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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The House mix playlist you want

Here is the House mix you need in your life and seven tracks from the mix you need in your play list. the mix titled "Back to Basic's" features Classic House, Garage, and some Bass house tunes. It's quite the mix and a groove that you will love. The mixtape features everyone from Disclosure, Artful Dodger, Low Steppa, Prince Club, Shift K3Y, and more! So like, download, and share it. Mixed by FRNCH CNNXT

Back To Basic's Mixtape features these tracks:

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fresh Friday!

This Edition of Fresh Friday, we feature some real bass heavy tracks. Eveything from Moombahton, Club, Trap, and more. 

Set it off with this banging remix of Diplos smash hit Set it off!
Some Moombahton for your ears and boy its tropical. A little on the heavy side.
A really sick Trapstyle beat. The synth is infectious and well designed with the percussions.
An interesting mashup that will et you dancing and feeling gold. You will definitely be sweatin after this.
OOkay has been receiving mad endorsements from the likes of Borgore and has released a steady stream of amazing trap tracks. This star wars sample is amazing. When geek meets Thug. Darth was a thug though. It's a Trap!
Snoop Lion is bringing that rasta love in this track. No guns allowed is a blaze one up track. West coast rasta in full effect.
This remix is probably one of the best of Jah No Partial. The Reef can do no wrong and shows us his talent with unique percussions and noises that take you on a journey.
This Bmore remix turns up the original in a Bmore style and becomes fun and more playful.
Cratesz releases this heavy track by Rick Ross and turns it up by remixing it into a trap bubbling banger. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Overcooked Records: The Drop In

Ackeejuice Rockers have come America and are bringing that Dancehall, Mombahton, and Trap music. Overcooked and Ackeejuice Rockers have begun their North America tour. One of their first stops is Los Angeles, at the Bunker. They will be playing at 2500 W. 8th St. Los Angeles, Ca. This Wednesday, February 20th, 2013. Did we mention the party is FREE? Yes, it is. So [Click] here for more event info.

Ackeejuice Rockers had built a fan base in the Moombah scene and continue to evolve their sound, but continuing their unique sound that gets us loose and dancing. Here are some of their latest tracks. Be careful, they are fire!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Dance & Romance X Los Angeles

Dance & Romance will be hosting a show that will feature some rising talent in Los Angeles. It will be taking place Thursday. February 28th, 2013, at 3040 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca inside Los Globos. For more info about the party, click [HERE] As usual we will show you some of their recent works and what they are about.

Neo Fresco is just on point with his music. A great producer who is making moves for great music. Catch his collective Shifty Rhythms and partner in crime GOJ!RA throwing some of the best monthly parties on the west side.

Planet Rock is an upcoming act that has begun to leave an impact in the LA music scene. A focus on bass and good tunes. They love anything that get a girls booty shaking and so do we!

We are big supporters of 2Deep and the great things they have done with Muevelo. Ultracat is 1/2 of the duo and will be holding it down for his team at the Dance & Romance show.

Optimus Grime is holding it down for Dance & Romance. Recently opening up for Jon Wayne and Zeroh, he is making moves with his unique sets. Make sure to catch his set at get grooving with the vibes.


Friday, November 9, 2012

Fresh Fridays

This time were bringing some mellow Bass Sounds for you. Enjoy the music and continue to come back for more great tunes.

This track is a Drag House style track. Deep House style synths, with minimal percussions that just make it sound right, vocals chopped and screwed, and then a fast kick to complete it all.

Neo Fresco always releases A level tracks. This track lives up to the expectations of recent rise to prominence. A trap percussion track that uses synths typical in techno or dubstep. A heavy Bass remix worth checking out.

Bass House with a drag feel. It's a great track to groove too and expect many more pieces from Kastle soon from his upcoming Album.

A familiar sample, a slowed Trap Tune. Heartbreak always brings his soulful background and its prevalent in his latest track.

Italian Duo Ackeejuice Rockers do it again and share their version of a trapped out Now u realize. Perfect percussions, intelligent sampling, and a great remix. Add to your collection!

Lately i have been a big fan of Carling Ruse. She creates amazing tunes and remixes, and this is just as great. She knows how to add a girl touch to trap and its smooth and a fresh breath of air. Keep an eye on this one.

Personal friends of the Blog, Planet Rock a local Los Angeles trio never dissapoints. This Prodigy Remix goes off hard as FVCK! The mixing of the track, to the hi hats, all placed and mastered perfectly. Quality Remix and energetic track to set a crowd off going nuts!

USB Drive Vol. 3

This edition we feature some awesome Bass and House Tunes. Perfect for your Music collection or DJ arsenal of tunes.

Carling Ruse has been delivering some awesome tunes lately. She focuses on Drag sounding synths, Chopped Vocals, and 808 trap sounding percussions.

Thorny Ritz is at it again. Producing some Disco Glitch House that we will all love. Sounds a bit more like Daft Punk and its an awesome track to have. Get Funky!

This orchestral trap track goes hard in the paint. Bringing to surface gritty and eerie sounds similar to Lex Luger. Amazing orchestral elements, consistent 808 percussions, and some chopped vocals.

If you like to groove by the beach or for that ride to the store. This is for you.  Very tropical and a beautiful melody.

Some classic house style sounds. This is a must for the House purist. Transports you to an earlier period of house, with elements of electro sounds.


A remix to Around the World, mixed with Trap. Typical of a rave trap style sound you would here coming out from camps like Flosstradamus and others.

A more soul and R&B trapped out bootleg of a classic soul track. Trap Soul will be the next big thing to come up. Expect more from the UK sphere of influence.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Polish Prince

The Polish Prince has graced us with some awesome tunage these last few weeks. It was only right that we featured his tracks because we only showcase the best in house. He shows us his talents in the realm of Deep, Tech, and his own version of Summer House. Make sure to check out these awesome tracks. Good for the pool, lounging in the sun, or dancing in the club. Enjoy!

Polish Prince Facebook
Polish Prince Twitter