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Monday, April 14, 2014

We Are Toonz - Drop That NaeNae (Danger Ultra Trap Remix)

One of the greatest things about following dope remix artists is that you'll discover equally dope original artists. As is the case with the homie Danger Ultra and his new remix of We Are Toonz' "Drop That NaeNae". Scope the original if you're like me and hadn't heard it yet. Shit's straight looney.

Danger kept the original pretty much intact with his remix. His just hits a little bit harder. Go ahead!

TILT Premiere: Android Automatic - Future Eyes (EP)

You know why I love Android Automatic so much? His music and his imagery always takes me straight back to the glory days of synth-pop and Valerie Collective and those moods evoked that actually reflect TILT too, which makes this premiere all the more special. 

Detroit-based Android Automatic's debut EP, 'Future Eyes', is packed full of retro-influenced tunes, taking the listener back in time to a place where John Hughes' films ruled the silver screen and the Lamborghini Countach was the prime choice for night cruising along the coast... 

Even though AA's style is heavily 80s influenced, the man behind the moniker, Michael Gene, adds an element of modern composition, which is sure to please fans of both retro and modern music genres.

The opening cut, "Neon Waves", is drenched in synth. With its sharp leads, throbbing bass lines, and catchy synth melodies, the tune takes listeners on a wild adventure that just might include jet skis and palm trees.

Up next is the title track "Future Eyes". In just over three minutes, Android Automatic demonstrates his passion for the New Retro Wave genre. The breakdowns and choruses propel this track to a whole new level of melancholy. A perfect song for an 80s film about breaking up.

Android Automatic picks up the tempo by introducing readers and listeners to "Out of My Head", the only track on the release with vocals. Using a vocoder to verbally express himself, Michael sings about past relationships and the regret that is sometimes felt after a break up. Even though it is a heartfelt, break-up tune, it still rocks.  His modern day beat composition adds a really cool element to the mix, which also accompanies the driving bass nicely.

Last up, the closer to 'Future Eyes', "The Class of 1986." All I can say is nostalgia, nostalgia, nostalgia! While listening to this track, you may just forget that it is the year 2014. From the first note to the last, beautiful synth landscapes and swirling melodies remind us of much simpler times; A place in history where big hair brought envy and jealousy; A time where Z. Cavaricci jeans and Oakley sunglasses filled people's closets, just waiting to be worn for a trip to the local mall.

Take a trip down memory lane with 'Future Eyes' and you may just never want to come back... Most of the EP is free for a limited time on Android Automatic's SoundCloud. Be sure to follow him on Facebook, and if you like what you hear, show him some support by picking up the EP on iTunes!

TILT Spotlight: Elizabeth Rose

Having been dubbed "Next Big Thing" at the SMAC Radio Awards and seeing her self-titled EP reach #1 on iTunes' Electronic Chart in her native Australia, Elizabeth Rose is setting out to spread her music to the rest of the world and today she announced a North American and European tour. Kicking off April 28th right here in Los Angeles at School Night, Elizabeth's 11-date tour includes shows in New York, Toronto, London & Berlin.

Elizabeth Rose is known to have an impressive list of collaborations, including tracks with UK producer Sinden and breakthrough duo Flight Facilities. She produces electronic pop songs that are at once bright and moody, layering catchy melodies against shimmering synths and pulsing beats. 

After sharing the official video for her hit single "Sensibility" back in February, Elizabeth Rose reveals the TOKiMONSTA remix today. TOKi's remix gives the song a lo-fi bass flavor that still showcases Elizabeth's gorgeous vocals. Check that and the video below if you missed it.

DON'T MISS: Destiny's Child - Bills, Bills, Bills (LOLO BX Bootleg)

If you know me or follow TILT at all, then you might be familiar with these two guys from Australia that go by the name of LOLO BX. The duo are fresh by all means, from their sounds to their style.

Last week they delivered a brand new remix. Not gonna lie, I was pretty ecstatic when I saw that it was a Destiny's Child mix. I love me all three of these women and the music they used to make. LOLO BX's take on "Bills, Bills, Bills" promises their signature alternative dance music sound. There's lots of bouncy-bass action, cool clicks to snap your fingers to and, of course, those words we Destiny's Child fans all know and love to sing.

So grab ya girls. The stream and download are below.

Friday, April 11, 2014

TILT Weekend Round-up #5 w/ Psymbionic, Flosstradamus, Tiësto, The Penelopes, Disclosure & more...

I'm gonna try and knock this out pretty quick here because it's time to rage. Straight up. 

If you're not at Coachella, well, I'm sorry. But we've got all the music you need right here. Among a ton of other things in here, we've got selections from Psymbionic who remixed Incubus' "Stellar" and it's totally stellar. We've got a new one from Flosstradamus -- you already know what to do with that. Tiësto let loose a bootleg of 3LAU's "Bang". Disclosure dropped a new one TODAY. And fuck, if you haven't heard of The Penelopes yet, it's about damn time... There's some shit from Steve Aoki and Waka Flocka, some new PARTYNEXTDOOR... It's all good in here. Enjoy!

& if you are at Coachella, hit us @TILTMagLA on Twitter!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mike Gao & C Plus - Feel To Be Real

Just got official word that Mike Gao and C Plus have teamed up for a 4-song collaborative EP due out later this month! 

The two apparently recorded the upcoming release within 3 days while tucked off in the Hillcrest area of San Diego, feeding off the sunny beach vibes and other natural stimulants to create a new sound that combines both the Migamo and Plus Money styles into something fresh, relevant, and different from their normal offerings. 

The 4-song trip rides out with influences ranging from smooth jazz to hyphy, future-beat scene to real trap, and even splices in elements of early funk records as well as house music. 

"It's just different..." describes Plus.

Listen to the first offering "Feel To Be Real" below.

Monday, March 31, 2014

VIDEO: Joelistics - In The Morning

Up top is the official video for Joelistics' "In The Morning" that I think any one really watching and listening will find compelling and inspiring. Joelistics is definitely a voice for our generation, talking about how generally wasted so many of us are in our efforts and time spent here.

"In The Morning" comes off his upcoming album 'Blue Volume' due out in June. The official streaming of the single from Joelistics and Elefant Traks is below. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Follow Joelistics on Twitter.

TILT Spotlight: Amika Akaya

Surprisingly, this is the first official spotlight we've put on Amika Akaya. But that's definitely not to say we haven't been spotlighting his tracks for a long time now. Amika's one of the coolest party-music-making producers out here right now, no question. Below we've got more or less a round-up of what he's been up to as of late.

Start yourself off with his "STAY TRILL MIX VOL. 2". Yup, it's turn up time.

You might have just heard this one if you listened to the mix but here's his incredibly dope remix of Martin Garrix's "Animals". God damn. He killed this one!

And finally, here's "WHERE DA CASH AT" off his most recent EP, 'Killing Season'. Click here for on that one!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

TILT Spotlight: Quasimo

One of the greatest parts of being a music blogger is the amount of new music you intake. It's a fucking pain in the ass sometimes, and it can be discouraging when all the music you come across sounds exactly the same, but every once in a while you'll come across a new guy like Quasimo and your whole outlook will change.

Quasimo is a musician out of Melbourne that makes straight baby-making music... With this spotlight, I'm gonna get straight to the point... Listen to his free "Loving You" single that has some amazing sampling from Alicia Keys.

Next, you gotta hear his remix of Miguel's "Sure Thing". So good.

Finally, be sure you grab his "We'll Manage" single that's also free and also sits in that special "baby-making music" realm.

Monday, March 24, 2014

TILT PREMIERE: Boy Manik - Flatlined

(artwork by Tony Christ)

Ahhh, yes... The new one from Boy Manik is finally here. Keeping up with his slew of free original singles is "Flatlined", a true massacre of a dance track. It's definitely made for ravers and the later parts of nights out. The harder-style house is emphasized by the gigantic synths Boy Manik uses and the feeling you get is somewhat anxious and tense in a way I can only compare to something like Justice's "Stress"... See for yourself by pushing play on the dance tune below.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Local Natives - Ceilings (Sebastian Carter Remix)

Sebastian Carter, is fascinating the world with his musically delicious productions. His latest remix of “Ceilings” by Local Natives is so great that its already received over 10 thousands plays on soundcloud. Do us a favor and press play, this is a tune you do not want to miss, its extremely smooth and the choices of sounds used in this piece are so perfect, it creates this overwhelming calm to ones day but at the same time, I can hear it on the dance floor. It’s amazing how he uses the vocals so well with his composition of sounds in a manner that will have you wanting to hit that play button over and over again. Do yourselves a favor and download Sebastian Carter’s latest remix and please be prepared for many more to come.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Blondie - Rapture (LUXXURY EDIT)

What can we say? Luxxury does it again with his massive new edit of Rapture by Blondie.  Luxxury has proven himself to be one of L.A.’s top-notch disco producers.  He remixes tastefully, nice and subtle changes.  Luxxury is somewhat of a chef when it comes to editing music.  This remix is so awesome, only released 12 hours ago and has already has been played numerous times.  He knows exactly what songs to tackle and he tackles them well.  Luxxury is sure a producer that you need to keep up with.  Follow him on soundcloud to get his latest tracks as he releases them on free download.  Enjoy this amazing track!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Maximum Wolf - ORBIT (Music Video)

Let's get straight into this one. Up top is the new video from Melbourne artist Maximum Wolf called "Orbit". Watch it.

Fucking dirty as shit, I don't really know how to describe "Orbit" as anything other than some new electronic fucking rock'n'roll. This type of nasty rock-electro breed had its day I think back in like '08 with guys like SebastiAn, but I don't know. It never really took off. I always liked it though, so I'm glad we got guys like Maximum Wolf holding it down for us boozers and headbangers. Awwooooo!

This one's out now via Tuffem Up! Records.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dimond Saints - We Diamonds (Music Video + Free Download)

If you haven't been keeping up with us, then you've probably missed out on Dimond Saints, easily the dopest new duo to storm the dance scene this year. For a quick refresher course so you can tell you're friends you're cool, click here and here....

The dimly-lit hooded tag-team have just released their first original titled "We Diamonds". It comes with a cool audio-visual sort of treatment that perfectly reflects the heavy drums and bass and eerie vocals. Watch that below.

"We Diamonds" is the first single from their debut three-part album, with the first part set to be released in February. If this is just the start, we can see a bright and shiny future for the Dimond Saints. Enjoy the audio-stream and download of the single below.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

TILT Spotlight: Lucid

Let me start off this spotlight by saying that as a journalist, publicist, label manager, I get a lot of music submissions. Probably 95% or more of those submissions are from male producers, DJs, bands -- hardly ever do I get something from female artists.

It's such a breath of fresh air to be introduced to a duo like Lucid, not just because they're two gorgeous ladies... But also because their music is super rad and original.

Lucid is Juliet and Janice from the Netherlands and they make straight soul music. 

Let me say that again... These ladies make SOUL. They call it "Street Soul" to be exact as it blends elements of classic soul with fresher hip-hop and R&B, as explained in an interview with Fiona Bloom

What we have to show you here today is Lucid's debut single and video for their Super People-assisted "Stranger To Me", which you can find below. They say the song is "about discovering your true self". As I listen to it I'm reminded of the relationships I've had that made me who I am, finding myself through love. It's a beautiful song with a lot of emotion that's translated well into the visual made by Shannon Kanhai. Enjoy.

Follow Lucid on YouTubeSoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nick Leng - Sailing

Ah my god... Nick Leng is a genius man... Seriously. I think he makes the most beautiful beach, float-in-the-waves, chill-in-the-sand music ever. How else can I describe it? Push play on his latest "Sailing" below and let your eyes relax. Tell me you're not transported to the ocean. Ah my god...

More Nick Leng on SoundCloud.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Amika Akaya - Young Money (Music Video + Free Download)

"The music video for my tune 'Young Money' was created for all the throwback video games I played as a kid and to enter that world with a creation of hilarious / psychedelic vibes." - Amika Akaya

Honestly this might be one of my favorite videos of all of 2013, seriously, sneaking right in at the last minute. After peeping the visuals above, grab the free download below. And don't miss his brand new edit of Beyoncé's "Drunk in Love". I think the original slaps so hard, and I think Amika must too cuz he kept most if intact but just let it ride even harder, adding a couple interesting sounds as he would.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

TILT Spotlight: Chaz

Chaz (yep, just Chaz) is a diverse urban rapper I was introduced to not long ago that I'm stoked to spotlight here today. Dude's really just getting started, but already has a pretty stacked collection of work. His debut album, 25th Hour, is out now and is completely free. It's got a lot going for it other than the free price tag too. Production comes heavy from the likes of Ski Beatz and Lee Bannon just to name a couple, and he delivers some really sick visuals along with the hitters. Peep some stuff off the album below and be sure to grab it here.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Vizier - Tonight

"Tonight" is the debut production from a mysterious Dubai-based artist named Vizier. He calls it "420 Music" and I'd agree. It's a great chill-out sound experience that maintains a ride to climax and end. A seriously impressive debut that leaves me very excited to hear more from the man. Check it out below.

If you're enjoying this as much as I am, stay up to date with him at Facebook.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Harvest Worship - Awaited King EP

Not gonna lie, I wasn't sure if I was going to post this. Christmas music? Really, Robbie? Well, it might be Christmas themed music but it's actually really dope and it is kind of the season for it. I think it's the first time I've ever heard electronic dance music sounds as a holiday soundtrack... The Awaited King EP by Harvest Worship has five tracks in total, and if you're interested in grabbing it after hearing the tracks we've got for you below, click here. Enjoy our selections. We think you're really going to love the classic "Little Drummer Boy" reinterpreted as almost a progressive dancehall anthem. Let us know your thoughts!