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Monday, January 26, 2015

Royal - Cycles

Royal blesses us with a new free release, "Cycles"! Five tracks that sooth your mind with the combination of Royal's diverse production and perfect choice of vocalists who complement it all. This release is something you can listen to all the way through multiple times a day and still get a new feeling for each track. Go grab it for free from his website

Monday, July 28, 2014

Tetra - Take Me To Church (Hozier Cover)

Up top is the brand new video from up-and-coming singer/songwriter Tetra, a very exciting talent we discovered last week. Her cover of "Take Me To Church" originally by Hozier  offers an edgy, electronic-pop interpretation of the song. You can stream it below, and you can find some of her other fun videos further down.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Princess Nyah - Champion (Music Video)

"OH NYAH..."

Sexy and talented Princess Nyah just dropped the official video for her "Champion" single which we shared last month. In the clip, we see Nyah singing in dancing in a few very enticing outfits in what looks like an incredibly majestic paradise. Definitely worth the watch. Go ahead!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Devil Disco - Vanity

I wondered a while back if we'd seen the last of Devil Disco, the incredibly dark and dirty techno producer from Brooklyn. I'm seriously so glad we haven't. Devil Disco (Chris Bolarinho) just premiered a video and stream for something called "Vantiy" via Earmilk and it's pretty thrilling. Watch.

"The track is positively soul-sucking but in the most seductive and attention-grabbing way possible. In the accompanying music video teaser Bolarinho experiments with those narcissistic demons with a haunting display of a vanity mirror dripping in dark red blood. The unique sound sample addition of the nearly unintelligible demonic chants only enhance the horror feel to the entire production."

Couldn't say it any better myself.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ledi Vokshi - #Insane

Last week I got a message from this badass looking female name Ledi Vokshi. It didn't say much. Just that she's an artist from New York along with a couple links attached. I clicked them and what I got was this surprisingly dope turn up track called "#Insane"...

Ledi Vokshi is an Albanian-American singer, actress, and entertainer. Yep, she's another one of those crazy multi-talented individuals. If you want to know more about here, make sure you stop here. Otherwise, enjoy her music on SoundCloud and YouTube. :)

J Brinkz - Macho Man (Music Video)

Up top is the brand new visual from J Brinkz. With his 'Brinkz Truk Money' album on the way, the Atlanta based rapper decided to unleash this video for "Macho Man" upon the world. The track's got nothing but turn up vibes throughout and the clip shows Brinkz doing his thing in the mix of some blended vintage Randy Savage footage. Watch above! Stream below.

Monday, June 30, 2014

TILT Premiere: DiMi Marc - Good 2 U

Up top is the brand new video for DiMi Marc's "Good 2 U" which comes off DiMi’s upcoming mixtape, 'It’s A D-Mix 3: Trap’d Soul’s Trilogy'. You might recognize the beat as it's Baauer's trap instrumental of the same name. DiMi goes in, talking about all the things he's done for a girl in his life who's clearly treated him like shit. The visuals reflect these emotions rather clearly. We've got the first look at that and the first listen to the stream provided below.

We've also got the first listen on a couple more things from the young New York rapper... Check out this one in which we hear DiMi and the beautiful raptress Lisette Love going over Sable's "Crush". This one also comes of that new mixtape of his.

And last but definitely not least, DiMi makes his production debut on this song "SHE'S A THOT" alongside long time collaborator dFresh. The production is on point. I'm personally stoked about this track as it really shows the promise of things to come from DiMi. Sure, the dude can rap over and spruce up some cool beats that people are already familiar with, but clearly he can make beats and do it all on his own just as well. Go ahead.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Jamie Woon - Shoulda (Fabich & Ferdinand Weber Remix)

Ah, yes... Nothing makes me happier than getting something new from the Fabich & Ferdinand Weber guys. They are so cool, and they are such good music makers. :)

As usual, the German men have served up a seriously funky, deep remix, this time of Jamie Woon's "Shoulda". If you haven't heard the original, you should take a listen to that too.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Doc Hollywood & Ya Boy - Summer Time Beach House

What do you get when you mix beautiful women, West Coast rapper Ya Boy, water slides, marijuana smoke, Howie Mendel's backyard, "The Sauce Boss" Harley from Epic Meal Time, YouTube pranksters Vitaly and Dennis Roady, LA Weekly's latest cover model, Madzilla, LMFAO and Far East Movement? You get, Doc Hollywood's latest music video for their single, "Summer Time Beach House". The video is as cheeky as the track itself and an all around good time.

Watch it up top! Stream, purchase, and remix available below. :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Moxie Raia - Buffalo Bill (Louis The Child Remix)

Oh shit. Louis The Child takes a dip into the Jersey Club pool and I think they nailed it. Check out their remix of Moxie Raia's "Buffalo Bill" and, if you haven't heard the original, listen to that too.

Monday, June 16, 2014

TILT Spotlight: Betatraxx (Premiere + Interview)

Not only was Betatraxx kind enough to answer a few questions for us for this spotlight, but he's also giving us the first listen to his new super bass-y downtempo electro remix of Bean's "Cops And Robbers". Go ahead. It's the bomb. A quick interview with the dude follows...

Yo BETATRAXX! What's good man? What's new in your world other than these thumping dance tunes?

Hey whats up!  Well, feels like all I’ve been doing to producing every day, but I actually have been working hard to develop in some other areas.  I’ve been learning guitar, getting real into piano, learning computer programming, but most importantly I just started my own label.  I’ve been wanting to do it for some time now.  It’s really as a means to distribute whatever I want, whenever I want and stop having to wait for approve from some A&R rep at a random dance music label.  Of course for big tracks and features I’ll be going through other labels, but my own label allows me to be creative in any way I want.

That's what's up dude... What do you got on the horizon musically?

All kinds of stuff.  I’ve finished my album and am speaking with labels now for distribution.  It’s a full concept album, but its not a throwback album or referencing some other genre like every album I hear every day.  Id like to think its different.  This might sound crazy but I stopped listening to music a little while back and am trying to not be influenced by any current trends.  Of course everyone is influenced by the world around them, and I do listen to a decent amount of classical music, but I am trying to influence myself from my own music and have it build in its own direction.  

But before that come out I’ll be releasing some singles that are more just for fun and less serious than the album.  Oh! also in August I’ll be releasing a wild track featuring Julliete Lewis.  You can see a video of me playing it here...

Where do you find your inspiration? Like what gets these tracks brewing? How do you keep the sound fresh?

Well the root of all my songs starts classically.  I write a short classical version of each song.  Whether the final product even resembles that at the end varies, but it always starts on my piano.  A lot of the time I’ll write a full song but just loop my favorite part of it and that will be the song.  It kind of gives it a remix / sample effect even though its all original.

You've been working with a lot of really cool people out here... What's been some of your most memorable experiences in the industry?

Soloing back and forth with Slash in the studio has to be up there with one of the most amazing experiences.  We were just jamming throwing ideas around the then someone leans in and goes “you realize what you’re doing right now right?”  and I kind of started to sweat a bit and mess up haha.  Second to that I made a track with Marc Foster from Foster the People.  Sadly it will never come out, but watching him in the studio, singing all his harmonies and layers without stopping the song.  That’s some real talent.  

Holy shit, yeah, that's real... Best party ever?

This is going to be a cop out but I don’t think I’ve even come close to seeing my favorite party yet.  The video of me playing in Mysteringland in 2012 was pretty amazing though.  South American fans are wild.

What's your vision for BETATRAXX now? Like where do you want to be versus where you are now? What do you think it'll take to get there?

I feel like I haven’t even started my career yet.  I’m building a full live show so I can actually perform all my songs live, I’m working on music videos, I’ve have over like 50 unreleased songs.  The problem has been getting the right people behind it to pull it all together.  I have this vision in my head and I don’t want to just dump everything out there and see what happens.  I want to present it right how I see it, and it’ll all make sense.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

DOROTHY - After Midnight

DOROTHY is a new band from Los Angeles named after their lead singer. DOROTHY is a modern day rock revival delivered in raw form, with Dorothy as lead vocalist, Mark on guitar, Eliot on bass, and Zac on drums. Inspired by the riff-heavy rock bands of the 70's/80's and the unpolished power and soul of the blues, their music delivers a hard hitting rhythmic sound while her vocals soar with soulful grit and brazen emotion likened to Gracie Slick and Patti Smith. Their debut single "After Midnight" is a booming, rock anthem. 

This is honestly one of the coolest things I've been sent in a while. Video and stream for "After Midnight" below. ;)

Colour Vision ft. Sabrina - Summertime Love

Up top is the new super summery and sexy video from our dear friend Colour Vision. You can free download the song below. Enjoy! :)

Friday, May 9, 2014

TILT Weekend Round-up #8 w/ Trippy Turtle, Lazerdisk, BEARSOHMY, Jimmy Q, Kidd Upstairs & more...

Another weekend is upon us, and with it comes more great music. This one will be a bit quicker than usual, but highlights of this round-up include a new one from Trippy Turtle called "NaNa" and it's all about fuckin'. Yup. Got a new one from Lazerdisk too that just dropped on Fool's Gold... BEARSOHMY are back with a mix of Major Lazer and Pharrell's "Aerosol Can". Jimmy Q delivered a new original that's absolutely amazing. And Kidd Upstairs is back as well with a new single, "Pockets". All is good here. Enjoy the music, and enjoy your weekend with it!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

TILT Weekend Round-up #7 w/ Chance The Rapper, Carlos Serrano, Casper Zazz, Elephante, Pat Lok & more...

It's Thursday afternoon and I'm in Sacramento where it's currently about 1000 degrees hot as fuck right now... My ceiling fan can't provide enough cool to get me through the weekend, but fortunately I've got a bunch of music that can.

Chance The Rapper tops the headline in this seventh edition of our TILT weekend round-ups as he delivers an emotional single with Social Experiment called "I Am Very Very Lonely". It hits home. We've got a cool mash from Carlos Serrano who puts Gambino up against Aluna George. It works incredibly well. Casper Zazz is a totally new name to me, but one that cannot be ignored. Casper's take on Ed Sheeran's "I See Fire" is seriously unforgettable. Elephante dropped that prog-house heat with Lincoln Jesser. Don't miss that one at all. And Pat Lok, one of the sturdiest names in the indie-house league, shared with us a track called "Needy" that I'm absolutely very fond of.

Enjoy everything. There's a lot. I love you.

Lqd Hrmny - Feuille

Oh yes. Here's a new one from Lqd Hrmny called "Feuille" that premiered over at HOF today. It really sounds like liquid music though, this guy's seriously creative. Can't get enough of these natural sounds. Enjoy the latest below, and be sure to check out his last one "La Distance" over at Mr. Suicide Sheep.

Monday, April 28, 2014

DJ Cova & Steel - Turn It Up

New York's DJ Cova & Steel have just released a big one via Tweak Spin. "Turn It Up" is getting radio support in the greater NY area right now, and you should definitely also catch the video here. For the last few years, Tweak Spin has been working hard to put NYC back on the map in the dance music scene. They are over 15 original releases deep and even more popular remixes to go along with them. Keep an eye on this label and its artists. 

VIDEO: Limbic Void - Dark Future

Everything about this is awesome. Limbic Void, a Norwegian producer whom we've encountered several times before, just released visuals for his "Dark Future" single. Up top you'll see a bunch of strangers Limbic Void hired from to pretend they're performing the song. Absolutely brilliant, especially as it somewhat concurs with the song's lyrics, minus the danger parts. Much love and respect for the man. "Dark Future" comes off Limbic Void's upcoming EP, 'The Scattering'. Stay tuned for that!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DON'T MISS: MARC3ll - Wake N Bake

4/20 might be over, but the music's still very much alive. And if you're a stoner like me, then everyday's 4/20, really. MARC3ll is the name of the man who dropped this cool, smoked-out cut "Wake N Bake". A solid beat rides along with a big grand piano while MARC3ll paints a picture of how he got into the herb. It's a fun tune that does exactly what it's supposed to. Enjoy it below. ;)

Monday, April 21, 2014

MIX: Housing Corp Live @ Baby's All Right 3/22/14

Those dudes at Housing Corp have been steady on the grind out in New York. While we wait on some new remixes and original material from the duo, here's a solid mix they recorded live at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn. These guys do it right. The mix is full of solid house jams that'll keep you going all day. Enjoy it! & there's always more on their SoundCloud.

& if there's any chance you're on the East Coast, maybe you can slide through their next show this coming Saturday, April 26th.