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Monday, August 4, 2014

The Noisy Freaks - I Need You Back

Wowowowowowowow! This is amazing!

Hailing from France, The Noisy Freaks are here to bring their nu-disco tracks to the masses with the release of their new single "I Need You Back". The breakthrough duo was able to wow Gramatik as they opened for him in Paris this past May and now, with the support of the Lowtemp crew, they are ready to show the world what they are made of. 

This is a must-hear tune for any fans of old school Daft Punk. Guarantee to knock your socks off into a starry orbit. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mapei - Don't Wait (Happy Accidents Vocal Remix)

Got a couple cool things here from the enigmatic trio Happy Accidents! First up, take a listen to their brand new remix of the debut single "Don't Wait" by Mapei. It's that kind of music that's good for your soul. :)

And as a bonus, here's their dreamy nu-disco remix of Miami Horror's "Real Slow". So good!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TILT Spotlight: ◊◊◊ COLOUR VISION ◊◊◊

Colour Vision's new track "Nite Swim" is the song I want to be playing when I jump into an ice cold pool at night after a long day of pool parties and a night of dancing. Picture floating in a pool, looking up at the stars after Vegas or Splash House in Palm Springs while listening to this song... Perfection. 

Colour Vision's sound is tropical nu-disco, which makes his tracks the perfect anthem for all pool-side parties and paradise getaways. I appreciate how this Palm Springs/San Diego DJ is influenced by his tropical environment and how evident the carefree atmosphere is in his sound.

Below is Colour Vision's brand new track "Nite Swim" which was released today and also his "Heatwave Mix" which is my favorite of his mixes. The mix is perfect for tuning out the world and day dreaming of paradise.  Enjoy!

Keep in touch with Colour Vision updates - Twitter | Facebook | SoundCloud

Friday, April 4, 2014

BRAND NEW: Salt Ashes - Somebody (Satin Jackets Remix)

Play this song, close your eyes, and try to picture Kate Bush dancing to a vintage sound system that's blasting electronic pulsing grooves in a smoky, haunted Studio 54. Pretty cool right?? 

The German duo Satin Jackets put a nu-disco twist on Salt Ashes' soulful track, "Somebody". Salt Ashes' cooing vocals compliment Satin Jacket's groovy vibe so flawlessly that this track is guaranteed to have you yearning for the disco days of Studio 54.

After hearing a little more about Salt Ashes, I think she's certainly one to keep an eye on. She put herself on the map with her fresh take on Depeche Mode’s “Black Celebration”. Since then she's been working hard in the studio to perfect her signature groove, which is influenced by Madonna, Kate Bush, Daft Punk, MIA, and "Giorgio Moroder’s blend of disco and epic dark atmospheres" (Salt Ashe's Soundcloud). It's evident that her work has paid off because her sound is new and unique while also being reminiscent of the disco greats. Looking forward to hearing what else this songstress has in store for us!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

INSTANT CLASSIC: Zimmer - Galapagos // Free Download

As Winter approaches and the weather gets colder some of us do like the birds and fly south for the Winter. Others like myself search even harder for those warm vibes that keep us warm in these times. Hunting and waiting for the Tropical warmth and the sounds of a far away island. Our buddy from DISCOTEXAS, has found those sounds for us!

ZIMMER is back with a new single! Original greatness with an amazing Summer feel good vibe. Keeping it Summer where ever your speakers can play it. Especially keeping it hot on the dancefloor with this one! So many layers to this tune! Galapagos will be on repeat and surely will reach a #1 spot on a playlist or chart near you!

Can't wait to hear some remixes of this tune. It's going to be hard to top the original with this one! It's an instant classic in our books! For us Zimmer always brings the heat, he always finds to strike a chord that makes us enjoy our Summer even more or keep Summer alive in the dead of Winter. Keep an eye on this guy and watch him rise in popularity with his vibe. We have always supported and always will. We'll be sure to keep you posted on his tour dates.

If you have been living under a rock and are a bit unfamiliar with Zimmer check out our previous posts about him here or check out the bonus tracks below!

Some OG shit that got me hooked on Zimmer!

We hope you enjoy these as much as we do, actually, we know you will!

Mike Woodward

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 Exclusive!
Breakbot - You Should Know ft. Ruckazoid (Ruckazoid Remix)

The well-known Breakbot vocalist Ruckazoid remixes his own collaboration with electronic music's favorite Jesus look-a-like for a sexy take on its Disco cousin.

If you are not familiar with the Ruckazoid name, chances are you'll recognize his voice from Breakbot's hit, “Fantasy”. On top of releasing his own solo tracks, Ruckazoid has lent his RnB vocal prowess to multiple Breakbot tracks and is also an accomplished producer and DJ.

Check out his remix of “You Should Know” available exclusively from TILT, which features his own vocals. Floating synth lines and FX offset with jarring drums notes make this remix a uniquely cohesive, borderline Trap tinged track. Absent are the piano chord progressions iconic to the Breakbot style, which does not detract from the original, but rather, asserts Ruckazoid's authority over the track.

Breakbot feat Ruckazoid - You Should Know (Ruckazoid Remix)

With multiple remixes floating around, this is definitely a remix that dares to be different and should not be overlooked by the avid music fan. You're hearing it first from TILT!

Breakbot - You Should Know on MUZU.TV.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

[Review] Louis La Roche - Composure EP + Free Track Download

Louis Le Roche has been busy within in past year producing countless remixes, which has left a sizable gap since his last original productions. Released just this week, on his own label, is his genre-crossing EP, “Composure”. Known principally for crafting catchy tracks from samples, Louis has deviated from his own music crafting process to create, what he hopes, is a completely new sound and style. Read our track review below and decide what you think of his new direction.

The first track of the EP is the club friendly and – decidedly disco-house flavored “Dance with Me Tonight”. First track for a reason, this opens the EP with a bang and a bass line reminiscent of The Magician and Oliver combined. Pitch-altered vocals croon impossibly catchy lyrics to have your singing-self matching your dancing-feet. Download this track for free below.

Louis' answer to boogie-funk is the track simply named “Keep in Touch”. A title conceived to remind listeners of this track's past generational influences? We can only make our avid guess based upon the stacked old-school synths and inherently saturated '80s tone. Seated comfortably in the vintage realm, this track still maintains that modern flare through crisp production and a unique range of effects and instrumentation.

With enough opening snares to evoke that trap connotation, “Looking Up”, by no means, falls into the unfortunate trashy, club nature of the entire genre. The 2-step sound and sweeping interludes elevate the track into ambiguous labeling territory to combine future-garage elements, funk and disco. Keeping a similar laidback tone is “Let Go” which reintroduces the nu-disco sound fans normally associate with Louis.

To round out this multifaceted EP is the track “So Good” which, despite some pretty relentless loops, keeps our attention with some sugary female vocals and funky guitar chords.
Louis crafted exactly what he hoped to achieve with “Composure”, tracks with a vintage tinge and a modern twist – and just in time for the summer season. Don't forget to download the free intro track and enjoy!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Peter & The Magician - On My Brain EP

It has been almost a year since Peter & The Magician produced the epic disco-fied track ‘Memory’. In that time, both Peter (aka - Yuksek) and The Magician have been busy pursuing their, equally successful, solo projects. On their own these talented musicians regurgitate amazing tracks as easy as breathing but when they team up the result is - let's be cliche - MAGIC!

With the debut of Yuksek's label Partyfine earlier this month came an onslaught of originals accompanied by an impressive catalog of contributors including, No Lands, Juveniles and - of course - The Magician. It is part of the France native's effort to be connected with his collaborators and to be "writing music with them, not just for them". But the crowning jewel of his infant label is the collaborative effort with The Magician on their EP, 'On My Brain'.

The title track of the EP is a euphoric disco-house hybrid complete with an ample amount of rimshots and scattered hi-hats. Sophie Galpin sings infectious lyrics to round out the track for what will surely be a dancefloor favorite.

Perhaps less pop oriented than the opening track is the dub version of 'On My Brain' which shifts the focus from the vocals to squelchy synth riffs that permeate the track with some welcome obscurity. A track to complement each of these producers' styles and bring forth nostalgic memories of their first hit 'Twist'

'Peter Pan' featuring JD Samson stands out as the more experimental of their efforts. Peter Pan touches on darker themes, bringing in hip-hop elements and drones.

All things considered, Partyfine will be a label to watch in the next year with these well-respected producers leading the charge. 

'On My Brain' out now on Beatport

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Having an ice cold Blue moon, Stella, or Shock top on a beautifully sunny day at the beach definitely sounds like something a Beer lover would do while relaxing and listening to some chill house tunes. Jonotan Oliveira is probably doing that right now since he himself goes by the artist name Beerlover. All the way in Brazil, he sips fine glasses of beer while brewing the best poolside or beach tunes. So if you’re not at the beach having a beer but you are in the mood for a refreshing moment, check out his new EP You Can Imagine. He is only 20 years old today in fact, so I am sure he sipping plenty of beers and spinning fantastic music. Happy Birthday Beerlover! We cheers to you!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Montevideo - Horses (Zimmer Remix)

When people think of what France and California have in common, one is quick to think of the Wine production of both states. This is true, but another thing they have in Common is the residency of Zimmer. Producer of some amazing Disco tracks, he is making splashes all over the dance community with his fresh tunes. Fusing Parisian Disco flavor with a California twist. This is one catchy Disco tune that will get stuck in your head this Summer!


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Featured Artist: Douze

Over the last few months of listening to every Douze track in existence I've come to realize the guys hasn't come out with one bad release. For most artists this is one of the hardest things in life to do. Everyone would like to think their shit don't stink, but for real, this is one producer who nails every track. I have to say, I do tend to love his newer music a bit more then his earlier tracks, but is so awesome to see an artist blossom from great to simply flawless.

Douze hailing from the almighty Paris, France is on a few of our favorite labels, Work It Baby, DISCOTEXAS, and Size Records. He's been hard at work for the last year turning out some of the best tunes I've personally heard. If you like Holy Ghost!, Classixx, Nu-Disko, Keenhouse, Dreamwave, Gigamesh, Bit Funk, type styles you are going to eat this shit up like cap'n crunch! Douze rocks heart warming dreamy vintage synths that take you above the clouds. Nu-Disco that takes you on a new level, it is more then a science, it's an experience that is supposed to move you to the core. Douze is a master of that sound . I would post every track if I could but here are a few of our favorites!

We Got The Love (feat. Lo Galbo) Radio Edit by _douze

Clearstream by _douze

Doxology by _douze

Thunderbird (with Savage) by _douze

Celestine by _douze

Les Paradis Artificiels by _douze

Be sure to give Douze some love on Facebook HERE or on Twitter here! Also be sure to pick up his new EP on Work It Baby HERE or his previous release on DISCOTEXAS HERE!

Mike Woodward