazing. When geek meets Thug. Darth was a thug though. It's a Trap!
Snoop Lion is bringing that rasta love in this track. No guns allowed is a blaze one up track. West coast rasta in full effect.
This remix is probably one of the best of Jah No Partial. The Reef can do no wrong and shows us his talent with unique percussions and noises that take you on a journey.
This Bmore remix turns up the original in a Bmore style and becomes fun and more playful.
Cratesz releases this heavy track by Rick Ross and turns it up by remixing it into a trap bubbling banger. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

USB Drive Vol 5

Hey everyone! So i know it has been a minute since i posted and i have been sitting on a bunch of tracks. Excuse my absence, i was sick. Still not 100 percent, but i got to keep up this blogging game. So here are a few tracks (A lot) i have been into. Check them out

Moombahton & Trap

Agressive Moombahton that girls can twerk and shake too.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Overcooked Records: The Drop In

Ackeejuice Rockers have come America and are bringing that Dancehall, Mombahton, and Trap music. Overcooked and Ackeejuice Rockers have begun their North America tour. One of their first stops is Los Angeles, at the Bunker. They will be playing at 2500 W. 8th St. Los Angeles, Ca. This Wednesday, February 20th, 2013. Did we mention the party is FREE? Yes, it is. So [Click] here for more event info.

Ackeejuice Rockers had built a fan base in the Moombah scene and continue to evolve their sound, but continuing their unique sound that gets us loose and dancing. Here are some of their latest tracks. Be careful, they are fire!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Dance & Romance X Los Angeles

Dance & Romance will be hosting a show that will feature some rising talent in Los Angeles. It will be taking place Thursday. February 28th, 2013, at 3040 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca inside Los Globos. For more info about the party, click [HERE] As usual we will show you some of their recent works and what they are about.

Neo Fresco is just on point with his music. A great producer who is making moves for great music. Catch his collective Shifty Rhythms and partner in crime GOJ!RA throwing some of the best monthly parties on the west side.

Planet Rock is an upcoming act that has begun to leave an impact in the LA music scene. A focus on bass and good tunes. They love anything that get a girls booty shaking and so do we!

We are big supporters of 2Deep and the great things they have done with Muevelo. Ultracat is 1/2 of the duo and will be holding it down for his team at the Dance & Romance show.

Optimus Grime is holding it down for Dance & Romance. Recently opening up for Jon Wayne and Zeroh, he is making moves with his unique sets. Make sure to catch his set at get grooving with the vibes.


Monday, December 31, 2012

Best of 2012 Pt. 1

The year of 2012 was a good year for Dance music. The most significant scenes were the emergence of EDM Trap, Deep House, Jersey Club, and Chillwave Bass music. Lot of Bass in every genre. This list composes some of my favorite tracks by the underground producers, who will be a known entity on a major level in 2013. You can expect much more from these artists and even the mainstream adopting many of these sounds. So enjoy this list and download these classics of 2012.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Muevelo - Los Angeles

Muevelo is the Monthly Moombahton and Trap event that showcases new upcoming talent. A staple in the Los Angeles scene, Muevelo has begun to be recognized by heavy weights all over the EDM scene. Resident DJ's 2Deep have been the main creators of this project and have continued to bring artist from all over the globe. After receiving support from Potty Mouth Records and Mad Decent, You know this is the real deal. In this installment of Muevelo, they have decided to bring out Teen Wolf, Shelco, Ookay, and Paul Lee. All heavy weights in their localities, these artists are the real deal. They say all roads lead to Rome, but all roads of the EDM world lead to Los Angeles. If you want to see what's up with Muevelo's Event, Click [HERE]

Here are a few tunes that you can expect these DJ's to play Thursday night!


Friday, December 7, 2012

Mixtape of the Week: Anthony Wolf + 2DEEP

Potty Mouth Music has recently gone through a Reinvention. A label once known for pioneering Fidget and other sounds is now pushing Trap and Moombahton. Potty Mouth is evolving as the dance music sounds change and grow. With that being said, we hope for the continued success and another 5 years of growth. To commemorate their recent endeavors, Anthony Wolf and 2DEEP were involved in a mini tour in Florida. They created the Mixtape of the week for their Tour. Lots of different bass heavy music. Check it out!

Branko – Going in Hard feat. Dominique Young Unique
DJ SLiiNK x Missy Elliot – Stop Me Now
GTA – Booty Bounce feat DJ Funk (Happy Colors Trippy Trap Remix)
Juicy J – Flexin & Finnesin
Benny Benassi – Satisfaction (R.L. Grime Remix)
DJ Funeral – RIP Tribute
Forty Oz – Money
C.O.D.A. – Glory
Ookay – Internet
Forty Oz – Codeine Rain Drops
DJ Funeral – Just an Eskimo
Von Toth – Ai Novinha (moska remix)
Autoerotique – Dee Dee Di
The Reef – The Problem
Alvara & Keneth – Break it Down
Gina Turner – Giovanna (Von Toth Remix)
Andrew Mathers & Le Voije – Bombah
Munchi – Tempo Got My Back
Ronaissance – Guayando
Des McMahon – Albino Ass Slap
Rell The Soundbender – Oblivion
babySTEPS – Aii
Valentino Khan & Etc!Etc! – Eat It (The More Moombahton Edit)
Mia Dora, HaHaHa & Raksha – iLL Defined
Saibot – How Damn (JWLS Remix)
Julio Bashmore – Au Seve

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

USB Drive Vol. 5

This Volume of USB Drive, We feature, house, moombahton, footwork, and some 80's electro. We try to keep it diverse here, and hope you find a track you love in a genre you don't normally listen to.

Carte Blanche made this amazing remix of label mate Uffie. This track is just so funky and gives new life to this track.

This track is hard. All the makings of a great song. The beats have solid flow, the bass synth compliments the melody well. The sample are intricately place. Enjoy!

If you dig those Disco house vibes. Then you will enjoy this track. If you ever wanted to escape to Mexico, then you will also sympathize with this amazing house track.

This is a transpor song that takes you back to the 80's. The song is so dreamy. It belongs in a move from the 80's where the main character accomplishes a big obstacle in the film.

This track features Moombahton. Dutch Synths, Dembow kicks, and excellent call and response. Moombah Madness all mixed up in this track.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

USB Drive Vol. 4

This installment of USB Drive is very diverse. We have some Trap, Moombah, and amazing house music to vibe to. Keepin it fresh, and poppin. Enjoy!

Iggy Azalea is right now leading the female hip hop movement. So it was only about time that Flosstradamus and Juicy J linked up with her to produce a Trap banger. Sip on Promethezine and bump this.

This next track is a remixed and moombahfied Sean Kingston track. Smooth, and some hard synths. Not too filthy, just right. Great club track.

Everyone say's they love House music, but were not talking about that generic house on the radio. Were talking about that real deep house. Smooth and flashback to the 90's. Good beat, mellow feel, and all around a good vibe track.

Once again Calcat releases another track keepin the house vibe alive. Sampling Will smith, smooth percussions, and a hypnotizing melody. Music like this gives me faith for the dance music scene in America. Download this tune and stay jiggy wit' it.

Our Friend Babysteps aka trap sucio aka steal your girl, then leave her cause he was bored. Yeah that dude. He has been pushing the moombah music for a minute and he continues to bring that next level sounds. Heavy kick, a harder synth, and not to mention the samples. This track is fiya.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Church Of Bass Tour

The Church of Bass Tour is making a stop in Southern California. Featuring Stephen Jacobs, Ill Gates, and Jay Fay. The tour is perfect for all lovers of good bass music. Ranging from Moombahton to Dubstep. This is an awesome tour worth checking out.
Make sure to get your tickets [HERE]

Artist Stephen Jacob recently released his debut EP. Lots of Bass, Amazing Synths, interesting Percussions, and all around an awesome EP.


Mixtape of the week: Church of Bass - Jay Fay

Jay Fay, the Young Moombahtonero has been making major music moves and has become a huge upstart in the dance music scene. Under his belt he has Remixes for Bro Safari and releases on Generation Bass. It's no wonder why this guy is now touring nationally and spreading the moombah. Jay Fay has just released this tasteful and well constructed mixtape for his Church Of Bass Tour with Ill Gates and Stephen Jacobs. A solid lineup and killer releases from all these guys that you definitely want to catch this tour live!

For more info on Church of Bass Tour. Click [HERE]

Dance & Romance will also be giving away tickets to The Church of Bass Tour stop at The Glass House, in Pomona, Ca on November 2nd. So make sure to add these pages as more info is released:

Ill Gates Facebook
Dance & Romance Facebook 


Friday, October 19, 2012

Fresh Friday

This installment of Fresh Friday includes some tunes ranging from Deep House, Trap, Pawnstep, and beautiful Moombahton. Some of the best finds from around the web. Here you go!

You think, "Omg another Riverside Remix, I thought 2010 was over," and then you listen to this track and say "I fucks with this" It has an awesome trap take to the original with samples of old neo geo games in the mix. Awesome and fun, and the beat rocks and hypes you up. Giving rebirth to this track.

It's that Futurist trap sound. If you can feel the beat, then this is for you. A heavy vocal sample, with extreme kicks, and the percussions are amazingly and always changing. Awesome woofer popper and track for the kids to get hype too.

Calcat is a native Angeleno and friend of Tilt. He continues to deliver that special LA sound and bringing you those classic House Vibes. This is an instant classic that you need in your sets and ipod. The House drum patterns we all love, sensitive and intelligent samples, and note that the synths bring that deep vibe.

One day these guys will be playing at EDC or Nocturnal. I am straight serious. They continue to produce this heavy Electro Dubstep infused sound they created called Pawnstep. This track has awesome basslines, heavy percussions, beautiful melodies, and beautiful vocals that leave you in a trance by her voice. Always top quality tracks released by the mysterious 0sm. Soon we will get to know them in an upcoming interview. So keep your eyes peeled for that and some fresh new tunes.

Ryan Marks has recently released his EP, which feature great remixes from etc etc, to even the talented upstart D!RTY AUD!O. D!rty Aud!o continues to amaze with this Moombah classic right here. Dutchy synths, basslines, and deep voice samples. This track can wake up any crowd and keep the party going. Awesome tune. Keep an eye for more releases by D!rty Aud!o

Deep House Vibes and Deep Vocals. I feel like chillin at the pool and groovin to this. bouncy percussions, deep, and smooth melodies. This is a must in your house music libraries. Sure to enjoy and remember. In House Music WE Trust.


Friday, September 28, 2012

2DEEP Presents: Muevelo EP

The boys at Muevelo brought us some fire. Moombahton has slowly declined in the recent months, but with the Muevelo Parties and this recent compilation, you would have never known. Keeping it true, 2Deep, BabySteps, DJR, and more have released a special Moombahton compilation to celebrate their 1 year anniversary monthly party. Muevelo is definitely one of thew few places in California to find some amazing moombahton. 

If you ever wanted a glimpse into Dave Nada playing at his cousins party, This is a good feel of how it went down. The track transports you to a latino party mixed with Dutch House, Reggaeton beat, and vocals.

Babysteps is one of my favorite Moombahton producers and heres the evidence. He produces this jumpy beat and samples that match the hype. A Banger track good for any DJ in his arsenal.

This track is fire! and brings up the hype like never before. Moombahcore style track, but done intelligently that it isnt overwhelming. Synths and the call and response get you and anyone hyped up!

Get The Full EP [HERE]


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nadastrom interview

This last Saturday, Mad Decent held their annual Block Party in Los Angeles. Even though I had limited access I was determined to conduct an interview with Dave Nada, the creator of Moombahton. I met him in the VIP area reserved for 21 and over, and as I asked him for an interview, he replied with a smile “Yeah, let me grab a drink and I’ll come back to do this interview” and as I was waiting in doubt if he would come back, he did with a drink in hand. We went to the smoke area to conduct our interview.

Tilt: Can you tell me your favorite Color, Food, and Cartoon?
Nada: Black, Empanadas, (specifically his moms) and Adventure Time

Tilt: Can you give me three words to describe Moombahton?
 Nada: Oh wow! I would have to say Mid-Tempo Global Bass; I’m making Mid-Tempo one word.

Tilt: Electro House Helped bring everyone into the Dance Music Scene, Then everyone began branching out and separating into their own niches. Moombahton has kind of mashed potato’d all the great things about those Genres into one, and has caused a unifying effect with everyone. Did you ever expect Moombahton to do something so amazing and bring everyone together?
Nada: No, I never thought it was going to get this big and continue to grow so consistently. I’m more then happy that it has bridged people not only musically, but culturally as well. It’s allowed me to make friends allover the world, who also have nurtured Moombahton.

Tilt: Where do you see Moombahton in 5 years?
Nada: Hahaha I barely know where it’s going to be in 5 day’s.

Tilt: Any up and coming artists you want us to check out?
Nada: Yeah, check out these guy’s: Jwls, Steve Stark’s from Washington D.C.  and Boyfriend from Lithuania (as he talks a Girl sits next to us) Oh and this girl Zuzuka Poderosa!

Tilt: Where you headed to after the Mad Decent Block Party?
Nada: I’m heading to the warehouse after party, and then to Las Vegas for our Moombahton Massive.

Tilt: The Block Party was a Moombahton Massive in a way, how do you feel about the reception on West Coast and Particularly Los Angeles?
Nada: Oh man! Awesome reception on the West Coast, and the fan base keeps growing consistently.

Tilt: What Do you carry in your DJ Bag?
Nada: Just my laptop and headphones. I try to pack light.

Tilt: Anything you want to tell fans out there?
Nada: We’re barely at the tip of the iceberg for Moombahton. Expect some massive things to be released. Expect a lot of projects that are Moombahton base. If you thought 2011 was the breakout year, then expect 2012 to be the year to drive it home.

Tilt: What’s your inspiration to make music?
Nada: Life in general, I always been one to tell myself to keep a good balance and live your life. My inspiration is to go out there and tour the world. Just stepping out the box, touring, and meeting new people is what I find most inspiring.

Tilt: With whom do you want to work with in the future?
Nada: I really have worked with a lot of the people that I wanted to work with this year. I just want to work with like-minded individuals. Some of the people that I wanted to work with and had the chance to are some of the U.K. Cat’s doing it big in Europe, Just people with like-minded sounds; Just people that are pushing music to help bring a progressive and cultural movement.

Tilt:  Where do you get your music?
Nada: I’m privileged enough to be sent tunes via Sound Cloud and artist exclusives. That’s where all the gems are and where you will find amazing shit.

Tilt: Anything you want to add?
Nada: Yeah Man! Be on the lookout for El Baile Diabluma EP. Were also going to the Andes and Ecuador to shoot our video coming out this fall. Were working out here in L.A. to release music on Switch’s (Major Lazer) Dubsided Label. Oh! and getting ready for our Big Tour with Skrillex called :the Mother ship Tour. Were going all over North America.